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Urban Solitary Witches

The most common type of urban warlock is the solitary witch. Submerged in the individuality of modern city life, hidden between the crowd, they discover their thaumaturgical abilities and learn as much as they can about the arcane and the occult. They usually protect themselves with glyphes and sigils all over their bodies, and avoid any kind of contact with the covens, cults or big gangs of witches and mages that spread out in the big cities. They’re slippery and reticent beings, reserved souls and wanderers.


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Moschino // Ready to Wear - Spring 2018


Flowers and butterflies for a spring collection. How groundbreaking. Jeremy Scott proves once more that he lacks the creativity to contrive a collection for a high-end brand. There is a difference between drawing inspiration and blatant emulation, a difference he does not seem to realize. The pieces might be perceived as tolerable and dazzling for how colorful they are, but only for the first few moments you take a glimpse of them, because then the garishness and mediocrity become even more conspicuous, and they lose their charm instantly. This is very evident in the pieces assembled above, but the lack of originality is even more obvious in some of the other pieces in the collection. For instance, the My Little Pony prints on some of the shirts indicate that Jeremy is incapable of conceiving unique patterns or symbols for the fashion house, and thus has to rely on other figures and icons, as he did in his Mcdonald’s infested collection (fw14 rtw). Some of my followers have also noticed some of the pieces’ resemblance to Betsy Johnson’s 2004 collection, and the Burlesque/Moulin Rouge silhouettes, which also serves as an indication of Jeremy’s lack of creativity. There might be no such thing as 100% originality, but that does not justify this prosaic collection, nor does it mean that Jeremy shouldn’t have, for the very least, attempted to revamp those pieces. 

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I listed quite a few new items in my shop yesterday. There is even more to come later in the week.

Photo by S Vogelsang Photography
Modeled by Nicole Fiori and DonnCherie