sylva the mienshao

(( //whispers I ended up doing the thing anyway )).

(( O-oh my goodness


th-this is beautiful ;u; everyone marvel at this lovely piece, Sylva really works that Mismagius motif! Fff dat lace and jewellery and the flowers and GAH–

Air you fantastic artist I would hug you so tight right now, THANK YOU! ))

Aaand here we go, another Get Fluffy done now.

This time it’s R.O.S.E and Sylva. I must say I’ve become quite fond of Zangoose as of late, and drawing R.O.S.E was quite a treat. :’D Hope she looks alright to you, dude. And yeah they’re just reading a story together rather than it being illustrated… I dunno what sort of story Sylva would like to read anyway OTL;

And hoo okay… with three left to do, I’m gonna head out for the night. Goodnight, you lovable jerks people!