A dream.

Fell asleep.
Dreamt so weird.
Found a door.
With no handle.
Heard music.
From the other side.
The door was warm.
It felt alive.
Knew I had to.
Open that door.
Whatever was on the other side.
But how to?
With no handle?
Or a clue?
Felt devastated.
But I knew.
It would open.
By itself.
Let me in.
Into the otherness.
Somewhere inside myself.
I could feel relief.
Then I woke up.
And sad.
Still wondering.
What it all meant.
But I’ll never know.
Will I?

Polish Grandma Making Awesome Drawings to Preserve Ancient Tradition
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Poland – in our modern-day times we are prone to forget some of our old traditions. One such tradition is Polish local custom (around Kukawy, north-central Poland), of decorating streets and path ways with Polish folk symbolism made of sand. It was very popular in the old times, and it’s recorded already in 19th century by ethnographers, but it’s even older than that.

This Slavic symbolism from P…

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