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Hi I don't mean to be a bother but I really like your art style. I've been trying to do something like that for a while now and it just hasn't been coming together. Do you have any advice/tips? :)

drhghdfgv no you’re definitely not a bother. In fact I am honored you like my style ;v; In yo face, concept art teacher!

I’m not sure how much advice or tips I can give you since I mostly just derp around until the results are somewhat satisfactory.

Lessee, first things first; most of my style is built up of circles, ovals, curves, generally round shapes I noticed. Generic as it may sound, circles are your best guides here. I tend to draw characters with a large round head, round eyes, nose and ears, and smaller torso, short arms and legs and overal tiny and simplified hands and feet. Heck Ace only has four fingers on each hand to make it easier and quicker for me to draw her gestures, and keep enough detail to see what she’s doing.

When drawing digitally I favor a program called MyPaint, which is free to download and use, and makes it easy to freely draw and ‘paint’ with all kinds of different brushes, no boundaries. (that is until your image becomes too large for your computer to handle. But the program itself doesn’t set boundaries)

I usually first make a light red pencil layer for the quick sketch lines and guide lines, or when I draw multiple characters I give each character their own color to avoid confusion. (My standard is red simply because it’s the first color on the colour triangle.) This helps me determine poses.
Keeping the lines light and a different (bright) color than your inked line art really saves you a lot of confusion once you start inking.

Once the sketch is done I add some details and open a new layer for the inking. MyPaint has some great inking tools and is specifically made for tablets with pen pressure, so you can get really nice lines. Once I have the lines set I add a few more details here and there (Not too much, keep it simple!), some flat colors to emphasize things, i.e. Ace’s rosy cheeks, nose and ears, and then it’s done. With simple characters you want to avoid trying to add too much detail.

Here’s a sample of what I mean:

Usually I don’t use that many guidelines as I’m used to drawing Ace by now, but to show what I mean I colored the guidelines blue (and some green to show general shapes) and red for the lines I will later trace with inking tool.

And these are the tools I most use in MyPaint to create the effects you see in my art

For the rest it’s just practice practice practice.
Even now I keep testing out ideas and features to see what I like best in my art and what I feel comfortable with.
Heck Ace didn’t always look this dashing *cough*

She changed quite a bit from how she used to be.
Here’s art of her I made last year

Quite a difference, no? Try to experiment and figure out your preferences c:

Okay I hope that helps a little bit. Like I said, I’m not good at giving tips and advice as I’m a massive derp and still have a lot to learn myself.

Alright if you’re still awake after all this blarghing, here’s a cookie