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Pictish Hoard Chain, 5th-8th Century AD

A substantial silver chain composed of twenty-seven pairs of round-section links and a connector formed as a penannular gusseted band with inlaid gold ‘Pictish’ geometric symbol.

Chains of this type have been found in 'Pictish’ hoards in Scotland and the Northern Isles, usually assumed to have been buried to conceal them from marauding Scandinavians. Similar examples were recovered at Whitecleugh, Lanarkshire, and Torvean, Inverness. The massive double-link construction and inlaid symbol are unique features in northern Europe at this time.

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Pictish Silver Chain,  6th-7th Century AD

This massive silver chain was found at Whitecleugh in Lanarkshire, Scotland. It is one of ten surviving heavy silver chains, of a type found only in Scotland and generally attributed to the Picts. They were symbols of high status, worn between 400 and 800 AD.

The chain consists of 44 circular rings linked together in pairs with a penannular terminal ring. The ring is decorated with symbols similar to those found on Pictish stones, here inlaid with red enamel.  The chain weighs 1.73 kilograms.

Although commonly attributed to the Picts, only three chains have been found in the Pictish kingdom proper. This chain is one of two decorated with Pictish symbols. These chains were almost certainly badges of high rank or power.

12x13 Thoughts

I followed along with spoilers that others were posting on here during last night’s episode, since I wasn’t able to watch it live. Everyone was mainly aligned with the fact that Bucklemming episodes suck and that this one stayed that course. Needless to say, I set the bar VERY low for my expectations.

I’m glad I did, because it really was lackluster. Not sure what could have topped 12x12, but I digress. I did have one takeaway and it’s from the montage at the very end:

I thought Lucifer chained to the chair was very symbolic: everyone is currently chained/tied to baggage that is getting them in trouble.

Sam & Dean are chained to Mary’s lies. Mary is chained to the BMOL (and too, the lies). Crowley is chained to Rowena’s conniving personality and now to grief. Kelly is chained to Lucifer via the baby.

It will be interesting to see whose chain is broken first.

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tutorial: how i make my icons

ive been asked a lot on how i make my icons so ill tell u all today ehe..

step one:

ive prepared a psd. file that i can alter however i want and what i do is i download a normal grid picture and place it on top of a new layer with the size 250 x 250 (you may change the size but i make sure it’s constrained to a square shape) 

the layer on top of that would be the filled in circle, to make that i use the ellipse tool.

make sure that the settings has the stroke option crossed out and the fill option is on like so here, pick a color that you prefer…

afterwards draw the circle manually or type down the size by pixel, make sure you have the chain symbol on (between the width and height bars), otherwise it wouldn’t be proportional

if you want to make it bigger use the option free transform in the menu bar where it says edit… always check the constrain proportions tool aka the chain symbol before sizing up your layer

step two:

place your image above the circle layer (ill use luhan look how handsome he is omf) it should look like this at first

it doesn’t matter if you make your icons like this but i tend to merge him into the circle (?) and to do that you need to add a clipping mask, make sure you do this on the layer of the person/object of your icon and nothing else.. also it should be on top of the other layers

now it looks like this yay we’re almost finished…

step three:

add a coloring into your edit, it should be in a psd. extension file, i usually download mine from or you can manually search for pastel psds via google..

finished product:

extra notes: 

+ ive tweaked a bit with the opacity level of the psd, if it’s too saturated or vibrant to your liking i edit it that way and on the original image there should be an option for adjustments in the menu bar, use curves to control the brightness/contrast etc and hue/saturation for the colors..

+ the image of luhan here is alr cropped using the quick selection tool, if you’re lazy search google for (person’s name) transparent png’s or png packs, it should direct you to deviant art where it’s alr custom made and all u have to do is download them

+ if you had any trouble still with these i apologize if my steps weren’t clear enough.. i tried making it as simple as possible, don’t hesitate to ask me if you overcome an obstacle when editing i will most likely answer your q’s when i have spare time :-)

All aboard the Danganronpa Hype train pt. 3

(part 1 here) (part 2 here)

Continuing… with more translations and speculations:

“The school’s stage was surrounded by a huge cage - Talented Prison(ers) Academy”

That badge is certainly the new academy’s symbol, thus having a chain surround it. Could the ‘students’ be considered ‘prisoners’ then? Well, all we know is that they must be kept here/must not escape, and well, the setting sure has a prison-like feel to it.

barbed wire on the grills of the window? Sure, gives it a more prison-like feel.

the aftermath of the incident, perhaps?

and of course, who could forget the love hotel, Kumanami. HAHAHA please tell me this is their dorm and where they sleep.

The building we explore in the Prologue looks sort of a castle, don’t you think?A really old one too, with vines all around…

…but over here, it kinda looks a bit high-tech? The desks looks like they have a screen on them, and the podium (which has a bit of a glowing light) and lighting fixture looks a bit futuristic to me? But then, does this takes place in the future or not? 

oh and that girl…

has such long hair! It could reach her ankles if it wasn’t ponytailed! Even longer than Fukawa’s in her appearance in DR:AE…

And well, there are a lot of speculations and info circulating tumblr, so they’re pretty much the same as I have; nothing new to add. So I guess here are some translations then! (They aren’t arranged chronologically sorry!)

“Sorry I made you wait. Finally, it’s Ronpa time!”

“Series’ biggest trick in history that unfolds a psycho cool stage!”

“Why am I here in this school? And I wonder why we’re being in a place like this…”

“Why is it… I wonder?”

“Advanced high-speed reasoning action!” oooh boy what could this be but i think its like endless debate with 3 people talking at the same time jfc

It could be this:

This image could also prove that the protagonist can’t be these three? Since they have 3 differing arguments that you can choose to ‘refute’. Or, we could perhaps have different perspectives throughout the game.

If we’re refuting this robohoge, then we can say for sure he ain’t the protagonist, or the main character. (Looks like I need to flip my table DAMMIT!!)

The babbles mention something about “it has to be a man”, “He is-”, “-probably is lying/-probably not without lying”, “unlikely not impossible”, “I’m different-”, “conforming-”. 

But what the girl is saying is along the line of “Caused the corpse to go up…?”

This part seems like the blackened, or just the students, are all blaming one guy for a murder, and the guy says he’s different (therefore it could be stated that this guy can be stereotyped as some sort of a killer, which is probably why he is an inmate. Think like Fuyuhiko, he is a yakuza, right? So maybe people’s impression of him is that he usually does this sort of crime, but we all know that Fuyuhiko is different from a normal yakuza.)

“No way, that’s…..!?” yes somebody fcking spilled pepto bismol on the floor gdi

“A world that ‘lies’ can change”

“Are you willing to use these ‘lies’?” hell yeah if that means i can choose who dies or not

And lastly, in the ending, it looks like we have 8 girls on the left side and then the 8 boys on the right (so that little guy must be male)…


“I wish to speak on behalf of the defendant.”


まふまふ@ハートの後味 ‏@uni_mafumafu

(  ’-’ )ノ)`-’ )むにっ

Mafumafu:  (  ’-’ )ノ)`-’ ) -squish-

まふまふ@ハートの後味 ‏@uni_mafumafu
言葉は単なる記号である。先ほどつぶやいたこの「(  ’-’ )ノ)`-’ )」という文字列は、大多数の人は「左の(  ’-’ )が右の(  ’-’ )をぐにっと押した」と解釈するであろうが、私はこの文字列に「明日も世界が平和であらんことを。」と願いを込めたのだ。ねむい。

Mafumafu: Words are merely symbols. To most people, the「(  ’-’ )ノ)`-’ )」I tweeted just then would be interpreted as if the「Left (  ’-’ ) was squishing the right ( ’-’ )」, but in my case, I have embedded my wish that   「May the world tomorrow be peaceful too」into that chain of symbols. I’m sleepy. 

そらる ‏@soraruru @uni_mafumafu むには

Soraru: What about the -squish- ?

Allegory of Painting (1764). Domenico Corvi (Italian, 1721-1803). Oil on canvas. Walters Art Museum.

This young woman with her palette and brushes is not seriously engaged in painting. Contemplating her reflection in a mirror held by a winged cupid, she is a personification of self-conscious beauty. A mask attached to her headdress with a golden chain symbolizes the potentially misleading view of reality that art can convey even when appearing to imitate nature.

Examples of white misandry in Mad Max: Fury Road ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • The WHITE men in the movie are all portrayed as evil. Sure, the women were sex slaves and I guess that’s kinda bad but at least they weren’t portrayed as evil.
  • For the first half hour, Max was chained to a car for no reason other than giving the screentime to Furiosa. Last time I checked this movie was called Mad MAX, not Overly-Emotional Furiosa. 
  • When Max was fighting Furiosa, the wives YANKED him by the chain, symbolizing the enslavement of the white male of non-colour.
  • Max was reduced to merely a stand for Furiosa’s rifle as she blinded ANOTHER white man.
  • Furiosa and the wives grabbing onto to Max as he dangled upside down helplessly by the war rig. As if he couldn’t do a sick manly macho black flip and pulled himself up.
  • Nux’s death. There were women dying too I guess but since the men were made out to be evil in this movie it’s only fair that they at least get to survive to the end. But nope.
  • The Many Mothers. How come there aren’t any Many Fathers?!?!
  • The women overthrowing the Citadel. It is fair to assume that they will kill all the men afterwards, ignoring that NOT ALL men are evil.