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1. Tell me about your Imaginary Friend(s)

I never had an imaginary friend as a child… i had a little sister to appropriately torment. As for now a days, I’ve the unusual trait of roleplaying my favorite characters (original or otherwise) when I’m by myself… so my imaginary friends are in my head, responding to every day situations with sarcasm and their own specific life experiences.

2. Who would win - The Matterhorn, or the Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef has sharks. Sharks win. 

3. Do you remember the first chapter book you read on your own?

It was likely a Boxcar Children book. I think it was the Library… but I can’t be sure. I liked it though, and I collected a hundred after that. 

4. In only two sentences, pitch me an idea for a TV show that’s fresh and inventive!

A sentient flame is born when a psychic perishes in a housefire. This extremely specific ghost must find a way to release himself from his prison while constantly burning fuel before it vanishes in a puff of smoke. 

5. What’s your middle name? (mine’s Danger)


6. What movie - or part of a movie - did you HATE as a kid?

I hated The Secret Garden. The scene where the mother abandons the child in the garden sent me behind he couch where I cried for an hour. I refused to ever watch it again.

7. Do you have any strange little rituals or quirks that you’ve never mentioned to anyone cause you’re barely aware of them yourself? (for instance, I mentally say “hi,” every time I pass a manhole, just so whatever sewer-dwelling mole-men my city might happen to have will know I care)

If I pay a video game long enough I have the embarrassing habit of picking up character movements, like repetitive arm gestures or pivoting in pace before I walk. (I also do barbie hands)

8. Ever hosted an event somewhere other than your house?

I’ve hosted at houses I’ve been sitting at, and I’ve assisted in hosting events for my church and local writers guild at various locations around the city… I wasn’t the one calling to make the reservations though… reservations suck. I’ve also “hosted” everybody-meet-at-kaldis-for-coffee-and-conversation parties… if by that you mean it was my idea because Kaldis…

9. You and a crack team of literary characters must travel through time repairing paradoxes until you’ve paid off your student loan ($12 an hour to start, but the pay goes up incrementally every year).  Which five characters did you recruit?

1, Master Chief (Halo) 2, Glottis (Grim Fandango) 3, Ray Tracer (ReBoot) 4, Urdnot Wrex (Mass Effect) 5, Sasha Nein (Psychonauts)

10. Did you notice there was no question 13?  Did you go back and check if there was a question 13??

No because I noticed this was question ten… and that meant you were foolin’ with me. :shrewd eyes:

11. Where is fancy bread?

In the head. Unless it’s Tuesday. Or we are in France (its in the heart always when one is in France)

~~~ my questions

1, Do you prefer to read books about characters your own age/race/gender/orientation/appearance/etc more than other protagonists?

2, Do you prefer playing games or watching them?

3, Have you ever seen a movie by yourself?

4, The last thing you laughed yourself to tears at.

5, Name five dog breeds off the top of your head

6, Name five cat breeds off the top of your head (a bit harder isn’t it?)

7, What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen catch fire?

8, Which is better? A robot who acts like a human or a human who acts like a robot?

9, What’s the rule of the road when accumulating snow covers the lane markers?

10, What would you guess to be the generic “ideal male” (Like, the male version of the objectified chick in bikinis and victoria’s secret commercials?)

11, Are socks really that important?