#SaveWOY News: Disney XD's Renewals Ahead of Upfront (No Word on Wander)

If you are fans of Milo Murphy’s Law or Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, Disney XD just renewed them for another season. Also, not bashing both shows, I think they are good in their own merits. It’s just on Disney’s business in handling shows in their new plans.

Milo is not surprising since it’s at the 2 Season standard and has yet to build up its support like P&F.

Star Vs. however, I’m very surprised that it got another Season, Season 4. That’s unexpected.

I’ve seen its recent ratings that were at the same range as Wander’s and The 7D (though slightly higher than Wander, 500k-600k, with Feb premieres at 100k-300k). However, I thought of a reason to why it’s this case.

Star Vs. had some recent premieres in the morning from the Summer and have multiple reruns throughout the day. And also with the early release at Midnight before its premiere, the online views added up the revenues (covered for all S2 episodes). Which same has set for regular night premieres. In that, despite S2 ratings not as high as S1, it still got a S4 order. Plus it would get more than 80 episodes (more than 40 half hours) produced.

By that logic, Wander Over Yonder would’ve gotten a Season 3 even by those range of ratings at SVTFOE S2 levels. My guess is that WOY didn’t have the early release premieres on the Watch App or Online until after My Fair Hatey (more than halfway through S2). And they S1 had TV only premieres with those numbers that didn’t meet the sales forecast.

Probably bad timing when Disney was trying to figure out some way to take advantage of online viewers when TV ratings were declining and streaming views are going up. And Wander being released before the plan wound up being cancelled as according to plan to save money after Season 2.

Timing is very tricky when you want a show to succeed. Star Vs. got very lucky to get another one because of the new platform established despite the declining numbers and rising online revenue amongst TV ratings and reruns. This is something Gravity Falls would’ve have if Alex were to accept a Season 3 offer.

Wander Over Yonder came before the new platform of early online views, multiple TV premieres throughout the day, and better promotions no matter how low or high the ratings are (but would be more impressed if they start out strong).


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