Examples of artifacts found in Poland, attributed to the Pomeranian culture. Images via Poznań Museum.

Places of discovery: 1). Mrowino, 2). Rzeszyn.

The Pomeranian culture is a Iron Age archaeological culture from c. 7th - 3rd centuries BC, which was covering most of today’s Poland and some neighbouring areas of Belarus and Ukraine [see a map here].

We see you there
At your underbelly
All strung up
In your true colors
And stubborn, cross stripes
You’ve made quite
A statement
Do you mind
If we call you
A racist?
It’s all so clear
By the beads of light
In this rearview mirror
All of us passersby
Have stopped
Living in that uncivil past
By moving beyond
Such muddy flaps.

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Grace’s eyes flew open at the sound of the door squeaking open, and she looked blearily at the figure standing over her bed. Her heart clenched as the person came into focus. Bobbi. Oh, crap. First her appendix explodes, and now this.

“H-hey,” she breathed, licking her lips and blinking to be sure her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her. “You here t’finish me off?”