“Of the Dense and Rare” by poet Ada Smailbegović & artist Sylvia Hardy is a phenomenal poetic and photographic exploration of the qualities and quantities of matter: metaphor, fir-wood, gold, the images of things. This work is scientific and sensuous, wonderfully experimental and conjectural, and we’re very pleased to usher it into the world as the first project in Triple Canopy to use our new publishing system, Alongslide. 

Maine Giantess: I think the gender equality movement has gone about it the wrong way in their quest for fair recognition for women in the workplace. To break the glass ceiling, they didn’t need to educate against bias or unite for the cause. They just needed a taller woman. Like Sylvia Hardy, the Maine Giantess. This eight-foot-tall woman would’ve broken any ceiling, glass, plaster, or (shudder) mirrored…Read more.