Invasive algae could help save corals
Invasive algae could help save corals Close your eyes and imagine having a neighbor who brings you cookies during the holidays. Now imagine that they also bring sparklers and chicken wings over during Independence Day. Unfortunately, they sometimes blare terrible music until 2 a.m. and call you late at night asking to “borrow” a couple…

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SKETCHY SUNDAY: Symbiodinium spp.

Corals have developed an important symbiotic relationship with photoautotrophic dinoflagellates, i.e. zooxanthellae, which live inside coral tissue for protection and inorganic nutrients. In return, the algae produce a photosynthate that provides the coral with energy to complete growth, reproduction, and calcification processes.

This is a drawing of an individual Symbiodinium, which populate a coral along the lines of hundreds of thousands per square centimeter.

Drawing by Stacy Peltier, 2013