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↳ Suzuya switching sides to mimic the father & son scene he saw at the zoo (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)

Pixiv tags for Haikyuu!! ships (popular + rare pairs)

I had this list for personal use but I don’t mind sharing so other people can also enjoy arts not found on tumblr. There are heaps of rarepairs on there too!

Just copy & paste the translations into the search box at the top right corner. P.S. I don’t know Japanese, I found these mostly by random browsing XD

Remember to not repost arts without the artist’s permission! 

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nightfurywitch  asked:

Hey Davris, what do you think your God Tier would be? Knight of Light? Thief of Time? Or something different altogether?


thats kind of a loaded question there pal
not only are godtiers incredi8ly weird and stupidly o8tuse to 8egin with, im not exactly the easiest person to stick a classpect to
not only are sprites incapa8le of godtiering 8ut the a8solute mindfuckery of having to classify two entities meshed together into one admittedly slammin 8ody sounds like an a8solute pain in my ghostly ass and a headache id like to avoid having, if you catch my drift
its a8out the same as asking what my fuckin shoe size is
i dont have feet
there is none

I recently watched Moonlight after hearing so much about how great the movie was from friends and from the internet. I know I am late to the party because the movie has been out for a good minute now but I wanted to touch on some things that I noticed and loved about the film. (Note: I have posted this before on another Tumblr page that I have since deleted, but I really wanted to share my thoughts)

•All of the characters were cast so perfectly. It’s almost like I was there with them. It felt SO real. They deserve to keep receiving awards for there performances. I saw an interview with Ashton Sanders where he explained that he went through similar experiences growing up because he was more feminine acting. He said it was the most vulnerable he’s ever felt acting. I could feel the vulnerability.
•I like the red/blue light symbolism when it switched scenes into different parts of Chiron’s life.
•The soundtrack and music that played along in the background fit nicely. For some reason, some times the music completes the movie for me and the music in this film made me feel more emotion towards the scenes taking place. Especially, Hello Stranger by Barbara Lewis.
•I like the fact that I could still feel the strong emotion of the characters with just there facial expressions. The face says it all.
•I could feel the love or at least the fondness from Kevin and Chiron from a young age. It was something about there interaction at the park. From, Kevin looking out for Chiron by telling him that he needs to show the other boys he’s not soft because Kevin knew who the REAL Chiron. He knew he was strong. Or when Kevin lifted Chiron up after they wrestled and finally them running away laughing. The feelings were always there even though they didn’t know how to express them well.
•Juan was a huge influence on Chiron and you could definitely see that towards the end of the film with his headscarf, his car and the gold crown, his chain, and of course the fact that he sells drugs like Juan. Juan’s character really accepted him for who he was. That really surprised me because you quite often in society don’t see men who are what you would call more masculine straight men being accepting towards the LGBTQ+ community especially the black LGBTQ+ community because the community is looked down upon(although nowadays the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community is much better, we still have a LOT of work to do). Teresa was such a comfort to watch also because of how accepting she was of Chiron too. They are perfect examples of how society should be towards people who are struggling with there identity.
•Anytime Kevin and Chiron interacted, I could feel strong chemistry between them(except for the part where Kevin beats up Chiron). Just the way that they looked at one another and the vibe I got from them. One scene that I look back on now was the scene at school where Kevin says that he knows Chiron can keep a secret. I didn’t think much of it but now I think he’s implying that he knows he’s gay idk if I am right but that’s what I was thinking. And I thought it was funny that he was bragging about having sex with the girl. Tryna make Chiron jealous lol. The dinner scene was one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL scenes I have ever seen in film. And the scene on the beach was some of the most vulnerable acting and love making I have ever seen. The kiss had me feeling some type of way lol. It was sensual and filled with emotion. And when Chiron admitted at the end of the film that Kevin was the only man who had ever touched him. I just about fainted because of the vulnerability of the scene. I couldn’t take it, it was so beautiful to watch. I also liked the drive back home especially Kevin’s looks of desire towards Chiron. I have a question, Did Chiron turn up the music when Kevin asked where he was staying for the night because he thought Kevin already knew what was up before even asking or was it something else?
I really wanted to see more of Kevin and Chiron as adults like there day to day life. Does anybody else feel that way?
•One of the funniest scenes in the film to me was when Chiron was in the car with one of the people who sells drugs and they were discussing women. And when the other guy said this girl he talks to only comes out at night. I bursted out laughing idk it was just really funny to me.
•I have come to love the ending very much although at first, I was wishing for more. But it reminded of there first time on the beach when Kevin was holding Chiron’s neck. It was a sweet ending.
•When a movie has me still thinking about it way after seeing it for the first time, it was a great movie. I can’t stop thinking about this movie. I keep replaying scenes in my head and trying to piece together symbolism etc. from the film. I could easily put this in my top movies of all time.



I don’t know if anybody has noticed but the “New Taylor” has her bangs styled to the left, while the “Old Taylor” has her bangs styled to the right!

NOW this makes me think, could this symbolize her literally switching sides on her role? What was once a “sweet, innocent, charming girl” now your worse nightmare??!!

@taylorswift Please confirm!


sends myself Directly to Hell

i feel like if im gonna redesign the both of them i should prolly switch their symbol to something else but im attached to it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ theyve had it for like 5 years lmao


The Switch has teamed up with artist Kieran Strange to write a fist-pumping trans anthem, and we’ve shot a rad music video to accompany it.

It airs on Tuesday (so stoked!), but I wanted to preview my favourite moment from the music video here, now, for y'all.

The music video stars the cast of The Switch. This is Zoe - our teenage trans girl, who might also be a pixie (magical weirdness, yay!). She’s stuck in a gross, bio-reductive sex ed class. The other kids are teasing her, making comments behind her back.

And in steps this older trans woman, this guardian angel. And she throws this powerful death stare at the haters, and they back the fuck down. Zoe’s smile is so reassured. She’s going to be okay. She is okay.

The whole video is awesome, but this is easily my favourite part. It debuts Tuesday.

Smoulder Chapter 11

Read the whole thing from chapter 1: ao3   FF.Net or tumblr 

Marinette slammed her phone onto the table, startling Nathaneal.

“Mari, everything ok?”

Her lips thinned until they almost disappeared, her brain had completely flat-lined. After a few seconds of stone-faced silence, she face-planted onto the desk, a high-pitched whine escaping her lips. Nathanael leaned over to peer at her screen. He chuckled.

“Huh. Looks like I get to say told-you-so to Alix,” he smiled to himself, returning to his work as Marinette sat bolt-upright. She hadn’t heard a word he’d said. A million questions flooded her mind, swirling like a vortex until she felt lightheaded. Her hands gripped the table, skin digging deep into the worn pine edges.

Why was Adrien sending her a direct message? He’d done it before, and it always threw her into panic-mode, but all he’d ever asked were questions about homework or school. He also had a habit of sending memes to people in a mass text. It was as endearing as it was annoying. She’d lost count of the amount of times she’d had a heart attack over what turned out to be nothing but a silly joke.

It’s probably another meme, it’s probably one of his mass texts, it’s nothing major…it’s definitely not because Adrien is secretly Chat Noir and he’s figured out I’m Ladybug. That would be totally insane. That’s never going to happen. Adrien isn’t Chat Noir. He isn’t.

Marinette repeated the mantra over and over in her head, aware that she was losing her mind, but unable to help the shiver that went straight through her. Trembling fingers reached for her phone. However, she left Adrien’s text unopened, deciding to consult the one person who she knew would help set her head right.

Marinette: Alya

No response. Marinette typed out another text. This time more forcibly, as if the added pressure of her fingers would increase the speed at which Alya replied.

Marinette: ALYA

After thirty seconds, Alya still hadn’t text her back, and Marinette was ready to hurl her phone into the sun.

Marinette: ALYA, either wake up or stop sexting your boyfriend for ONE SECOND! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

At last, Alya responded.

Alya: I am doing neither of those things. I am a good and upstanding student
Alya: ;) ;) ;) what’s up?

Marinette: ALYA ADRIEN IS TEXTING ME! HE SENT ME A DM! I haven’t opened it yet I’m too scared to. What do I do?!??!?

Alya: ;) eyyy


Alya: Ok ok calm down. We’ve been through this before xx
Alya: Just open the damn text. It’s Adrien. It’s not like he’s sent you a dick pic or anything. It’s probably just another meme.

Marinette let out a low whistling noise from the back of her throat, which sounded rather like a puppy being denied his favourite chew toy. Honestly, she was having trouble deciding who was more likely to kill her first. Would it be Adrien, Chat, Alya, or Hawkmoth?

She made a note to give Nino extra cookies from the bakery. He never put her through this. Nino was like her cuddly, supportive brother. But she couldn’t text him about this. Adrien was his best friend. It was bad enough Nino knew about her crush to begin with. She didn’t want to put him in the middle of things, or risk Adrien finding out how much she was freaking out over him.

Deciding to ignore the dick pic comment (and the mental images it entailed- the very bad but also very good, but also VERY BAD mental images), she instead focused on summoning her courage enough to open the text.

Fixing the phone with a stare so intense it could have melted the protective case, Marinette inhaled through her nose. So much for being a good, focused student (she made a vow to make the time up later, boys be damned she was NOT going to screw up her final grade).

Well, here goes nothing-

She opened the text from Adrien, her breath baited, arms pinned to her sides.

He’d sent her a photo of cute little otter. That was all. Just an otter. A very sweet otter, but an otter nonetheless. Its tiny paws covered its eyes and its head was dipped low, as if it were shy about something. Marinette breathed a sigh of relief tempered with disappointment, and typed out a text to Alya.

Marinette: You were right. It was just a meme. I take it you got it too?

Alya: Nope. Guess it was a meme made specially for you ;) awwwww he likes you! See? I knew it! About time too cause I have SO many double date ideas planned you have no idea.

Marinette blushed, her heart racing as she went back to the image. In her haste to open the message, she’d missed the text at the bottom of the photo. A meme just for her? It was disgusting how happy that made her. Not for the first time did she consider seeking professional help. She was clearly out of her mind.

The text underneath the cute otter read: ‘Sorry I’m so otterly silly!’

Marinette puffed out her cheeks with the effort of trying not to laugh. At least now she knew why he’d sent her a direct message. To apologise again for the iced coffee on her shirt (which wasn’t going to stain thanks to her father who, after years of working in a bakery, was a master of removing various stains from clothes). It really wasn’t fair. He was too cute, making goofy puns, being gentlemanly and silly. She’d long ago decided to stop putting Adrien on a pedestal, during the first time she’d tried to forget her crush on him, and moments like this helped.

After all, she’d told him she liked dorks. She hadn’t been lying.

Humming to herself, pink tongue poking out in concentration, Marinette responded to Adrien’s text.


Five minutes.

It had been at least five minutes since Adrien had sent that text to her and she hadn’t responded yet.

Idiot, idiot, idiot! He cursed himself, you should have been sincere and offered up a proper apology instead of a joke- she probably doesn’t think you’re seriously sorry about ruining her shirt. Good one Agreste. Really top notch thinking there.

He tried concentrating on the tricky maths sum his teacher had given him, as an extension for finishing his other work, but it was impossible. The numbers and symbols switched places as he blinked heavily, focusing and unfocusing. He ran an irritated hand through his hair in frustration.

Truth be told he’d just wanted any excuse to talk to her. Marinette.

It could be her.

Marinette and Ladybug both went to his school. Both wanted to work in fashion. Both liked pink. Both were beautiful, smart, funny. Both had dark hair and blue eyes. There were a few other girls it could be, but his mind kept going back to her, and promptly melting into a puddle of goo when he recalled all of the kisses he’d shared with Ladybug.

…The idea that he could have been kissing Marinette.

Adrien felt heat rise in his cheeks and pressed his palms into them, squishing his face. He was thankful he’d had the foresight to hide in the back corner row of the class. At least there nobody could see the utter fool he was making of himself. No, only Marinette currently held that luxury.

Just as he was about to snap, and send a text apologising for his apology, his phone buzzed.

It was Marinette. She’d replied.

Adrien opened the text, bracing himself for the angry, the incredulous, the disappointed response. Really he deserved it.

Instead, she’d sent a photo of what looked like an adorable dolphin, but with a squishy face. A different type of dolphin-like animal maybe? It looked like it was smiling. Adrien frowned. This wasn’t what he’d been expecting at all. What did she mean by it?

His phone buzzed once more, another text from Marinette.

Marinette: That’s ok! I know you didn’t do it on porpoise ^_^

Adrien read the text. And re-read it. And read it again.

He slumped back in his seat, his face redder than ever. The phrase ‘soulmate’ popped into his mind.

Woah, calm down Agreste. You don’t know for certain that she’s Ladybug yet.

Adrien thought for a moment. He didn’t want to seem stupid. These texts mattered. Putting a road block on any fantasies of Marinette being Ladybug aside, he considered his next words carefully.

Adrien: Really? Well I’m turtley in debt to you anyway! I’ll buy you another iced coffee on the way to Nino’s, and Alya too!

The reply was almost instant.

Marinette: Really? Thank you! You don’t have to though. But owl be very grateful if you do!


Adrien: Wow Mari, I didn’t know you were such a punster. I’m pheasantly surprised!

He hoped he sounded casual in his responses, considering all he wanted to do was roll around on the floor and scream. Much like one of the fangirls who’d tried to mug him that summer he spent in Italy. Adrien’s cheeks were beginning to ache from how hard he was smiling, but he couldn’t rid himself of it if he tried.

He wasn’t accounting for Marinette’s response.

Marinette: Maybe there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.

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Okieriete Onaodowan as Hercules Mulligan.

Probably one of the most underrated characters in the entire show. But Okierete Onaodowan deserves all the awards for his amazing performance as both Mulligan and Madison. His ‘France’ makes me laugh every time I listen to Cabinet Battle #2 and knowing that he is a flower girl at the wedding just makes me so infinitely happy. Anyway, on to the linework. I struggled a lot with coming up with some sort of symbol of strength for a while, but then suddenly thought of antlers. In heraldry, antlers were a symbol of strength and fortitude, and I believe sometimes also of rebirth, but I’m not sure of that. 

Like with George Washington, I wasn’t happy with the linework for this, so I changed it to the zodiac symbol for Taurus, a zodiac sign and symbol that has a lot of the same meanings to it as the antlers. The antlers just didn’t work for me. I added the darker part, the split face as a symbol of his switching sides as a spy, and because I really liked it visually. 

@ready-set-ohnowait was that a prompt? Yes it was. Enjoy my brain-vomit small fic about Magnus Bane with dyslexia because this is how I deal with feelings

The Shadowhunters had him translating demon texts all day, because they apparently thought he had no life.

Magnus did, in fact, have a life, and was rather annoyed that the Shadowhunters seemed to expect him to drop everything at any time of day. He suspected that this was Maryse’s “passive aggressive” way of saying I don’t like you. The feeling was mutual.

And Magnus was about three seconds away from homicide.

On a good day, demon languages were difficult. The symbols were not of this world. On a bad day- that day, for example -Magnus resisted the urge to set everything on fire. Mush and scribbles! This was not a language! It was mush and scribbles.

Magnus hit his head against the table repeatedly, eyes closed. “Ow. Ow. Ow.” He muttered as his head hit the desk. “Ow.”

Still less painful than trying to decipher the symbols that switched and jumped in front of his eyes.

Magnus breathed in through his nose and out through his mouth in an attempt to calm down, rubbing at his eyes and grabbing his hair with his hands. He felt like screaming. It might even make him feel better.

There was a knock on the door and Magnus nearly vaporized the door with an angry blast of magic fire. He was not in a people mood right now. Years- centuries! -and not only had he failed to find some sort of remedy, but it existed in the first place. His own body, his own mind had betrayed him.

“Go away!” Magnus yelled to the person at the door, not exactly caring who it was. “I am not in the mood!”

There was a pause, then. “Okay.”

Magnus cursed himself. “Alec. Wait, no, come in.” Magnus stood up and unlocked the door, letting Alec in. “Sorry. I’m upset and I was hoping it was someone I could yell at.”

“What’s wrong?”

Magnus rubbed his fingers together with one hand and played with his hair with the other. “I… never mind.”

“Magnus? Are you okay?”

“I’m this close,” Magnus held his fingers a couple millimeters apart, “to murdering something. Other than that, I’m just peachy.”

Alec narrowed his eyes, and spotted the textbook on the table. He winced sympathetically. “Mom has you combing through that thing?”

“Powerful spells, just in a different language. She thinks there may be something in there to help find Jace, and I’m just… urg.” Magnus sighed, and decided to just say it. “I… I have dyslexia.”

Alec blinked, and Magnus waited for him to laugh or scoff or something. It wouldn’t have been the first time.

“It’s okay. Do you want me to help you?”

Magnus tried not to openly gape, and felt the overwhelming need to crush Alec in a hug. “Um… how much do you know about demon languages?”

“Little to nothing.” He admitted. “But maybe I could just sit with you and you’d be a little less frustrated?”

Magnus smiled. “I’d like that. Thank you.”


One of my Gemsonas, Smoky Quartz and their most recent regenerated form. Even after being stuck on Earth and with the CGs for a longer period of time, still chooses to keep the diamond symbol instead of switching to a star (there is a reason for this- my other gemsona, Onyx, actually switches to a star when they regenerate.)

Couple of thing:
1: That episode was rather disappointing in regards to John and Sherlock’s relationship. TJLC explained; we need you!
2: That case of the son’s death was really sad and nearly made me cry
3: Um Mary, I am nearly believing that you are not a complete villain but something still seems off.
4: “Save John Watson”. So who is threatening John? No one says “Save” unless they are aware of an immediate danger.
5: Mycroft, sweetie, you better not die although that symbolism of his face switching to the Thatcher bust getting smashed made me kind of expect it.
6: Another mention of Sherrinford (the third brother?)
Lastly : Mary saying “Go to hell, Sherlock” and the symbolism of her as Moriaty (Miss me dvd) makes me think her death was part of his plan.