daumpizoopie asked:

i was curious if there any giant monster cartoons that you knew of i already know about the king kong and Godzilla cartoons.

Like with kaijus? That’s a toughie. They’re all over Powerpuff girls. I think sym-bionic titan MIGHT have some too.

When a really good show gets cancelled because of a terrible time slot.

When really a good show gets cancelled because of poor merchandise sales.

When a really good show gets cancelled because they didn’t “hit their target audience”

When a really good show gets cancelled and a really shit show gets more seasons.

So speaks Genndy Tartakovsky, my animation idol and hero:

I hate realism.

In America especially, we’re very narrow-minded as far as animation goes. There is only one kind of movie, and that’s that big, family-oriented, four-quadrant, please-everyone kind of film. But if I wanted realism, I’d watch a live-action movie. Those lines are being blurred every day. When I go to see a movie, especially an animated movie, I’m going to escape. The more realistic it is, the less believable it is.


TW: unreality, derealisation

"Unreality is a blanket term that generally refers to things that are blatantly untrue but are presented as though they were fact, particularly when reality itself is questioned. … 

In people who experience depersonalization, derealization, and other similar mental states, this can cause severe anxiety, because it leads them to question whether what they perceive to be real is actually reality, whether they actually inhabit a physical body, or whether they even exist at all. [x]

Seen in the tropes: Your Mind Makes it Real, All Just a Dream, Or Was it a Dream?