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Guys I just realized something

You know how cap loses his shield in CW and it’s all symbolic of him giving up that title and responsibility and becoming Steve Rogers (his own person) again?

You know the (lovely) parallel between the star on Steve’s shield and that on Bucky’s arm (democracy/communism)?

Bucky loses the arm during the final CW fight too. He loses his star, his own burden and symbol of being chained to an idea he never asked for. Steve was used as the government’s dancing monkey for years, and Bucky used the metal arm to create chaos for even longer.

Their respective stars, and therefore burdens and pasts, are each lifted from them in a different way, which can also be connected to their meaning. Steve made the choice (with the serum and then dropping the shield). Bucky didn’t (with the draft and then obviously Hydra, and then losing his arm), and it was excruciating for him.

That fight was basically the end of them as figureheads for greater powers and the beginning of them focusing and prioritizing themselves - physically, mentally, and morally. It’s an incredible idea to unravel and it really reveals the depth of these characters, as well as how similarities can be drawn between past and present/each other.

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Interesting, the main protagonist of DR Rebirth, just like Persona 3, where you can select their specific gender. Check the game's cover art on the website.


That, or one of these could be possible:

  • You have an identical twin, who is a guy, and probably the 16th student
  • You get ‘reborn’ as a guy, hence, Re:Birth
  • Listen that symbol there with a chain is on purpose what could they mean—

BUT GOSH do I want to choose to either be a guy or a girl

If you (SHSL Bad Luck-chan) are a girl, then the ratio is 9 girls to 6 guys, judging from appearances… so..  👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀

the pride of lions  3  -   the chain bridge

during the siege of Budapest, retreating units of the Wehrmacht demolished the chain bridge.  The lions were later recovered from the banks of the Danube, and restored to their original positions when the bridge was rebuilt.

source: flaneurissimo

Tutorial/ Work process

I remembered I promised (back in January, uff) to make some kind of tutorial or work process of this artwork, after some of you asked me.

So, here you go, from the beginning to the end in more or less 25 steps with photos and three short videos and comments :D.

Everything’s under the cut, because it’s a lot.

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Huntress- Part Two: Family Reunion

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E2, so (duh) warning: SPOILERS

Part One
This is going to be a series I write over the course of Season 12 using the episode plot lines to mix on with my own ideas. This parts particularly long btw I got a tad carried away

Wincing, you turned your head in attempt to look away from the sight but your eyes wouldn’t leave his mangled body. Sam Winchester, your Dad was screaming in pain.
You’d only just met him, but in this situation that didn’t matter. It could of been a complete stranger sat in that chair, in some ways it was, but you still wanted them to be okay. You didn’t want to see anyone else get hurt.

 They dragged a blade down his chest, tracing the rips on his shirt. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, throwing his head back and breathing heavily.
Crimson trickled down him from all the wounds they’d abused onto his body.

Control the pain’ Your Mum’s words ran through your brain as you continued to stare in disgust. You willed him on silently, wanting him to stay as strong as he had so far. What was it Ms Watt had said? “No one can withstand that much pain and not break.”.

You swallowed nervously when Toni paused. It was always more worrying when they’d stopped. The Men Of Letters were unpredictable, if nothing else. She smirked and looked between the pair of you. “Let’s see how much family means to you, shall we?” She declared softly, lifting your Dad’s chin with the tip of the blade before wiping it’s bloody sides on his ripped shirt dyed with blood.

She strode over to you as confident as ever. Your wide eyes watch her.
Her hand hit your face. Just once. One clean hit.
“That’s for getting me into this mess” She hissed as though she wasn’t sure whether she should have sad it. “I don’t like getting my hands dirty.” 

You smile politely “And yet here you are.”

“You’d be dead if it weren’t for my orders.”

“Since when do you follow your orders?!” You argue. It came out more loudly and angrily than you’d expected it to.

She smiled coldly before grabbing your forearm, clearly you’d hit a mark. You grunt in pain as her thumb slowly sank into the stitches she’d given you last week from the bullet wound. Her finger nail dug through the wound as remnants of blood trickled down your arm. Painfully slow, she continued until she reached the bone. You screamed in pain and shut your eyes.


“How about now, Sam?” She called over your gasps, tilting her head in his direction but her eyes never left where she applied the agonising pressure.

Control the pain.

You weren’t looking at him but you knew he still wouldn’t say..and rightfully so. You shook your head just to make sure, to reassure him you were on board with it. 

“I wonder how far we can go. Tell me, would you let her die?”

“Leave her alone.” He growled.

Blood and puss spilled out and along your arm. Toni wiped her hand on a flannel by the sink in the room. “I suggest you prepare yourself. What was it your Mother always said? Control the pain.” She grinned, as if amused by your Mum’s words. As if she knew just how much you wouldn’t be able to

“Believe me I’m trying.” You mumble, catching your breath back and staring down at the broken threads. 

“Hey, are you okay?” You Dad asked form the chair he’d been re-tied to. He’d definitely taken the worst of it today. He had done since he’d arrived. And still he wanted to know if you were okay? Of course you were, anyone would be compared to what pain they were putting him through!

You nodded weakly, staring bleakly at the wound she’d opened up again. Returning his concern, you managed a “You?” 

You didn’t see him smile lightly at this. “Yeah.”

“I’m sorry.” You sigh, leaning against the harsh uneven stones behind you.
“It’s not your fault.” He sounded almost amused by the idea. What could a kid have done to make all this happen? 
If only he knew.
“It kind of is…the only reason they’re interested in you is because of me…” You paused, racking your brain before adding “well, and the whole apocalypse thing.”
He chuckled. Despite everything- he chuckled.
”Not that you’re the only one’s to save the world.” You note.
”Seriously?” He sounded curious. Interested in what you had to say- a first for you. It was strange, to be having something close to a conversation in such a position. Tied up. Chained down. And yet talking.
“Seriously, America isn’t the only place in the world you know. Last known apocalypse threat was in Norway.”
“Right, of course.” He nodded, going along with it.

The room fell silent as you watched the sun rise slowly from the cracks in the barricaded doors. It wasn’t too uncomfortable. Just quiet. Neither of you wanted to say or ask much with the cameras recording it all. You knew he had questions, your Mum always told you how you got your never dying curiosity from your father. Hell, you had questions too but what could you possibly ask? Where to start? 
You hoped he would. for you.

“Look, there’s no easy way to ask this, but…did they…did they…kill your Mom?” He asked, his American accent now more dominant than before.

“…Yeah,” You nod, looking up at him for once “If you step out of line they’re not very forgiving.” You sighed.

“I’m sorry-“ He paused but it still sounded as though he had more to say when the door swung open. Your heads turned to see Toni back, she had that mischievous look to her and you didn’t like it one bit.

“Oh go screw yourself.” Sam spat, making you smirk a little.
“Three Winchesters in one room, it must be my lucky day.” 


She dragged in a tall man, his arms chained much like yours only unattached to the wall. He had a leather jacket, shorter hair and loose jeans complete with combats. A Hunter for sure. Flecks of dirt where speckled across his sweating brow and grass-stains smudged his jeans at the knees where the denim had faded.

“Dean?” Your Dad’s face went ashen. You frowned for a second in thought.
“I’m just as pleased to see him as you are.” She dragged him down the steps and connected his chains to the ceiling.
His face was plastered with anger and regret. No doubt regretting his previous actions.
He’d probably landed on the mark just outside the trapdoors. They teleported trespassers in- which would have been nice to know before you’d planned your escape last week. You were originally on the chair in the room, but after that attempt- which, mind you,would have worked if it weren’t for that teleportation symbol- they chained you up.

You look up at the open door, eyeing a possible escape route before turning your attention back to the man: ‘Dean’.

“I thought you were dead.” Sam looked so relieved you would have thought he’d been released.
“I’m not sure that I’m not” His green eyes fell on you but you were already observing him “Who’s the kid?”

You snort quietly: ‘Kid.’

“That’s uh…my uh…daughter.”

You looked away when Dean stared back at you. You hadn’t noticed Toni getting out a new instrument of torture until now. 

Dean’s face fell to a confused and shocked frown as he looked at you.
“How long was I gone?” Dean joked, busying himself with comedy as he struggled to take it in.
“Not that this isn’t a beautiful family reunion or anything, but I‘d love to get back to the main point here.” Toni smiled, her sinister eyes watching the three of you. “Did you know, Dean. Bodies have certain pressure points of intense pain when prodded. There’s the earlobe, under the belt of course, and my personal favourite: just under the eyelid-”

You gave up listening to her ramble on when you heard the quietest of footsteps. You turn your eyes toward the doorway at the top of the steps and see the shadow of someone. The silhouette was perfectly still and armed with a gun.  You tried to rack through names in your mind to figure out who this was but no one made any sense. It couldn’t be Mick could it? The shadow jolted into motion and swung so they were on their side. This time you could see the body. It was a female, dirty blond hair and angry eyes. She wore a jacket over a t-shirt, jeans, and brown boots. And she was staring directly at you. 

You looked back over to Toni who continuing to talk, prod, and demand answers- oblivious. You looked back at the woman and nodded.

She nodded back before cocking her gun and holding it up to the back of Toni’s head. “Get away from my boys.” She spoke coldly and firmly.
Toni turned to face the woman. “Drop it.” She moved her gun to point at the metal rod and then back to her face.

Toni did.

“…Mom?” Your Dad stared in shock at this rescuer. 
“Yeah, I know.” Dean nodded, smirking at his brother.

Toni continued to stare.
The woman stepped forward and kicked her to the floor. “That’s the ground.”
Never lowering her firearm, she stepped backwards and found the keys to your chains. She glanced over to you, as if considering whether she could in fact trust you or not. Without any more hesitation, she tossed them to you and you caught them despite the chains. You unlocked your left, then your right, the cold metal finally falling away from your wrists.

You jumped to your feet, instantly into fight-mode.
Careful to avoid the radius Toni could reach, you stepped around her and unlocked the chains so Dean was free. As you pressed the key into the lock you heard the shouts of the women. A gunshot. Another shout. Punches. A kick.
You tried to drown out the distractions, there could be a gun aimed directly at the back of your head for all you knew at that moment. A millisecond away from death. But you had to free them before you could worry about yourself.
Finally, the chain’s unlocked and you caught a “..Thanks, Kid…” as he raced to join the fight, his hand patting your shoulder for a second as he rushed past. You avoided them and grabbed a knife from the table in the corner to cut your Father free.

Just as expected, Dean and the lady had the upper hand…but Toni slit the palm of her hand with the metal and suddenly the lady fell to the floor. She clasped her hands round her throat and gasped for air. “Stop the spell.” Dean practically screamed.
“If you kill me, you die with her.” Toni smirked, manipulation was something she enjoyed a little too much.
You shook your head, knowing the truth and strode over to Toni, knife still in hand. She watched you, her face becoming more and more worried as you neared. You ignored Dean’s warnings for you to stay back. A small smile crept on your face and only one thought was on your mind: revenge. 

Raising the blade, you stabbed it straight through her palm and into the wall behind her- preventing her from moving any closer. She screamed in pain and thrashed her free hand out to try and punch you. You blocked with ease, twisting her hand round until a small crack sounded. She screamed once more.
Revenge? Tick.

“Oi! Leave her” A London accent filled the room. You noted the point of authority he used to hold over you and you shook your head in disbelief before turning round and glaring at him. “Alright.” You greet coldly. 
You step back from Toni at your own accord. Hovering between joining your Father and remaining solo.
You didn’t notice your Dad step towards you.

Mick looked at you with disappointment. He had the audacity to look down at you as iif they were your orders to ignore or as if it was your mission to fail.  He walked over to Toni, pulling your blade from her hand. She cried out. “You had specific orders, Bevell,”
He wiped the blade and set it back down on the table before turning to face your Father, his brother, and his Mother. “I’m sorry about Bevell, Lads. I really am. She’ll be dealt with back in London, trust me.”
You wondered if he meant that or not. You wondered if you could ever trust him again. 

You wondered if you’d ever get the chance.

“And Sam, Y/N’s your problem now. I don’t particularity give a damn whether you want her or not but she’s not use to us anymore…” You look down at this, you’d thought maybe he meant what he’d told you before. Apparently not. 
You were just another tool to gain America’s trust. 

The rest of what he said was what you’d heard him practice a thousand times. You could have listened, but what was the point? You’d learnt the entire speech at this point. You could recite it for him if he was that desperate. But, something told you he wasn’t.

The one thing you’d failed to notice thus far was a stiff figure stood close to Dean. He had a long tan-coloured trenchcoat, white shirt, and blue tie. He looked strangely formal- it suited him.
You looked at the man, who was watching Mick with a small frown on his face. 
Who was he? And why didn’t he look quite right? There was something slightly odd about him that made him different from the rest of you…but what?

When Mike had finished his proposal and left you felt the room fall to silence. How many eyes were on you?
Sighing, you make your way over to the table and open up the draw. Maybe they’d left it behind for you.

“So she’s your…kid?” Dean asked, clearly not picking up on the fact that you didn’t appreciate the use of the word.
“..Uh, yeah. Her Mum was uh, before I met Jess. I had no idea…” Your Dad said what anyone would have said. About how shocked they were to have found out. But you were to busy rummaging through the draws to find it.
Despite the tense atmosphere, you smiled to yourself when you saw it- your Mum’s pistol. She’d left it to you and it was the one thing the Men Of Letters respected as rightfully yours, no questions asked. You checked the ammo to make sure none had been used before tucking it in your jacket and finally looking up.

As suspected, four pairs of curious eyes were on you. You shifted awkwardly, unable to stare back any longer.
“We should get going.” The man who you still didn’t know declared. His voice was deep and gruff, but sympathetic also. 
You were too tired to question anything.
“Yeah, come on.” Dean nodded, steering past you to the stairs and open doorway. The Lady followed. The man in the trench-coat was next. Then your Father.
But unlike the others, your Dad stopped in the doorway.
“You coming?” He asked, smiling encouragingly.
You were taken back by this. After everything, all the vague pieces of information Mick and Toni offered and their obvious associations with you and yet he still wanted you.

“You mean…you actually want me to come?” You ask quietly, finally understanding the feeling of being wanted. A man who you barely new was willing to accept you into his household. Hell, you were even from different countries.
“Y/N,” He took in a deep breath, this was the first time he’d said your name “You’re my daughter..” He stepped down so he was closer to you “Of course I do.”
He tilted his head back slightly to gesture you out of the room “Come on then, let’s go.” His arm loosely held your back as he gently took you away from the room.  

Huntress- P3: I Have To Go

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The subject is manufactured by a certain number of articulations that have taken place...

The subject is manufactured by a certain number of articulations that have taken place, and falls from the signifying chain in the way that ripe fruit falls. As soon as he comes into the world he falls from a signifying chain, which may well be complicated or at least elaborate, and what we call the desire of his parents is subjacent to that very chain. It would be difficult not to take that into account in the fact of his birth, even, and especially, when it was, precisely, a desire for him not to be born.

Jacques Lacan, My Teaching, Verso Books (2008) p. 44

I've been wearing necklaces since I was 13

My first necklace was a silver chain with a butterfly on the end. I got it from a garage sale for $0.50 and chewed on the wings because I liked the nickle taste.

My second necklace was from a kiosk at the mall. I was with my crush best friend, and she said she thought girls who wore zodiac necklaces were cute. I bought a ‘year of the rat’ necklace right there. I still have it.

My third necklace was an amber bead necklace for babies that I had sized up for a teenager. It was supposed to help with my migraines, but I kept it for the aesthetic.

My fourth necklace was a simple silver chain with a modified charm that I made from an old earring. The earring was brassy and tarnished, but it looked artistic and I loved it up until the day the chain snapped.

My fifth necklace was a long golden chain that I wore with a tiny, golden pocket watch as a charm. The watch face was the size of a thumbnail and I would love to listen to it tick while I sat in class.

My sixth necklace was a thin golden chain that I accented with a large, golden coin that had belonged to my grandfather. I liked to take off the chain and rub the coin in my hands when I got stressed. Loved this necklace and cried after I lost it while moving houses.

My seventh necklace was the second necklace, but re-accented with a tiny pinky ring that had been gifted to me at my great-aunt’s funeral. This was a dark time for me and I needed the old, familiar comfort.

My eighth necklace was a silver chain with a faux white pearl on it. My dad had bought it for me, and I felt horrible when it was stolen.

My ninth necklace was my favorite. A golden, Le Petit Prince charm necklace given to me by my mom. It was a symbol of hope and longing and I wore it everyday for almost 3 years until the chain broke.

My tenth necklace was a DIY attempt. A $3 gray chain from Michael’s and a $1 faux black pearl from a bead shop, it was a gother version of my eighth necklace. When the chain snapped, I wasn’t too sad.

My eleventh necklace is my current necklace, and it’s a long, knotted golden chain without any charms or adornments. I bought it for $1 at a thrift store, and it’s the first thing I put on in the morning.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I have a very long history of wearing necklaces, and that they’re important to who I am. Even when other stuff in my life might be out of my control, I’m always able to put on my necklace and that makes everything a little bit better for me.

My Dream On SamuraiJack Season5 Episode 10

I had a cinematic Dream on how episode 10 plays out. It was very detailed untill the end where it started to blur. Ill be as vivid as possible but there is a TLDR Starts with 4 sub plots each given about a 1.5 minutes of screen time. But with cinematography is implied to take 3 days -Jack in a prison w “Akushi” guarding him. He pleas to the creature but only gets a blank stare back, Jack is crying -Camera Zooms into the eye of Akushi to see Aashi’s consciousness in a bondage struggling to Break free as Jack’s voice rings to her. Aashi is crying -Montage of what Scotsman has been doing for 5 episodes and a gathering of the army. They all are prepped with their best gear. It pulls a “simpson movie” moment, where you dont get to hear a voice from everyone but you have a panning shot of everyone’s face in full detail in a crowd, every character that has been drawn in Season 1-4 is drawn again here -We see a quick montage of shots of Aku bending the Earth into an unknown structure. While Jack Rots in a Prison, Aku is in Joy and televises to the entirety of his reign that he has won and the samurai will be slain in a grand colloseum in the center of the city of Aku that shows up at least once every season. The seats fill with both Jack’s surviving enemies and non combatant friends of samurai jack, who come in hope Jack will escape. The televised announcement alerts the army and they begin their travel Before the show, aku peaks his head into the prison and taunts jack in the face, jack says nothing. Aku gloats about Aashi and how she will “do the honors” Jack says nothing. Aku laugh maniacally. Jump Cut to Aashi crying “no”. a dual shot reveals the tears of both Aashi and Jack simultaneously falling. But the creature staring blankly at jack Aku makes a grand entrance into his coloseum and sits himself on a golden throne on high (not usually his style but it was in the dream) with the smuggest grin as jack is slowly walked into the colloseum. Aku orders for the guest. In Genndy’s fashion, All sound is cut, but a collection of cinematic, highly saturated color theory shots of Jack’s despair, Aku’s grin, Aashi struggling in tears, the crowd, and the army on its way. *Commercial Break* *Commercial Ends* Aashi is crying on the inside and we see her recollect on memories of Jack and she grows stronger, breaking free of her chains one by one, somewhat slowly. She is fueled further by what she hears from Aku Jump Cut to Aku standing from his chair as Jack is walking to his death pedestal. Aky begins *insert generic villain monologue here* which drags out for sometime. Within Aashi, she is now “Free” of chains but is in a black void. She is confronted by her mother one last time, a subconscious memory of her, the 6 sisters she betrayed, they appear twisted and obtuse, similar to how Jack’s broken Consciousness (“NinjaNinja”/MadJack) showed up to him in Episode 3 and in Episode 7, twisted. Aashi used the symbolic chains she destroyed to make her self a weapon. We get several cuts between Aku’s monologue and Aashi fighting her past. With every part of her past she destroys, we see the “Akushi” creature begin to twitch and contort subtly. Aku fails to notice. Aku finishes (finally) and sits back down, ordering his daughter to commence. Akushi raises her weapon, but can not kill, her weapon shakes. White tears stream from the creatures face. Ashi is fighting back. Aku insists his order and akushi tries again to behead Jack, he looks up at her seeing the tears hits his head. Suddenly the army burst in and causes a commotion. Aku stands up in anger, we see the army cut through ranks of robots. Aashi breaks free and gets the sword, breaks Jack free and they defeat aku. In my dream, the Gods send both Jack and the now purified aashi to the past and they destroy aku a few seconds after jack was sent to the future. Aku is slain, Aashi does not get erased because she is a time clone from an alternate timeline/the gods protect her They free the past and we get a small montage of them living a happy life. It was a vivid dream, and If instead they lived in the future and rebuilt the future thatd be great aswell and thatd be less time travel antics. This was lengthy and if you read it thank you TLDR. Jack imprisoned by Aku Aashi imprisoned in her mind Scottsman preps Army Aku Preps a stadium for Jack’s Execution Aku makes Aashi kill Jack in front of a crowd Aashi hesitates Army breaks in, giving aashi more time to free herself Aashi frees herself Jack/Aashi kill aku Happy endings Let me know your thoughts :)

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A chain of symbols:

We are introduced to cuttlefish as symbol for undifferentiated troll junk via a throwaway line by Karkat (4078) and a panel with Feferi (4081):

(remember: there is a beak beneath those tentacles)

The imagery is reinforced by the first conversation between Kanaya and Eridan, where Eridan serves as a manifestation of Kanaya’s FEELINGS towards Vriska (4243), with whom Kanaya just finished speaking. Note the position and iconography of the lunchbox.

(the most poignant double entendre ever written, encapsulating the immense confusion that comes with FEELINGS)

The similar lunchboxes of Kanaya and Jade suggest that Squiddles and Horrorterrors can serve a similar symbolic role to cuttlefish, so Feferi’s obligation to feed a giant, monstrous cuttlefish to avoid calamity is potentially a statement about her sexuality in much the same way that Vriska’s obligation to feed a giant spider is a statement about her addiction.*

There’s something to be said about the abundance of cuttlefish and birdcages in Feferi’s room as well. Her animal shelter fantasies aside, the cages suggest an element of repression. This is unsurprising, given how she buried her black feelings toward Eridan. With both her lusus and Eridan, she feels trapped in the relationship and immediately takes advantage of the freedom Sgrub offers, leaping from the giant fishbowl – yet another cage.

*Though it would be more consistent with the surface narrative if Feferi’s relationship with her lusus was a stand-in for Eridan, the OTHER monstrous libido symbol that she soothes out of a moral obligation to avert calamity? Or does it suggest that on some level, Feferi herself feels the royal urge for violent suppression of the populace, and has to fight it down?? Mysteries abound

The Contract Seal

Referring to the post from into–the–abyss about the contract seal:

I researched the meaning of the words and its sigils/symbols written in the pentagram. I think it’s pretty interesting, it sounds really familiar.

Abdia: I conjure thee in secret. (Ciel accidentally summons Sebastian; no one knows)

Ballaton: Come forth from thy abode and speak clearly in my speech. (Sebastian speaks English)

Bellony: Put forth thy might and discover unto me the knowledge and power in thy keep. (Ciel uses Sebastian’s power to achieve his goals)

Halliy: Answer in the inward silence all of my questions without fail. (Ciel orders Sebastian that he shall never lie)

Halliza: Assume and show forth unto me thy form of divine perfection. (Sebastian appears in human form as the perfect butler)

Soluzen: Open unto me thy secret door and fulfill me of my purpose. (Sebastian shall help Ciel to obtain his revenge)

In a way, the contract seal visibly holds all the conditions of the contract between Ciel and Sebastian.

There are two main differences between Sebastian’s contract seal and the original pentagram of Solomon:

One is the ring/chain/circle around the pentacle of Sebastian’s seal (that remarkably resembles Undertaker’s scars but that’s another story). It could symbolize the bond/chain between master and servant.

And the other is that Sebastian’s seal is turned upside down. Originally, a pentagram with a single point projecting upwards was a Christian symbol for the five senses and protected against evil. Conversely, a reversed pentagram (like Sebastian’s) is associated with evil and occultism.

So what could this mean? The way the contract works in both stories (Solomon’s and Kuro) is pretty similar. The master who holds the contract has power over the demon. Therefore, both seals look almost alike.

In the story of Solomon the demon was forced into servitude by the boy who threw the ring (that had been given to Solomon after he had prayed to God) at him. In Kuro, however, Sebastian appeared of his own will after Ciel had lost faith in God and practically forced Ciel to make a contract with him (seeing that Ciel had no other choice (than death) at this point). Maybe this difference is symbolized by the reversed pentagram.

With Sign Language, I am Equal

It’s International Week of the Deaf
September 19-25, 2016

[Image Description: 8 Squares, each has a title, colour and blurb. In the middle has a white square background, centre has a black circle, with sign “Equal” underneath in black text says: WITH SIGN LANGUAGE, I AM EQUAL" 
Going left - right - 3 rows.

Top Row:
Picture 1: Green banner with white text: BIRTH RIGHT with picture of a pacifier. Underneath: Draws upon the principle of basic human rights in relation to language acquisition at birth. When acquired fast, it enables deaf children to have full communication with people, improving their cognitive and social skills. Deaf children need access to sign language from birth.

Picture 2: Orange banner, DEAF IDENTITY with fingerprint picture. Underneath: Identifies deaf people as belonging to cultural and linguistic community, who use sign language as a mother tongue or natural language to communicate.

Picture 3: Light blue banner, ACCESSIBILITY, with Interpreter sign picture. Underneath: stresses that deaf people need access to public information and services via sign language interpreting, subtitling, and/or closed-captioning. A key factor to accessibility for public services such as, health care, employment, social welfare  or any other government services is provision of and access to sign language.

Middle Row:
Picture 4: Dark blue banner, EQUAL LANGUAGE, with gesture handshape picture. Underneath: Recognize sign language as a valid linguistic means of conveying thoughts, ideas, and emotions. It is a fully operating language with its own syntax, morphology and structure. It fulfills all features serve to define the notion of a language. This has been confirmed in many systematic linguistic research on sign language since the late 1970’s.


Picture 6: Dark blue banner, EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES, with picture of briefcase. Underneath: Sign language competency for communication and provision of interpreters mean that deaf people can do almost any job. It is important for deaf people to equally aspire securing jobs that reflect their interest and competency. The main barriers to employment arise from inaccessible work environment rather than an inability to hear.

Bottom Row:
Picture 7: Light blue banner, BILINGUAL EDUCATION, with picture of graduation cap. Underneath: Urges stakeholders to accept the need for bilingual education for a deaf child and to understand how quality bilingual education should be provided in a sign language environment. Bilingual education is a social-cultural approach of using sign language as the language of instruction in all subjects with a parallel strong emphasis on teaching reading and writing of the language used in the country or society.

Picture 8: Orange banner, EQUAL PARTICIPATION, with group of people in pyramid style, front person with hand up. Underneath: Deaf people need to have equal access of participation in the personal, public and political area as everyone else. More importantly, it is necessary to ensure that deaf people have the opportunity to take up leadership roles, so that deaf people themselves can appropriately advocate for their rights and be involved in all decision-making processes concerning their lives. This is a reflection of the slogan ‘Nothing About us Without us’.

Picture 9: Green banner, LIFELONG LEARNING, with head and 'chains turning’ symbol of the brain. Underneath: Access to education, vocational training, and ongoing professional training and development, is key to gaining and retaining a job and earning a wage that allows independent living.]


Pictish Hoard Chain, 5th-8th Century AD

A substantial silver chain composed of twenty-seven pairs of round-section links and a connector formed as a penannular gusseted band with inlaid gold ‘Pictish’ geometric symbol.

Chains of this type have been found in 'Pictish’ hoards in Scotland and the Northern Isles, usually assumed to have been buried to conceal them from marauding Scandinavians. Similar examples were recovered at Whitecleugh, Lanarkshire, and Torvean, Inverness. The massive double-link construction and inlaid symbol are unique features in northern Europe at this time.

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