Thank You my fellows!

Many thanks to Drew (gallerylefey), Angela (angelacollier), Esra (my-memory-palace), Sylvy (sylvyrocks), Kate (katerieke)Fernando (qbnscholar), Alejandro (amchphotography) and Juan (ravenoussouls), for their very kind comments and support about my photo Where it all began’!  Once again, another capture of something that has to do with the sea, which is probably connected with my deepest obsessions. I tried to give a oneiric nature to the image, so I chose to force the control of DoF, but the golden glow of the last rays of sun helped a lot, of course!

So, as always, thank you for your words, and for the appreciation shown in likes and reblogs!

Yours <3


My picture of the day:

Fading sunlight.

Finally the sun was out today after almost two weeks or incessant rain. So, I picked the camera and carried it with me in the car until my jaw dropped when I spotted this scene. I am now sharing my awe with you!

enzolopardopictures replied to your post: Suburban sunset’ - f10; 1/100s; …:

what a lovely color gradient in the sky!’

Many thanks, Enzo… That gradation was stunning, and I’m not sure if those colors were due to the existence of much airborne dust, pollution, or if there were other reasons, who knows! But I could not pass up that sunset!

severineide replied to your post: Suburban sunset’ - f10; 1/100s; …:

‘Those Colors !!!’

I loed those colors when I saw them, Séverine .. I think I would have been able to photograph anything that had them … :)!

sylvyrocks replied to your post: Suburban sunset’ - f10; 1/100s; …:

'Great colouring and silhouette, Juan! It seems like the third branch separates the two contrasting shades of colour’.

I have to admit, that is what it seems, Silvy :)! That branch is like a perfect axis in the composition of the picture … Thanks for your kind words!

sharonriddickgroppiphotography replied to your post: Suburban sunset’ - f10; 1/100s; …:

'Wow, what a stunning light!’

Absolutely beautiful and full of nuances, Sharon! The strange part is that only lasted a moment, all those colors and glows vanished without hardly giving time to think about how to make the photo (or so it seemed to me!). Many thanks for your kind words :)!

alittletasteofmint replied to your post: Suburban sunset’ - f10; 1/100s; …:

'Woww…beautiful colours here!’

They were captivating, Lina … And I was so absorbed by it when I shot that  -after I realized-  I didn’t care for the camera settings at all.

qbnscholar replied to your post: Suburban sunset’ - f10; 1/100s; …:

’ No se como lograste partir esta foto por el eje para causar ese dicotomía de los colores complementarios, pero bravo’.

Eso me pregunto yo, consortiviri. Fue algo completamente casual

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Many thanks! I’m glad you liked it. And thanks also for your kind reblog!

postigos replied to your post: Suburban sunset’ - f10; 1/100s; …:

'Maravillosa suavidad!’

Muchas gracias! La verdad es que me encantaron todos esos colores y sus matices. Pero lo curioso fue lo rápido que se desvaneció ese ambiente tan especial Apenas `pude disparar tres o cuatro veces y ya no estaba….!

My picture of the day:


Portrait subject: Eugi

Yesterday, I met Eugi and she took me to a lovely place called Zoo, a peculiar bar especially made for children. Despite the endless chats we had, we managed to finish eating our tasty bagels and cake. Food was followed by some joyful moments where our childish instincts took over. We couldn’t really help it in such an environment, really! 

Hope you all had a nice weekend! 

You’re the Captain of my dreams…

You are the Light that gently wakes me up,

brighter than the most beaming sunshine.

A self-portrait of my boyfriend and I on the Northern coast of Ireland in Portrush. Testing the new Manfrotto tripod’s steadiness in blowy conditions.