symbol of friendship

Send a symbol to...

[When possible, send ♋  to invert the roles!]

♛- …dare my muse to do something silly.
☎ - … call my muse in the middle of the night.
☼ - … compliment my muse.
◭- .. make my muse reveal a secret to yours.
♬- … make our muses sing together.
☕ - … make our muses share a cup of chocolate.
❤- … cuddle my muse.
☛ - … tell my muse a cheesy pick up line.
☆ - … make our muses go shopping together.
❦ - …propose to my muse.
✏- … receive a cute letter from my muse.
유 - … hug my muse tightly.
✔- … make our muses play video games together.

Send me a symbol for an established relationship

🌟 old high school friends who lost touch for a while

(distant) family members who meet each other at the funeral of one of their grandparents / parents

known each other since kindergarten but didn’t start getting along until recently

🌙 good friends who sometimes don’t talk for months, but suddenly show up on each other’s doorsteps and have a laugh like they talked just yesterday

muse A is the new doctor / nurse / caretaker of muse B

💫 arch-enemies since the day they could talk

muse A works in muse B’s favourite restaurant

love / hate relationship in which they totally need each other’s constant reassurance, but hate each other’s every move

 they tried a relationship once, but it didn’t work out and now they’re the best and closest friends who tell each other everything

they live in the same apartment building and greet each other in the hallways, not yet aware of how alike they are and how much they could mean to one another

💙 muse A is muse B’s biggest fan and they finally get to meet them backstage

used to be co-workers a few summer jobs ago

💰 business partners who always agree on the work related topics, but never on anything else

Mărțișor aesthetic

Mărțișor is a Romanian celebration at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st in Romania, Moldova, and all territories inhabited by Romanians. The word Mărțișor is the diminutive of marț, the old folk name for March (martie, in modern Romanian), and thus literally means “little March”.

Mărțișor, marț and mărțiguș are all names for the red and white string with hanging tassel customarily given on the 1st day of March.

Giving this talisman to people is an old custom, and it is believed that the wearer will be strong and healthy for the year to come. It is also a symbol of the coming spring. Usually, both women and men wear it pinned to their clothes, close to the heart, until the last day of March, when they tie it to a fruit-tree twig. In some regions, a gold or silver coin hangs on the string and is worn around the neck. After wearing it for a certain length of time, they buy red wine and sweet cheese with the coin, according to a belief that their faces would remain beautiful and white as cheese and rubicund as the wine, all year. In modern times, and especially in urban areas, the Mărțișor lost most of its talisman properties and became more a symbol of friendship, love, appreciation and respect.

“Grouped together, (fir trees) are a symbol of friendship. This symbolism is furthered by the fact that firs are evergreens. As they never loose their green vibrancy, they are a reminder of the life-long connections we share with our friends… Furthermore, their evergreen nature signifies hope, promise and renewal in the midst of the long, dark winter months…Truly, the fir is a symbol of endurance and determination

7 or never, 7 or nothing

  • Aries: Looking at this from an astrological standpoint, I can see that the position of the planets want you to go stick a broom up your bottom and jump into a fire.
  • Taurus: The only good thing about summer is that I can stay in bed until 2PM and no one will question me.
  • Gemini: Hey, everyone makes mistakes. For example, my mistake is that I was born.
  • Cancer: I want to find a stick and pat all my friends with it. The patting of the stick is a symbol of friendship. No one likes the idea of my stick though and it makes me sad.
  • Leo: Whenever I feel bad about myself, I think about all the people that liked me or told me I was pretty in the past and I remember that I'm not that bad of a person.
  • Virgo: Hey dude, I know you're desperate, but that's no reason to try and lose your virginity to a nail or a piece of wood. Have standards.
  • Libra: [thinks of a cool idea] Wait... Did I actually come up with this idea myself or did I steal it from someone on Tumblr. Probably the latter, I can barely think of things myself these days.
  • Scorpio: Do you ever wish you had a time machine to prevent your parents from doing the do on the night you were conceived? Because same.
  • Sagittarius: I could be doing something good with my life like hanging with my friends and working to become a better person, but I'm too busy messing up my sleeping schedule.
  • Capricorn: I hate hypothetical questions. Like bro, don't ask me how I would react to something that isn't going to happen. It's a waste of your breath and mine.
  • Aquarius: When I die, I want to send my heart to my spouse with a note attracted that says "I would have never given you my heart while I was alive, so cherish this forever." Wait, that's assuming I live long enough to get married and it's also assuming that I get married. Never mind, there's a lot wrong with this plan.
  • Pisces: How is it possible that I mentally feel like both a 4 year old and an 84 year old?

This is a very quick transcription of a basic spirit gratitude ritual that we do here for our companions at MM. Note that this may not work for every entity (some of our darker counterparts have said something along the lines of “Come on, what am I? An Overlord of Cake?” though most get the gesture and that is what matters.)

This is a small dedication ceremony, so the purpose is to give thanks, and to assert (for the first time, or again on an anniversary/birthday, etc) your intentions with them and what you hope the friendship blossoms into.

You can absolutely do your own variation of this, make it into a party, or really make it yours!

What you will need:

Three Plates/Bowls/Platters

A Coin

Two tealights or small multipurpose candles

Incense or Singular Purpose (Not used elsewhere) Candle


Tea or Wine (Water if you have neither, or milk if you prefer)

Offerings such as Cake, Candy, Crystals, Seeds, Flowers, etc.

A hand-drawn sigil or heart that has been cut out of the original paper or is on a smaller piece of paper.


1. Lay the three vessels out. Two of them are for any food items you may have or wish to share, so if you aren’t sharing, you will not need them both. We usually share, as it feels more communal that way, which is an energy many entities like. This is up to you and your friend!  Arrange them in a triangle with one at the top and two diagonally out from either side. 

2. Place and arrange any food items or personal offerings on the two plates, serving them first, and then yourself. If you are using gems, or something inedible, you may still do this symbolically if you wish.

3. Place the two candles on either side of the top plate. Welcome your entities forth as you cleanse the space and consecrate it. Take this time to ground and shield so that you are interacting only with the energies you are welcoming into the space.

4. The Dedication - Have the coin, incense or single use candle, cinnamon, and wine/beverage handy. You may change the phrasing if you wish! State “This is my dedication to you, ____. These are the promises I wish to keep to you, as a friend, as a companion, and as a human counterpart. I thank you so much for choosing to stay here with me, and to help me on my Earthly journey. I value you and look forward to growing alongside you. – Insert any personal dedications here-

5. Place the coin on the top plate. Say something along the lines of “Let this coin symbolize the wealth of our friendship, and the richness that comes from having you in my life.

6. Light the candle or incense and place it on the plate. [Dorm folks can use battery candles!] Say something along the lines of “As this flame alights, I thank you for providing a guiding light and inspiration in my life. Let it symbolize the enlightenment that comes from our friendship.

7. Place the cinnamon on the plate. Say something along the lines of “Let this cinnamon represent the grounded, sturdy nature of our friendship, and the sweetness that comes from working with one another.”

8. Place the beverage on the plate. Say something along the lines of “As the river nourishes the earth and allows for growth, so do we inspire growth and enlightenment in one another. Take this libation as my thanks for being a teacher and a friend.”

9. Lastly, place the hand-drawn figure or sigil on the plate. Say something like “Let this sigil represent the time and effort I dedicate to you as you have dedicated to me. This friendship involves work and passion on both parts, and this is my dedication to you that I will do what it takes to show you the love and respect you have shown to me

10. Say any further prayers or dedications, and feel free to bring out tarot cards at this point and allow them to communicate through that or other mediums of scrying or divination. Leave out the offerings as long as you like, bury them in the earth, or consume them if the entity is understanding and if you cannot afford to waste. Know that portions of offerings do not need to be huge, it truly is the thought that counts. 

Note that you can also use apps such as Ghost Radar or Echovox if you use those types of programs, as communication seems to pick up at this time. 

We like to do this on saturdays and follow it with divination, wine/beer, and treats. You can also do it with other spirit companion friends of yours and bring different entity families together! This may not be the perfect schematic for all spirit families, depending on cultures, needs, and preferences, but hopefully it will give you a good outline!

We wish you much love, light, and laughter!


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if you like me romantically you have to straight up tell me or ill hide my feelings like you could send me yellow roses (aka the nicest kind) with a stuffed animal and twizzlers (aka the best candy) and i would still dismiss it as a platonic gesture because “well technically yellow roses symbolize friendship”

Bungou Stray dogs, as you all know, is one of my favorite series and the promotional/official art is no different. They are some of the most beautiful pieces of art for an anime series I’ve ever seen. One of my favorites is the one with the flowers, which are featured here:

I actually tried to guess the flowers they are holding, even going so far as to look up examples and their meanings.
Because I am a sad 23 year old who has no life. <|…D;;;;;;

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Mărțișor is a celebration at the beginning of spring (March the first, today!) in Romania and Moldova. The Mărțișor is a red and white talisman and is offered by your loved ones. You’ll have to wear it close to your heart until the last day of March, then you have to tie it to a branch of a fruit-tree. Nowadays it’s more of a symbol of love or friendship. But a cool and necessary symbol!