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11, 14, 38

11:   Talk about the best dream you’ve ever had.

It was about three years ago, in October.  I dreamed about Tom Hiddleston and kittens.  I am not kidding.  It was perfection.  Dreams do not get better than that.

14:   Talk about a vacation.

I went to Kennedy Space Center with my mom and my brother.  Seeing a Saturn V rocket in person was one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had.

38:   Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.

This one is hard.  When I hear a song, it will come to mind, but it’s difficult to just think of them without prompting.  That said, Hey Jude by the Beatles reminds me of my mom and Love is Strange by Mickey & Sylvia reminds me of my dad.

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I'm very much liked the ending of season 2. But I'm haunted by some questions, please no spoilers. If you'd did get a season 3 for the show. Will you plan to introduce new characters, apart from those, who already appeared in season 2 or to remove someone from a main or minor? What inspired the creation of the character Dominator? And what is the probability that she will appear in season 3?

Aw, hey thanks!  I did too!

1) We had planned, at the very least, three new mains for Season 3 and a couple new regulars.  And there was a surprising status quo change for Barry the Watchdog.

2) The idea was always that she’d be a REAL, competent villain, almost like an anime villain, that would invade our stupid cartoon show.  Like if Michael Bay was making the gritty Wander Over Yonder reboot in 30 years.  In terms of personality, we wanted her to challenge all our mains, so we decided she was more evil than Hater, more excitable than Wander, tougher than Sylvia, and smarter than Peepers.  We talked briefly about introducing a number two to  play off of her, but we realized that if she was really better than all our mains, she wouldn’t actually need anybody else.  And that’s when we realized her character flaw.  The person who says they don’t need anyone really needs people the most.  We just had to strip her of all that.

3) If it did come back, she’d be in it.  In fact the first shot we talked about picks up with her directly after the season 2 finale.

Sometimes the people you trust the most will hurt you; it will sting so much more because they are the ones who know how to do so best. Don’t lash back — you’re better than that. Years later, when the anger and pain have passed, you won’t be the one who has this on your conscience and that’s the best revenge you can exact.
—  Sylvia

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I adored your post on love in SVTFOE, esp your idea that Jackie is objectified, not in the obvious sexualized sense but in a deeper structural one, with traits written in to appeal 2 Marco. IMHO that is how WoY's Dominator is badly introduced, with her 'sexy girl counterpart' design+traits designed to appeal to the guy who liked her. Only diff is Dom rose above the low bar of satellite love interest by simply not reciprocating. Until after MFH, she was just the girl Hater pined for from afar.

That difference actually seems to be a bit more than just a minor one. Although Lord Dominator is definitely a sexualized in a G-rated sorta way (which is perfectly fine), I don’t think “objectifyed” is the right word, at least to the audience. She’s always been presented as somewhat interesting, at least based on what I’ve seen.

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In my own opinion (which people can totally dispute if they want to), Dominator was at her most “boring” when she was a silent antagonist with huge de-sexed armor. During that stage of her character development, her role was pretty much just “bigger bad”… a characters who’s only real role was to provoke character development in the show’s four leads.

That said, even then she was still a legitamately cool in a Darth Vader/ Sauron/ Voldemort kind of way. The mysterious villain in the distance is still interesting, even if it has been played out on multiple occasions.

After they revealed her true personality, the character actually kept building. Although she’s initially presented as a foil to Lord Hater, her absolute love for all the terror she causes actually puts her at odds with Wander. Both characters are energetic happy-go-lucky wild cards, but Dominator differs from Wander in that she takes joy in the misery of others. (Theres also the fact that her general body shape kind of resembles a feminized version of Wander’s own, possibly implying a shared species, but thats all speculation)

And she grows further even after that. As it turns out, she’s actually a very lonely character. As it turns out, being better than everybody else is kind of boring unless you have other people to share it with. One episode even casts Sylvia as a potential new friend for her. The two certainly have a lot in common. That said, Sylvia apparently isn’t enough to turn Dominator to the side of good.

Theres a bit of tragedy to the character as well. She genuinely doesn’t know how to make friends. She’s socially stunted to an extreme, and this fact alone gives her a lot of potential for character growth. If only we had another season.

Not to mention, on the most superficial level, she’s still very fun to watch. She’s just as funny as the main four and is more than capable of moving a plot forward for herself.

The only real aspect of “objectifying” in her case comes in universe. I suppose that, like Marco to Jackie, Hater put Dominator on a pedestal, and that Dominator was a bit of a prize to him in his own mind, but this kind of Male Fantasy is played out as an actual Male Fantasy. No truth to it whatsoever.

I guess in short, Dominator is actually a well rounded character. There is a definite sexual aspect, yes, but sexualization does not equal objectification, and objectification can come without the character being particularly sexual, as is the case with Jackie.

Some people might take issue with this, I know. Craig McCracken is a male creator after all, and some people will argue that any kind of sexualization made by a guy and placed on a fictional woman is inherently sexist, but the reality is that sexuality is a thing. Its not non-existant, nor is it particular ever-present. Some people in real life like showing it off, and other people don’t care for it one bit. WOY gives us both a heavily sexualized character in Lord Dominator and a heavily de-sexualized character in both Sylvia and Wander. All in all things seem to check out. 

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I could go into Male Gaze territory here, (which is a genuine issue, not only for this show, but for basically every form of media ever), but I don’t have the energy for that, and this answer has taken long enough. Maybe I’ll look at that aspect in a later post.