sylvia quinn

June Update!

We’re on the far side of Independence Day in the US, and thus overdue with a roundup of what our team accomplished in June. Here are some highlights!


Sylvia’s potions shop is where players will spend most of their in-game time, so each individual piece of the shop is getting more attention than an Ikea assembly project. And, since the shop is also Sylvia’s home, we’re taking care to make the space feel truly lived in.

Sylvia’s favorite chair certainly looks as if it’s seen some use …

 The chair also functions as Sylvia’s bed, where she dreams each night of the day’s progress … and, presumably, where she awakens each morning with a major crick in the neck!

Here’s a full shot of the shop-in-progress, with the chair integrated and taking its rightful place behind the register.


Sylvia’s chair is meant to look rough around the edges, but other elements of the shop can be improved as you accrue influence and, of course, $$$money$$$.

Last month, we showed off the wooden starter cauldron and the level two ceramic cauldron. This month we debuted the sculpt for the high-end steel version, which unlocks new options for crafting and significantly improves your output. This thing means (better) business!

And here’s the 3D design for a fully upgraded shelving unit. Displays are a crucial part of the game’s shop-keeping strategy, so better, larger, sturdier shelving is a smart investment.


Loading screens. Like it or not, we all spend time with them. Might as well make them look good!

We sketched up several options for loading screen animations and put the final choice to a vote. The winning choice shows Sylvia hard at work, stirring her cauldron on an endless loop. (Which is probably what she sees whenever she closes her eyes.) Here’s the sketch version:

Several of the options went over well, though, so we may ultimately include more than one!


While we’ve devoted a lot of time to getting Sylvia ready for the spotlight, it wasn’t until this month that we finalized her textures. Now our intrepid entrepreneur is truly ready for business.


With Quinn and Sylvia now both in great shape, we’re turning our attention to another key member of our cast: Owl. You can expect to see a lot more of this guy in the month ahead. And doesn’t he look thrilled about it??

More updates are posted right here every day, so keep an eye out for all the latest. Here’s to another magically productive month!