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Urban Solitary Witches

The most common type of urban warlock is the solitary witch. Submerged in the individuality of modern city life, hidden between the crowd, they discover their thaumaturgical abilities and learn as much as they can about the arcane and the occult. They usually protect themselves with glyphes and sigils all over their bodies, and avoid any kind of contact with the covens, cults or big gangs of witches and mages that spread out in the big cities. They’re slippery and reticent beings, reserved souls and wanderers.


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@babymisha15 asked: 

1) Hi dear i know you haven’t seen the entire episode yet i want to ask you something (not big spoiler but a bit so maybe better that you read after the episode). Love the use of symbols like the woods and the mirror. Dean is linked to amara for the scene with the mirror and the last scene with the song. What do you think?            

2) I’ve reseen LOTUS and i couldn’t help but notice that number 5 is repeated many times. It’s the room’s no., lotus has 5 letters also kelly 5 letters and kline too and five corners is the name of the bar. Is it a recall of seas.5 when lucy was defeated? What else is that supposed to mean in your opinion?             

3) I have another question hope you don’t mind. It’s about dean beeing angry with cass for killing billie. Ok he was worried but i think he was also upset because that suicidal deal was his idea, his choice and cass didn’t respect that. Is that possible?            

Hey dear!

I hope you don’t midn replying in this form and by putting all your messages in one post. :) I’ll go through them one by one.

1) Yes, Dean waking up on the ground in the forest/park does remind a great deal of how he woke up on the field among flowers after meeting Amara for the first time in 11x01 “Out of the Darkness Into the Fire”. That was definitely a visual callback. And since Dean’s memory of meeting her only came back gradually the incident also relates kind of in reverse to Dean’s predicament in this week’s episode in which he progressively lost more and more memories. In general however the setting in the woods to me - aside from reminding of purgatory with the chase through the woods served more as a typical archetype setting we know from many fairytales imo rather than connecting the scene to Amara as such.

The mirror scene to me was more one in line with many mirror shots we have had over the past couple of seasons with Dean (I talked about it a bit in this post as well) when he looked into the mirror and tried to assess himself and who he is. It was a major stylistic device used when exploring issues of identity. And while identity and growing up were also two aspects that played a part in the mirror scene with Young! and GrownUp!Amara, imo the general sentiment differed, because Amara never seemed really confused and conflicted about herself and her “reflection” and with that her identity. Dean on the other hand struggled almost every time with himself when he looked into the mirror during the MoC arc and this week’s episode.

And in that relation I also see the ending song “Broomstick Cowboy” for Dean as kind of a polar opposite almost to the ending song “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon”. While one could argue both songs loosely have the similar theme of “growing up”, the notion of these songs differ quite drastically. While the one that played when Amara walked though the streets essentially deals with relationships/romance whereas “Broomstick Cowboy” makes a point about growing up in war metaphors, so the coding here with male and female is indeed kind of probelmatic imo.

That said, the difference to me with these two scenes also is that the song played over the ending montage when we see Dean as a grown up being carefree and happy with all of the baggage he carries and showcasing that even though he has seen and been through hell he still has managed to preserve the child inside. Contrary the ending scene with Amara shows her as a teen. So the two scenes again are polar opposites imo and approach the topic from two completely differing sides. On top of that Amara’s walk to the song had nothing to do with “innocence”, but moreso with “curiosity”. And contrary to Dean, whose experiences can be seen in line with the lyrics more or less to me the scene with Amara kind of felt conflicting to the lyrics. Yes, it captured the essence that soon she’d be grown up, but the part of “needing a man”, I think was always proven “ridiculous” as she has made clear more than once and especially in that scene that she doesn’t need anyone. Of course that changed over the season and ended with her admitting that Dean “gave her what she needed most”, but still. I hope I made a bit of sense, these two songs and scenes are really difficult and complex to compare and anlyze. lol :)

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