sylvan scrying

alltherandomnessicanfind  asked:

Hi. I was wondering if you could build an Experiment Kraj deck. Your decklists are some of the most informative I've found on my various scourings of the internet. Thank you regardless. And I love your blog. :)

I was about to link you to a Kraj list from my deck archive when I discovered that I’ve never actually done a Kraj list. Color me surprised.

The goal of an Experiment Kraj deck is to get two synergistic activated abilities onto Kraj at the same time, usually an ability that generates mana and an ability that requires mana to untap Kraj. Once you have those two together, you’ll have access to infinite mana and a bunch of infinite/infinite creatures (from using Kraj’s counter ability over and over). At that point, it shouldn’t be hard to win.

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My favorite magic joke is asking if/declaring someone is playing a deck that they clearly aren’t or couldn’t be playing
i.e. Someone plays dark steel citadel turn one in commander “he’s playing affinity I know it”
Plays sylvan scrying in draft “oh god not tron I don’t have sideboard for that”