sylvia wander


You’ve unearthed my deep weeby love of designing fan children. So here’s Cornealius (Get it?) Iris (GET IT?? EH??) And Lil. (To keep up with Syl’s moms name streak) It seems Syl’s family has a history of triplets.And though it might not look it, they are!

Cornealius is very smart, logical and uninterested. And doesn’t seem to have any interest in his mothers life of adventure or his father’s evil one. He seems most content to be alone with a good book and ignoring the world around him. He has a great relationship with Lil, whos the only one content to sit with him in silence. 

Iris is a self proclaimed number one Lord Dominator fan (The Galaxys most successful female super villain!) And despite her sweet nature and adorable looks, is ready to follow in her father footsteps. (Or if she got her way, take Hater’s place) She has her mothers strength and speed, and her father’s smarts. She’ll be a force to be reckoned with in a few years, but until then she’s content as a Commander in training.

Lil is a very calm, happy go lucky kid. She doesn’t have a lot of strong opinions, talents or strength. But seems to have a calm nature that makes people enjoy her company and truly enjoys life in a zen sort of way. She follows her Uncle’s lead and enjoys helping others, if with less of an intensity. She mostly enjoys spending time with her family and takes a lot of joy out of watching them be happy.

My favorite ships in the Wander Over Yonder are Black Eye (Peepers x Sylvia) and Skeleton Dance (Wander x Hater). These pairings bring me a lot of joy and happiness, their chemistry and interactions amuse and inspire me so much. Also, that’s rare and pleasant case when my two OTPs support each other making the perfect space family! <3 And, of course, I want to see them developing their relationships in the 3 season! @disneyxd @savewoy

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