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#film Spira Mirabilis (2016) by Massimo D'Anolfi & Martina Parenti, a visual Symphony shot around the World _ 

The bewitching Curve

Spira Mirabilis deals with immortality through the four elements of nature: water, air, earth and fire.

This 2016 Italian documentary film is directed by Massimo D'Anolfi and Martina Parenti. It was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival.

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[Image Description: A drawing of the disabled symbol (a person leaning forward in a wheelchair) with an upside down American flag attached to the back of the wheelchair. Inside the wheel of the symbol’s wheelchair is the neurodiversity symbol (a rainbow gradient infinity symbol). Above and below the image in all capital letters are the words “Don’t forget the disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent in your battle for justice. Many of us will be fighting for our lives.”]

I haven’t seen many people talking about how the disabled are going to be negatively effected by the Trump Administration. 

Obamacare has allowed for many chronically ill people to keep seeing doctors and therapists and keep taking necessary medication by lowering or eliminating co-payments on these necessities. Without Obamacare many people will no longer be able to afford to keep up their health, or may be driven to poverty by paying for treatments. It is likely that the Trump Administration will try to pass bills that make it harder or impossible for many people to access healthcare. 

Some of us are in the marches and protests, and some of us would love to be able to fight that way but can’t.

Help our voices be heard: if you’re orchestrating a protest, work to make it accessible to as many people as possible. If you’re writing an article about oppressed communities who are scared and in danger because of the Trump administration, mention us. Make signs about us. Fight bills that could hurt us. In conversations about disability, listen to us, don’t speak over us. Most importantly, respect us. 

Keep fighting the good fight.

Stim shamelessly!

Its been so long since I’ve done a drawing like this. :O 

I normally do these on paper but this time I’m trying out digital/drawing with my tablet. This is also the first time I’ve tried drawing myself with my current haircut. 

[ Image Description: 

The drawing is of an autistic person stimming, with the words “stim shamelessly” around them. The word “stim” is above the persons head, while “shamelessly” is below the person. Both words are between two red neurodiversity ‘infinity’ symbols.

The autistic person is wearing a dark blue headphones and a blue jumper with a red neurodiversity symbol on it. They are stimming with a blue and purple tangle, and by rocking and listening to music.]

Master Tano, I presume?

“Stupid! Stupid! I am so stupid! I should known better than that!”

Ahsoka Tano, former Padawan learner of Anakin Skywalker and rebel alliance operative known as Fulcrum, found herself waking up face down on the floor of some room that looked absolutely nothing like the dark and decaying ancient temple sanctuary she had been exploring not five minutes ago.

Had it been five minutes ago?

Where was she? How long had she been unconscious?

What in the Force had compelled her to pick up that strangely carved loop of jointed metal that twisted and turned in on itself, over and over, like some kind of infinity symbol? She had felt possessed as if some unseen presence had taken command of her limbs. Ahsoka remembered stumbling forward as if she were struggling through a surging wave made out of the Force. She struggled to stay upright as it kept threatening to knock her over.

Maybe one of those waves had done just that. Ahsoka really couldn’t remember.

She remembered reaching for the silvery band, picking it up and turning it over and over in her hand. She ran her fingertips along the carved glyphs, not recognizing the language but understanding the feeling behind them.

This item was important.

It was dangerous.

I should put it back. Ahsoka thought, shaking her head. I don’t know what this is or what it could do.

Almost regretfully, she lowered her hand to return the sinuous band of metal and ominous energy to the cracked and crumbling stand she found it on.

Apparently it didn’t like that.

Fierfek!” Ahsoka cursed as the band seemed to leap to life, coiling and wrapping around left her hand, a writhing, twisting, and living thing. She tried to fling it off her hand and when that didn’t work she tried to dig her fingers under the cuff and peel it off.

That didn’t work either.

Ahsoka frowned at the undulating object, horrified at the way it seemed content to spiral endlessly around her wrist as if were living jewelry. She gave her hand another hard shake and when that didn’t work, she plucked the shoto saber from her belt. She carefully changed the length and intensity before laying her left hand down on a nearby flat surface. With the short saber in her right she slowly lowered the blade towards sliding infinite loop of metal and carvings.

“AAAH!” Ahsoka let out a trail of curses in every language she knew as the item constructed around her wrist. The pain was so sudden and intense she almost feared it had cut off her hand and she dropped her saber.

The minute the white blade went out the blistering pain stopped and the cuff went back to what it considered normal,lazily spiralling around her wrist like a silver serpent.

Ahsoka bent down to pick up her saber, returning it to her belt and collapsing into a pile against the far wall. She hung her head, gazing at the floor and wishing that she had someone to help her, someone who knew more about the Force and its mysteries than her half trained experience.

She supposed she could try to meditate and contact Master Yoda through the Force but she doubted he would be of much help. He was difficult enough to understand when you were asking him simple questions. She would spend more time trying to untangle his distinctive grammar than pondering the mystery of the object.

And Anakin, her master, would have been no good. He didn’t have time for the great mysteries of the Force and after that strange episode of lost time and the vague memories of pain and death, he had been even less inclined to ponder the metaphysical.

Not that it mattered.

Anakin Skywalker was gone, beyond her reach and if she thought about it too much she was afraid it might break her. Again.

So many Jedi were lost, destroyed during Order 66 or the nightmare of the purges that came afterward. Master Plo. Master Shaak Ti.

Master Obi-Wan.

Ahsoka felt tears burn in the corner of her eyes at the memory of her master’s master, of his kind smile and his patient way with her and Anakin. If she were being completely honest she had been impossibly lucky to be assigned to Anakin Skywalker and by extension Obi-Wan Kenobi. She had learned so much from them both, how to lead, how to listen and when to not to listen. She learned when sweet words were more effective than a saber and when it was easier to apologize than ask for permission.

For a few brief years she had a family.

Obi-Wan would have known what to do. He would have remembered some story he had heard from a charming, disreputable friend or recited some old poem Master Jinn had taught him and it would have sparked a germ of an idea. They might have needed a side trip to the Archives but his hunch would have been borne out and between the three of them, they would have found some way to get this confounded piece of chagas off of her wrist.

But Obi-Wan was gone too.

Ahsoka bowed her head, resting it on her arm braced across her knees. Sorrow washed through her, threatening to drown her. Hot tears slipped past her control and it all seemed so horribly unfair, so terribly, nightmarishly wrong.

How could there be a galaxy without her masters? They were always supposed to be there. Even if she wasn’t a Jedi, even if she would never be a Jedi again, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were supposed to be out there, side by side, saving the galaxy one witty quip and affectionate squabble at a time.

She missed them so much.

I miss you. I miss you both so much. I’m so tired and so alone and I just… I just want to give up. I know I can’t. I know you would tell me to keep going but… with Master Obi-Wan dead and Anakin…

No. Ahsoka wouldn’t think about Anakin.

If only Master Obi-Wan was alive, somewhere. If only he was still out there, with a warm cup of tea and smile.

I just wish I could see you again.

And that’s when the pain hit her and she passed out in an overwhelming wave of agony and blinding light.

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[A two panel comic titled “Person First Language vs. Identify First Language
Drawn in a simple cartoon style with organic and slightly messy lines

Panel 1: a human holding a dog’s leash. The human says “Come on Autism, time for a walk.”

Panel 2: A human wearing a shirt with the infinity symbol, smiling happily and flapping hands.]

This is probably a bit silly, but I got this idea when I was meant to be sleeping and/or doing homework, so I had to. 

The thing that pisses me off the most about Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is that the official lettering titles it as 

Kingdom Hearts II.8

So I am pretty sure that fucker named it as such solely because it looked like an infinity symbol. But seriously roman numerals and the fucking modern number eight. just. fuck this game series.

anonymous asked:

OMG I am so excited Kabby is baaack! Loved the bandage check moment in the premiere! Wondering if you think they'll address Abby's wedding ring on her finger/neck. You think they'd ever have her remove either at some point? If so, when do you see that happening , like at what point and context?

I’m pretty sure Paige just confirmed on Twitter that we’re gonna see it NEXT WEEK and I’m super hyped about it because my hope is that it means we get a real conversation or moment that’s about Jake.  I have a lot of thoughts or headcanons about what I might want to have happen with the rings (my fave would be either for her and Clarke and Kane to have a little ceremony and bury them at the Eden Tree so Jake and Vera are together and that’s their place they go to remember them, or that fic I love but forget the name/author of SOMEONE HELP ME OUT HERE where Raven welds them into an infinity symbol necklace for Clarke to wear).  @brittanias is voting for Abby giving the rings to Kane for safekeeping before she leaves for whatever her mysterious mission is on that boat in 404, and I also know there’s a strong contingent rooting for her putting her ring on the chain with Jake’s ring and keeping them both around her neck, which I would also love. I think it’s likely that they will come off at some point in advance of the scene where they’re in bed together, because I feel like that emotional throughline makes a lot of sense; like if we see her making the decision to go to Kane’s room, like she’s consciously making the choice to take that next step, and removing the rings is part of that process of moving on.

My mother died nine years ago, and my father remarried about a year and a half after that.  I have my parents’ wedding rings.  They live in a little tray on the top of my dresser with my jewelry, where I can look at them every day.  My mother had ALS, which causes your muscles to begin to atrophy, and after awhile her rings were too big to stay on her hand.  They got them resized, slicing a little piece out of the back of both her engagement and wedding rings so you can like bend and stretch them to fit, like you do with cheap plastic jewelry from the dollar store.  That worked for awhile, but eventually she just took them both off and put them on her dresser, where she could see them every day.  It didn’t make her and my father any less married.  They were together for thirty years.  In the last years of her life he had to bathe her and dress her and take her to the bathroom and feed her through a feeding tube.  The rings weren’t the factor that determined how married they were.  They were a symbol, but they weren’t the whole.

My dad took his wedding ring off after my mom died.  I don’t know when.  We didn’t have a conversation about it.  But at some point when his relationship with my stepmom was becoming serious, his wedding ring appeared in the little tray next to my mom’s on the little dresser where we still kept her jewelry because nobody was ready to get rid of her things yet - except for my brother, who was still living in the family house and moved into my parents’ bedroom when my dad moved in with my stepmother.  He had to share a closet with his dead mother’s clothes every morning and it was starting to make him crazy.  We had an estate sale a year or so after she died, and cleared out the dressers and the closets.  I took the jewelry back to my house, my parents’ rings with it.  I told my brother if he wants the rings someday, if he ever asks the feminist archaeology major from New Mexico to marry him, he should take Mom’s if he wants it.  And if not him, they can go to someone else, or they can stay in their little dish on my dresser.  Either way, our mom is still our mom.

We were in family therapy for a little while after my mom died.  The four of us siblings felt like my dad had started dating again too quickly, and my stepmom was someone we had known before, whose kids had grown up with my youngest brother.  We knew her from soccer and basketball games, and sometimes she and my mom and my sister and I would go out to this little wine bar near our house together and talk about politics or books or her divorce.  We liked her as a human being, but not as our dad’s girlfriend, because our dad wasn’t supposed to HAVE a girlfriend, and our mother had only been dead for six months and she had been the center of our lives, and we had gone collectively a little insane from mother grief, so all we did was cope badly (drinking for my sister, food for me, putting headphones on and shutting the world out playing video games for one brother, hostility for the other one).  My sister and I both got therapists, but none of the boys would.  We finally talked them into group family therapy, which was such a disaster that we quit after four sessions.  I blocked out a lot of that time, because it was so traumatic to go from being a family who had always been this unbreakably strong unit to being these people who got angry and said unforgivable things to each other.  So I only have one really clear, vivid memory from those therapy sessions.  I remember sitting on this couch next to my youngest brother, my other two siblings across from me and my dad in a chair next to the therapist.  I was crying so hard I couldn’t see anything clearly.  The therapist asked me point-blank if my father being in a relationship made me feel like he had forgotten my mother or didn’t love her anymore.  I wanted to lie, but I told the truth.  I said yes.  It did.  That was how it felt.  The therapist asked my father, “How does that make you feel?” And I was grateful, then, that I was crying too hard to see anything, because his voice was one of the most terrible things I have ever experienced.  So quiet and so broken and so sad.  “It makes me feel awful,” he said.  “We were married for thirty years.  She was the love of my life.”

I know this isn’t an answer to the question that you actually asked me, Anon, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately because when the fandom talks about Abby and Jake and their wedding rings and what they mean, on some level it always feels personal to me.  When someone says that it would mean Abby was forgetting Jake if she ever took the ring off her hand, I think about sitting in the living room with my siblings and my stepmom and my stepbrothers while my dad told us college stories about my mom, and how my stepmother enjoys them just as much as we do, because she knew my mom and what she meant to all of us, and how the fact that my dad wears a different ring now doesn’t mean my mom isn’t with us every day.  When I hear people say that the headcanons about Abby passing both rings onto Clarke as a memento are a betrayal of Jake’s memory and it’s wrong for Clarke to have them, I think about my parents’ rings sitting on my dresser. 

This has gone quite a bit sideways from your original question, which is something that I tend to do from time to time, but this is a question that has popped up in the fandom before and stirred up a lot of emotions, and erupted over the past few days since we got those promo photos where Abby isn’t wearing the ring anymore, and I’ve been thinking a lot of thoughts about it that I’ve been trying to articulate.  

I think everyone has the right to their own opinions, their own headcanons, their own feelings about what they’d LIKE to see happen with the rings, but the fact of the matter is that both options - Abby continues to wear the rings forever, maybe adding a second one on her hand next to the first; or, alternately, Abby removes the rings when she is ready to move on - are deeply personal things that real people do, which are intimately connected with the specifics of that individual person’s grieving.  There isn’t a right or a wrong.  There isn’t a “you’re disrespecting the person you lost by grieving them incorrectly.”  The only right thing is whatever Abby decides.


*Masterpost of all elements HERE

  • REPRESENTS: The feeling of joy, unification, magick, balance, transformation, ascension, and limitless energy.
  • SYMBOLS: Infinity, the cosmos, light, circles, pentacle, spirals, and rope
  • SEASON: All - the turning wheel of the year
  • SENSE: Intuition, the sixth sense.
  • PLANETS: The Universe, stars
  • COLOURS: White, silver, black and purple
  • STONES: Quartz, amethyst and diamonds
  • HERBS: Mistletoe, lavender,  artemisia, vervain and almond
  • ANIMALS: Dove, snake and spider
  • ELEMENTALS: Sphinx and unicorn
  • CHAKRA: The crown and the third eye 
  • MAGICK WORK: Alchemy, divination, energy work, meditation, astral travel, dream work, numerology, teaching and/or mentoring and reaching enlightenment.
  • RITUALS: Whatever works for you, spirit is open to all paths
  • SPIRIT PERSONALITIES: Spirit is present in ALL of us and in all earth beings. It is the very core of our being, it is our soul energy and provides the golden rope that connects all elements of the collective consciousness together. When we are connected with spirit and have our appropriate chakras cleared, we are the best versions of ourselves. Wise, kind, intelligent, creative, determined, and full of unconditional love. You will know when you are out of touch with spirit and have your third eye and crown chakra blocked if you find yourself taking on more negative emotions and behaviours. Self-destruction, narcissism and depression can creep up and take over, suffocating you quickly and without warning. To get back in touch with spirit it’s wise to take some time for self-reflection. Meditate and look within, it is okay to allow yourself to hurt because pain is where one can learn the best lessons and the most about ourselves. Just do what feels right to you, spirit always encourages a person to follow their OWN intuition; the gut feeling over the voice in your head. Spirit only wants you to feel at peace.