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I really hope I didn’t leave anyone out/mis-tag someone! Thank you all so very much for reblogging the post and talking about it and stuff! It really meant a lot to me, especially since I just kinda threw it out there on a whim and it looks like it’s been liked a lot!

Once again, thank you all so much for that!

iguanamouth replied to your post “What is the Bruce Confusion?? Is Supes attracted to Batman?”

go d i glanced at this and misread this as somehow bruce taking a bite of an apple but with his mouth closed the whole time

well it IS happening in a fantasy/dream sequence SO LIKE that would definitely up the “i am deeply unsettled by this man” factor


a bite has disappeared from the apple

he is chewing

you’re not sure when or how it happened

speed paint of Cass (ref)

“Le Revenant”

The beast rises, on a cold, stormy night, its breath a puff of crystallized air. Massive paws break twigs and frost-covered grasses as it patrols its territory, its blank, white eyes shining in an almost ethereal manner. What used to be a modest herder, now roams the mountain paths, protecting the wild areas from those encroaching and destroying the land.

On dark nights, if one listens quietly, they might hear the loud, baleful howl of the spectre. Should they be simple travelers, they have nothing to fear, and they might even find themselves helped by the ghostly canine.

Remake of an old picture I did last year of a tibetan mastiff revenant! :)