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ScreenRelish - Matt Smith Reads a Seventh Doctor Line! - Fan Expo 2014

Full write-up and video clips - Matt Smith talks about his favorite Doctor of them all, how he approached his Doctor, and what was behind ‘Door # 11’ in THE GOD COMPLEX…

So my sister comes in and says “we now tell time in doctors" and I was like “like hey, it’s Christopher Eccelston o’clock? No one knows all the doctors names….“
And she says “like it’s ten till Sylvester McCoy”
And I thought she was just throwing that out there and then I realized it was actually 6:50.


The Seventh Doctor Defends the Pandorica

Sylvester McCoy did a reading for this during DragonCon 2011 and a fan edited the audio. And now its just like listening to a Big Finish Audio! And to my mind now Eleventy is most like Seven! 

I don’t think Ten could pull off this speech, Nine might (I. AM. TALKING!) but I think this speech fits Eleventy and Seven most. I would love for Eleventy and Seven to meet!


Does age matter to a Time Lord?