ok so after listening to the entire work twice i could write an essay about why “sophomore ep” by museum coffee is amazing but for the sake of brevity i will just list a few particularly notable aspects of this ep that i love

* how soft and melodic “sorrow of the sea” is and how i could probably listen to if forever

* the vocal layering at the beginning of “rhapsody for a field of daffodils” (and the rest of the album) and how it literally conveys the mental image of. a field of daffodils

* the instrumental masterpiece that is “(soft)” bc it’s hard to write good emotional music without lyrics

* the amount of emotion conveyed through simply a sentence and instruments in “in which sylven astral projects into a plane of nothingness and therefore ceases to exist (but don’t worry, he’ll be back for dinner)”. also let’s take a moment to appreciate that title

* SO MANY THINGS ABOUT “THE BALLAD OF SYLVEN AND R (I FORGIVE YOU)” OH MY GOD… like first of all the lyrics are relatable even if you’ve never really been in the situation the song is describing…. also the tempo changes are so well-done and honestly Iconic!! additionally. there’s dialogue incorporated in more than one song on this ep but i wanted to mention it here because it’s particularly well-done in this song

* “sophomore” is just such a good conclusion to the album and really provides better closure (if that wording makes sense) than a lot of final tracks do for other albums.. it just embodies the theme of the whole body of work so well

in conclusion, if you love soft lo-fi shoegaze music (and even if you don’t) please listen to and (if you can!) buy “sophomore ep” by museum coffee aka @willtostitos because you won’t regret it