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Urban Solitary Witches

The most common type of urban warlock is the solitary witch. Submerged in the individuality of modern city life, hidden between the crowd, they discover their thaumaturgical abilities and learn as much as they can about the arcane and the occult. They usually protect themselves with glyphes and sigils all over their bodies, and avoid any kind of contact with the covens, cults or big gangs of witches and mages that spread out in the big cities. They’re slippery and reticent beings, reserved souls and wanderers.


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Photo by S Vogelsang Photography
Modeled by Nicole Fiori and DonnCherie

anonymous asked:

Honestly Americans can fuck off with this issue. To the other anon: I am from (former) East Germany, and trust me, communism is extremely shitty. While the 1st of may remains labor day in many countries, the image was clearly propaganda. Just imagine the uproar if it was nazi symbols instead. If you don't know about European history, don't comment on it. Yes, communism is scary and has ruined thousands of lives, its symbols are NOT a fashion statement.