The Mind Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles

 Keywords: Rational Decisions, Reason, Logical, Thoughts, Unbiased and Impersonal, Apathetic, Indifference, Blending In, Equal Weight on Every Possibility

Symbols: Disguises/Glasses, Brains, “Outer Self” Your False Pretenses

Mind is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Its Opposite is the Aspect Heart. When I think of Mind, I think of the Outer Mask that covers every person when they hide who they really are. Your Mind is the different Roles you play in different situations in order to Blend into the Crowd. It is the Reasonable Decision to be Logical about something, no matter what else happens. Mind is Rational, since it is driven by pure Thought. Mind is Impersonal, It’s Apathetic and it’s Indifferent in all things. It’s Hiding who you are, being totally Unbiased in order to Blend in. Mind may not always stand strongly behind all of its decisions, humming and hawwing and changing its Mind, but they are always able to justify their end decisions. Mind will always give equal weight to every possible choice or possibility, but will not give any special favor to any single outcome, whether ‘morally right or wrong’ or not.

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galyaxy  asked:

Hi there!! I was wondering if you would like to do a classpect analysis of the Sylph of Mind? Please and thank you! (:

The Sylph of Mind

A Sylph heals their aspect or heals with their aspect

Mind is the aspect of thought, decisions, and consequences

A Sylph of Mind would often be the voice of reason in their group, ready to plan ahead and think of consequences rather than enjoy the moment. They may sometimes be a wet blanket, but they mean well; they just don’t want anyone to get hurt, especially not their friends. They may over-analyze their and others’ actions, leading them to spend hours thinking over how one comment can change everything. This may overwhelm them at times, but they’d channel it into helping others. Be it through assisting in creating plans, helping people accept the consequences of their actions, or making people more patient and thoughtful, a Sylph of Mind can use their talent with their aspect to heal their friends.

Plus, their outfit is absolutely stunning!

Personality-wise, I’m kind of simple, but complex at the same time. I’m kind, thoughtful, warm, affectionate, bubbly, curious, empathetic, nerdy, academic, and enthusiastic about life. I do my best to be there for my friends and family when they need me, and I’ll often extend the same courtesy for associates or even strangers. I know what it’s like to feel like you have no one to talk to, so I try to lend them an ear when they need it.This has led to me becoming an admin for a Facebook page where people can come and vent about issues they’re having. I like to keep things nice and simple. I’m more than happy just to go out and hang with friends, dance, curl up with a good book, listen to music, watch t.v. or anime, and eat sweets. Any one of those would be a perfect day for me. Despite enjoying the simple things, I do also like to be busy. I like to know that I’m contributing to something beyond just myself. In high school, that led to me joining a lot of clubs and throwing my all into school. I love to talk to people and get to know their inner thoughts and feelings. I find people fascinating and the way they process things to be some of the most intriguing things you can learn. That’s likely where my love for things like languages, the arts, psychology, philosophy, astrology and spirituality come from.

At the same time, I’m also lazy, introverted, neurotic, snarky, overemotional, irritable, sarcastic, anxious, a bit bossy, and sometimes a know-it all. I will snap at people and yell when I get frustrated, hate for people to get in my space without my permission, don’t like for people to mess with my things, don’t enjoy crowds, and I’m not always open about things. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and insomnia, and since I know what a burden it can be, I tend to keep things to myself until I’m at my breaking point. I allow people to vent to me as much as they want, but I find it difficult to do the same in return, which can make life hard to deal with at times. Not to mention, as a result of my past, I have issues trusting people with my truer aspects, so I put on a facade to keep most at a distance. I can also be cocky when it comes to things I know I have some level of talent with, sometimes ignoring people when they try and advise me of a better way to do things because I feel like I know best. I do try my best to later apologize once I’ve come to understand that I wasn’t being belittled or underestimated, but just being told something so I wouldn’t make a mistake. While I can be cocky, I actually tend to be my biggest critic. If people praise me, I will often brush it off or not know how to deal with it. I’ve had a skewed sense of self-esteem since I was young, which still fluctuates nowadays. As much as I enjoy doing things, I’m a massive procrastinator and will often start things right before they’re due, causing me stress and putting a strain on me when I’m already tired or down from my mental disorders. When it comes to emotions, I can be rather reactive. Negative emotions are the worst for this, as anger and sadness tend to completely take the energy out of me, leaving me without the desire to do a thing. Thus, I try to avoid those emotions or things tied to them, such as yelling and crying. The latter can be dangerous if I have a depressive episode, since not properly expressing and venting my emotions can worsen it.

I often get lost in thought, my mind getting caught up in things like current events, the future, how to improve the world, or analyzing things. I like to break ideas down in order to synthesize something new, which is part of the reason I enjoy things like literature and science. I also try to investigate the past to learn how things came to be and what not to do when it comes to tackling problems. I’m very much a person who believes that looking at history teaches you a lot, but I also believe that it’s best not to get caught up in romanticizing the past, otherwise you’ll end up trying to repeat the same mistakes or get lost in a happy ideal that never existed. Besides that, I try to ruminate on the other choices that could have been made to avoid or resolve a major issue and the effects that would have on present day. From there, I can end up extrapolating where we are now and the choices we need to make in order to fix our current issues. I prefer to look at things from different points of view, which can lead me to research other people’s opinions on what’s going on around the world so I can have the whole picture. That way, I can figure out what the best method would be for going to resolve problems. For these reasons, I’m rather fond of things like debates or playing Devil’s advocate. I like to try and push people to expand their minds about things since I believe that will help us all be a little more creative and thoughtful.

I tend to value kindness, justice, fairness, reciprocity, and doing the right thing. I believe in the concept of karma, that everything you will come back on you. I find that it’s better to be accepting of people instead of rejecting them because of differences. Those types of things promote unity and peace with others. I do think it’s fine to fight for the right thing, but I don’t approve of lashing out because you feel someone has done you some minor personal harm. I have been bullied, hurt, lied to, mistreated, and abused, but I never felt I had the right to try and take that pain out on another person. It’s not fair to others and it’s not the type of person I am. I’m not unfeeling, vengeful, or cold-hearted. Trying to be those things is out of touch with who I am. At the same time, I try not to let emotion run things. I’m very emotional and I’ve been known to have outbursts because of that. Namely, that happens when I feel like some great moral injustice has been done, like passionately arguing against the dropping of the atomic bombs when given that as a subject of debate in class. Over the years, however, I’ve come to start tempering my strong empathy and feelings by thinking about the rational thing to do. For example, with all the emotionally-charged politics going on currently in regards to terrorism and fear of being attacked, I make sure not to let these attacks make me so paranoid I begin to accept people having their rights taken away or characterizing an entire group by the actions of a minority. I listen to all sides and make my decisions from the facts of the matter rather than appeals to my emotion or sense of national loyalty. I believe all humans are equal and deserve equal rights under the law and I refuse to allow that position to change because of panic and assumptions about others.

When it comes to hobbies, they have a far range. I adore anything to do with music and can sing and dance. Music has often helped me through times where I felt like I was going to give up and fall into the darkness. I also have an affinity for mythology and folklore, learning about creatures like vampires, werewolves, ghosts, wendigos, and various gods and goddesses. Besides that, crime, mystery, and horror have drawn me since I can remember. At a young age, I was reading scary stories, watching horror movies, reading Clue, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, and Sherlock Holmes; enjoying shows like Case Closed, America’s Most Wanted, and Goosebumps; and learning about famous serial killers. That love lingers to this day, what with my enjoying Criminal Minds, House, Bones, Rizzoli & Isles, ID Channel, exploring the criminal justice system, and currently on the path to becoming a forensic psychologist. Dark and misunderstood things are things I have an affinity for, likely due to them dealing with the unexplored and bringing out the deepest aspects of a person. I’m a nyctophile and I’m typically most active at night. I find some comfort in the moon and the stars than in the brighter day. I love cartoons, documentaries, astronomy, deductive reasoning, Disney, technology, writing, learning about medicine, trivia, and how to improve myself.

I’ll finish off by giving out this: I’m a Libra Sun, Leo Moon, and Pisces Ascendant. My Myer-Briggs is INFJ/INFP (it flips depending on the test).

Hey! :D Sorry for the delay, I was kinda busy… And sorry if this sounds boring, but I’ll have to agree. You do indeed sound like a Sylph of Mind. I admit that at first I thought you sounded more like a Hero of Light though, because of all the emphasis you seemed to put on you being overly emotional and the such (which is not a very Mind thing), and because of the humungously huge variety of interests that you have (which is a very Light thing). It was thus that I spent a whole day writing about why I thought you would make a better Hero of Light, but then when I went to re-read your description to quote a few things, I realized that you were actually right and were, in fact, a Hero of Mind. …Aaaaand I kind of rage deleted like 5 paragraphs of writing that are now never coming back. It went something like this:

Me reading this for the first time: Mind? Lmao more like Light. Imma write this shit right away so I don’t procrastinate and can post it on time.

Me after finishing writing: Alright, that seems about right. Now lemme re-read the thing to quote a few things and I’ll just post it…

Me: *re-reads the thing*





Please, a row of applause for Knight of Heart me for thinking it was a good idea to read the thing at 3am and then write the day after without double checking; you go, girl. So yeah, I apologize in advance because this is gonna be a little shorter than originally planned; sorry :( Anyway, I’ll do my best to try to explain why exactly I agree.

Regarding the Class, I had absolutely zero complaints; it seemed obvious to me since the very beginning. And while the overall thing might also have given a teeny tiny bit of a Seer or Mage vibe, I think the first and fourth paragraphs were simply too Sylph-ey to be ignored. In them you clearly express that you give a lot of importance to keeping harmony and peace and being helpful to others, and this emphasis you put on being kind, polite, fair, useful, understanding, and such towards others + the fact that you have such varied interests and are so enterprising would pretty much sell you as a Sylph to anyone with half a brain, in my opinion. Plus, you’re a Libra, the balance-keeper; a perfect fit.

It was the Aspect that I was uncertain about at first, because you have just SO many Light tendencies. You’re curious, have a wide variety of intellectual interests such as languages or philosophy, said you could sometimes be a know-it-all and brush off people who were trying to advise you, etc. And the second and last paragraphs are just… So Light. You see, Mind is related to knowledge and information in a way too, but the nature of said relation is much more subtle than the one Light has, and you have just so many different interests that are not necessarily logic-related that I still think if you had told me you were a Sylph of Light instead of a Sylph of Mind I would have totally bought it without a second thought. More so, in the second paragraph you also put a lot of emphasis in saying that you’re a very volatile and emotional person (overemotional is the exact word you use), and while Heroes of Mind can obviously be emotional too, emotionality is not something that would make me think of Mind while Classpecting a person. It wasn’t really until the third paragraph that I thought “no, yeah, she’s definitely Mind”. At first it began sounding very Light-ey, and I was starting to regret having deleted the 5 paragraphs I had already written, but then when you start talking about choices and how you like to analyze the different decisions that could have been made in the past and how they would have lead to different routes and consequences, I just couldn’t help but agree with you, because that was the most Mind thing I’d ever read. And thankfully that washed away my regret for having deleted the 5 paragraphs, so I gotta thank you for that. You could say that it… Healed my Mind *wink* 😉 Anyway, it was the fourth paragraph, and specifically this line, that convinced me that you were right: “Over the years, however, I’ve come to start tempering my strong empathy and feelings by thinking about the rational thing to do.”. THAT! That right there is what Mind is about! Choices, rational choices, choices that might sometimes go against what you personally would like to do. You are naturally emotional, introverted, and sensitive, but you make the conscious decision of going against that in favor of logic and reason, of tempering your Heart in favor of your Mind. That’s exactly what a healthy Sylph of Mind would do, because when a Sylph heals with her Aspect it puts and end to the Aspect Dichotomy, and it “tints” her Aspect with a glimpse of its Opposite. A Sylph of Mind like you would give Mind a glimpse of the sensitivity of Heart, just like how in the Sylph of Void post the last line of the little story was “You’d never seen things so clearly in your life”, because by healing through Void a Sylph of Void would give Void a glimpse of the clarity of Light.

Long story short, at the end I just decided that your Light tendencies were a mere side-effect of you being one of those Sylphs that falls in the more “erudite” end of the spectrum (as Sylphs are very meticulous and some of them can be quite wise) and your sensitivity a side-effect of you healing through Mind (or maybe you’re just like me and suffer the Heart-Mind Dichotomy; either thing could do). So yeah, I do indeed agree with you. Sorry if this wasn’t as enriching as you expected, it’s just that you did a great job at Classpecting yourself! :D Y’know, you’d be pretty good at this, with your analytical nature and all. Oh oh oh! And thank you very much for letting me post this! It’s of much help, really ^^ I hope this somehow helped you too, and again sorry for the wait. I’m just so darn slow!!! >.<</p>

Sylph of Mind

The Sylph of Mind. One who heals minds, logic, and critical thought using logic and the mind.

They are the ultimate psychiatrist.

Sylph- heal their aspect and heal with it. They bring their aspect to where there is little of it, sowing the seeds for their aspect to grow.

Mind- major concepts of logic, reason, intellect, and the mind. Minor themes of thoughts, memories, and perception.


Cognition cure

The Sylph of Mind heals thoughts and the mind. The Sylph of Mind could therefore heal people from a cloudy perception or intrusive thoughts and could give them clarity. The Sylph would be able to bring others into the right state of mind. They could also cure brainwashing.

As they become more skilled they could heal broken trains of thought in their allies and even enemies, making them reconsider their actions. This would give the Sylph a chance to persuade them towards helping them in a mutually beneficial way. They would be gifted with hyper-persuasion and able to convince people what is logical and reasonable, effectively persuading them to do nearly anything within reason, unless it conflicts with their beliefs.

At later levels they could enter a person’s mind, healing what doesn’t fit quite right and fixing any gaps in knowledge or broken and scattered thoughts.

A fully realized Sylph could even cure insanity and mental disorders.


As the Sylph learns to bring Mind to others, they’re ability to bring knowledge and comprehension would grow. They could heal their allies lack of intelligence and understanding, giving them temporarily increased intelligence, clearer thoughts, and a better control over logic and reason. This would be useful when conducting plans, alchemizing, or during critical moments of their quests.

Alternatively, the Sylph could use this on their enemies, opening up their minds so that they become hesitant and completely wreck their thought process. Their enemies would find hundreds or thousands of alternatives, stagnating their action and losing themselves in thought.

A fully realized Sylph would be able to temporarily turn their allies into scholars and masters of intelligence, letting them make well educated decisions and use their vast knowledge to the best of their advantage.

They could also turn their enemies into helpless fools by giving them too many choices and intrusive thoughts. They could confuse an opponent to the point of borderline mental manipulation, just so they can get rid of the alternatives

Memory mend

The Sylph of Mind heals memory and heals with memory. They could heal people by having them remember better times, times when things were not stressful and when they were relaxed. From there the Sylph could enter their memories and heal any broken parts, restoring what they once knew.

If their ally learned a skill in the past but forgot it over time, the Sylph would be able to bring it back out of the person, giving them mastery over skills they haven’t even thought about in years.

They could also bring back things they only have fleeting memory of, like random information they learned but didn’t keep. They could remember every element they learned in 6th grade or how to diffuse a bomb from the long lost memory of a video they watched 5 years ago.

A fully realized Sylph of Mind could even write over bad memories, effectively healing it. Their rewrite could be undone should the person think too deeply on the memory.


Listen to reason- people usually agree with your logic, making persuasion attempts much easier and eliminating (insanity, confusion)

Eidetic memory- you have a perfect memory

Educator- people will remember anything you teach or tell them

Potential lands

The Land of Lightbulbs and Innovation

anonymous asked:

Would you analyze a Sylph of Mind?

I SHALL. Sorry, really excited about this. 

Sylph - One who heals their aspect, or through their aspect. Who would sow the seeds of their aspect in places it is not. I’m thinking this class is close to being a gardener, planting and whatnot. 

Mind - The aspect of Mind, logic and thought. Associated with intellect, memory, and reasoning. 

I’d say therapist, but that’s more Heart than Mind directed. Psychiatrist, that’s it! Mental disorders would be no more. 

They’re actually really terrifying when against you. If they truly wanted to they could ‘heal’ any ‘distracting’ thoughts, like rebelling against the Sylph or something. You would be a ‘Mind’ zombie, of sorts. 

But they could use these types of powers for you of course! They could make the Black King think whatever they wanted. But only if they’re powerful enough, that is. The Black King might not ‘want’ to attack Prospit or Skaia, whichever one the Dersites were meant to attack, I forget. 

Anything you’ve forgotten could have been at the hands of the Sylph of Mind. Kind of terrifying, really. I’m thinking the Silence from Doctor Who when I think about that. 

But the Sylph is a healer, first and foremost. It would go against their title to make people Mind zombies. I think. They would take an a more healer sort of role because that’s what most Sylphs see their class. They’d help those who help them, really. I’m assuming friends, if that’s alright. 

Mental disorders are a thing of the past, the Sylph would heal this. It’s kind of their job. 

Memories! If you are forgetful, short term memory loss, long term memory loss, or amnesia, any disorders that affect your memory in any way, shape, or form, the Sylph can help. They can go into your head and ‘fix’ what isn’t right, or broken. Fragments are put back together and you can ‘think’ clearly again. It’s the Sylph who did that. Say you’re welcome. 

They could help others’ find the Logic in their plans, or the Broken Logic. Could be either, really. They’d be great, not really as a strategist, but at making plans foolproof, and convincing others with Logic and Reasoning, why they should go with it. 

Sylphs are healers, please remember that. But healing can be all sorts of things. I’d be kind of terrified to go against them and their teammates. Black King, look out. 

I hope this helped! My analysis (plural) tend to be more power-based and on their general role in the session. I think, I wouldn’t know. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you do an analysis for a Sylph of Mind?

Another Sylph analysis, of course!

The Sylph of Mind is one who invites the creation of Mind or invites creation through Mind.

To begin, a discussion of the aspect of a classpect is most important in determining how a title will act and why. The aspect of this Sylph is Mind. Mind is the aspect of rationale. Mind is complete and unbiased consideration of all options. It is all about thoroughly thinking through every situation. Apathetic contemplation leads to the choice that is always just, regardless of the morality. It is the cool fronts that we present to the world, those layers and personas that mask one’s true self. Its opposite is Heart, the individual’s soul.

The class of this Hero of Mind is the Sylph! Sylphs are the passive half of the creation duo, inviting the creation of said aspect. Their opposite is the Prince who destroys said aspect. Sylphs are very dedicated to their aspect. As such, they are very motivated to fix and meddle with someone until they have fixed or created the aspect in someone, if it is not to their standards. Sylphs need to learn to take their opinions on their aspect and put them into action.


A Sylph of Mind would likely have a plethora of opinions on the mind of Mind. These opinions form from their love for the Mind. They probably have a habit of studying law and justice, psychology and the psyche, how a human works and the forces that compel them, the choices and decisions that one makes and their consequences. This research prompts them to have many ideas on the Mind. They have a construction of what it means to be logical and impartial and how people operate. In any situation, they carefully weigh what each choice entails and have lengthy debate over it. Anyone who asks them why they choose something launches them into a hefty and detailed explanation of why they did, displaying absolutely stunning rationale.

A Sylph of Mind obviously affects other people and the external world as well. A Sylph of Mind is the levelheaded arbitrator in any discussion, giving equal weight to every opinion at first. As others heatedly fight over a topic, the Sylph of Mind steps in and calmly diffuses the situation by promoting a chill forum in which to debate the issue, providing sound reasoning as to why something can or cannot be. This can be very soothing to people, or also detrimental as sometimes, the Heart’s path needs to be taken over what is logical. They would readily offer their two-cents in a disagreement to push others towards the logical path. Sylphs of Mind would also likely love to perform in-depth psychoanalysis of those around them, exploring and picking apart their brain. Sylphs of Mind would probably have aspirations to be therapists, lawyers, judges, police, etc.

Sylphs are very passionate about their aspect, and as such a Sylph of Mind is almost always a stoic person, needling into every argument to make certain that the proper course is taken. They consistently will always default to apathy in situations, forcing the logical take in situations where the Heart is needed. They can seem overly cold and harsh at times, like Dirk sometimes was (Princes ghost their opposite aspect as they destroy their own). In a session, they would function as the therapist of sorts. They can create the environment that people need to logically think things through and especially to help contemplate why they think something, thus accepting their inversion to destroy Heart. They invite the creation of pure thought.

They need to put all of their ideas about the Mind to work. They need to become the therapist, lawyer, judge, what have you, to be the ultimate creators of Mind.

Potential Powers

A Sylph would be able to create apathy. Similar to how Aranea was able to forcefully fill the holes in Jake’s information, a Sylph of Mind would be able to forcefully create the apathy in someone. For example, this could be the apathy in an emotionally-charged situation so as to create the right mindset to examine options for a plan. Also, they would be able to heal someone’s broken mind, creating the proper version of the Mind.

~~Admin Adrian

gollygeejustliloldme  asked:

Hi! How do you think a session with a Thief of Rage, Witch of Doom, Knight of Space, Prince of Life and Sylph of Mind might go? Any suggestions on how to make it, well, not a failure?

Of course! I’m so sorry for the long wait I had some irl stuff to deal with. (I’m going to reuse some of my old analysis sorry. Message me if you want me to rewrite it.)

The Knight of Space would be a creative but insecure soul. Their job would be to make the frog by themselves. They would find themselves running around, trying to help all their friends at once and overextending themselves. Once they hit God Tier, they would have crazy amounts of power. They would use Space to completely wreck their opponents. They’re a force to be reckoned with, indeed.

The Thief of Rage would be an ill-tempered and arrogant player who would be overconfident in their abilities. When they ascend, they would be given the ability to steal others anger or negativity and use it to boost themselves. This may sound bad but imagine someone being able to steal what’s fueling you up. When it comes to battle it’s our anger that starts it or keeps us fighting. This can be extremely dangerous when used strategically.

The Sylph of Mind would be an invaluable player in this session because they would be able to heal broken minds and heal through logic. However they would be meddlesome and unemotional. They would try to fix things and their friends and they’d get involved in things that they shouldn’t be. Think Aranea in the pre-retcon timeline meddling with the other characters.

The Prince of Life would be pessimistic, self destructive and have problems with their aspect. (Ex. Dirk’s breakup with Jake, Eridan feeling hopeless). This Prince is one of the most dangerous ones because when they ascend, they could completely destroy life forces. The thing is they could destroy your life force so you can’t even come back as a ghost.

The Witch of Doom would be extremely rebellious and have no regard for the rules at all. When they ascend, they’d be completely GAME BREAKING. Why? Their powers would involve completely manipulating the rules. One of the rules in Sburb is that a Space player is absolutely necessary to win. Perhaps this Witch could change the rule to that EVERY aspect can make a genesis frog.

One of the issues with this session is that you have no Time player. Unlike a Space player, Time isn’t 100% necessary but if you want a good shot you’ll need one. You can still win the session. You just don’t have a scratch to start over or anyone to take care of the timeline which means if the timeline becomes doomed, that’s it. Game. Over. You have one chance. That’s it.

This is what I recommend to win! You have one of the mode overpowered Witches in Sburb. Use her. She can manipulate the rules in your favor and you need all the help you can get. Help out your Knight of Space. They got a lot of shit to do and they need extra helping hands. The Prince can OBLITERATE anyone who stands in your way and if you’re ok with that, he can make battles much easier for you. The Sylph of Mind can make sure no one snaps and goes berserk. They can keep the Thief, Witch and Prince in check. Convince the Thief to steal the anger of the Prince. This will help A LOT. The Thief may hate the idea of doing such a passive thing but it’ll be extremely helpful.

Hope this helps!

~Mod Aradia

ok ok fuck. by popular demand here is a summary of my adventure zone homestuck au. god fucking hell

so 12 trolls play a game:

-rust: barrie, thief of heart, rust for redrobe

-bronze: magnus, heir of time (heirs rush in), earthy brown, low lifespan, latinx hc??

-gold: davpot, maid of blood (for bonds), gold bc pilot

-olive: ahvee, prince of doom, olive bc friendly and useful

-jade: mearle, page of life (power he doesnt know how to harness), jade bc plants and nuturing + religion

-teal: carrey, rogue of breath, teal bc dragons

-cerulean: lucrea, sylph of mind, cerulean bc psychic powers

-indigo: kilian, knight of rage (rage doesnt suit her but nothing else quite did either), indigo bc Strong

-purple: taakko ataaco (mage of void bc hes resourceful, a hands-on improviser) n chalup ataaco (witch of light bc shes active n direct + void n light r opposites), purple bc magic

-violet: johann, bard of hope, violet bc fish

-fuchsia: ayngus, seer of space (self explanatory), fuchsia bc he deserves the world

the universe is a jellyfish, whoever that is smiling inside the hunger is caliborn/lord english, edward and lydia are doc scratch

so theyve played through their session and theyre all standing on the lily platform ready to claim the ultimate prize, and magnus has just opened the door when the platform gets slashed. him, taako, and merle make it through before the break; lup was halfway through when the door was destroyed and enters the new universe already dead.

their reward in their session was to be reincarnated as humans in the new universe, with no memory of their previous life - they grow up as mags, taako, and merl. (note that theyre all 13 when the story takes place. merle just talks like an old guy)

mags lives in the suburbs with his pet goldfish, steven. steven glows white and shoots green lightning and can bend the laws of spacetime, but mags doesnt question this much. his stepdad who he named the fish after is dead, but he did leave the house full of chairs. fucker sure liked carpentry to an unreasonable degree, huh

taak lives in nyc (new york, but also an apartment in a city) and he fucking loves wizards. his house is just full of shitty wizards and experimental cookbooks. his older brother sazed, however, seems to love circuitously mocking his passions by leaving all these fuckin cakes around the house. the stairs are clogged with cake. its a deeply-layered mind game cooking war

merls been living on an island for as long as he can remember. his grandpa pan is a well known botanist, environmentalist, and explorer, and hes not home very often, so a lot of the time merl is just alone with his gardens. pan is super into pumpkins specifcally for some reason, and also filled the house with statues of goats n kenny chesney memorabilia

meanwhile, all the other trolls are stuck in the veil. similarly to what karkat thought of john when they first discovered the humans, like half the remaining group started to freak out about being apparently trapped on a meteor for the rest of their lives and the ensuing panic turned into resentment towards the thb for escaping. p much everybody but lucretia, barry, and angus started to lose their cool real bad

so to prevent everybody from making rash decisions and fucking over the thbs lives lucretia took the Executive Decision to wipe everyones memories with her psychic abilities. this broke davenport (as he was a psion she had to be more thorough with him to be sure the wipe worked, but she went too far and destroyed his mind, mituna style). barry, another powerful psychic, thought her measures were excessive at best and tried to stop her (make her pay but like. not fatal), retreating deep into the meteor when he proved unsuccessful. lucretia blamed a ton of stuff on him to make sure nobody would listen to him and ruin everything

from there, she took it upon herself to guide the thb into playing sburb, since that was the trolls only chance of getting out any more. the others on the meteor joined in one by one, without actually remembering anything about their old friends. there wasnt much lucretia could do to stop barry from contacting them from his own husktop, however; she could sometimes interfere with his signal, but that was it. so while his messages were sometimes garbled, he acted as an occasional guide in the same way he does in taz

so the boys play the game. lup is a jar of ashes on taakos shelf, his first sprite prototyping was an umbrella and the second was her. lupsprite. she only remembers fragments of their old life but they know theyre twins. magnus prototyped steven and a wooden duck. merle prototyped his grandpas book, the xtreme teen survival guide, and an onion

since they dont have a time or space player, their session is null. only by bringing in the trolls and their planets from the previous session will they be able to complete the game: this way their main quest leads directly to their friends being rescued, which works to lucretias advantage as she doesnt have to invent a reason why they should rescue the trolls.

everthing, of course, goes wrong. taak puts a bathtub in mags’ hallway.

psychiclianna  asked:

are you taking session requests? If so: sylph of mind, heir of space, mage of time, knight of life?

I am! However, they start scaring me after 6 players. You have four players, that’s a good number as it means it’s not too small and not too large, making it a difficult session. 

You have an Heir of Space! This is a good thing, I think Heirs are good players! And especially with their aspect! If that makes sense. I’m not sure how many people like this theory, but I do and I’m adopting it as my own. I don’t really know where I found it, but I think it was @dahniwitchoflight‘s, I’m really not sure. Your Mage of Time would be a good time player to help the Heir. But do be careful as their way of learning of their aspect and themselves, is to experience it and that isn’t always a good thing. 

Your other two players would be helping out as well, they would have other frogs to… whatever it is, that space players need to do to make the Genesis frog. (I’ll learn it when I need to)

Your Sylph of Mind, your psychiatrist! They would be the mother-friend of the group, tied with the heir, sort of. They would need to be careful (I need a different word here, but nothing’s coming up) as they could be controlling (?) over their aspect or the laid back kind of maternal. It’s kind of iffy, and depends on the person, not the title. 

Your last player is a Knight of Life! If it helps, I really don’t see why knights have their aspect lacking in some way, Latula’s session had too much Mind, not too much Heart. So really, what does that mean? (rhetorical, i think) The Knight might feel as though they’re lacking, maybe they feel sluggish, or lethargic. They would see themselves as your session’s protector, guardian, you need to remind them that they don’t need to be. I think, expect a facade of some sort, all us Knights have one. 

Your session is great! I really don’t see many changes needed! I hope your session succeeds!

anonymous asked:

Analysis for a Sylph of Mind, please?

If you’ve ever heard the song “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” by Cake, you know exactly what to expect from a Sylph of Mind. “With fingernails that shine like justice / And a voice that is dark like tinted glass / She is fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack / She’s touring the facilities and picking up slack.” This particular Sylph is going to be the one who keeps things running in your Session, and gods help anyone who gets in their way.

Your typical Sylph is going to be someone with a very strong conviction that they know what’s best for others. They’ve got their own ideas about how things should run, and the logically-minded Sylph of Mind is going to be the type to see the world in terms of business transactions and databases, and even social interactions will seem a bit disingenuous because they know exactly which masks to put on in order to gain someone’s trust or respect. The Sylph of Mind is likely going to be the one who keeps everybody from completely losing it when all hell breaks loose in their Session. Whether they try to restore order by spewing “mother knows best” monologues and meddling in their allies’ affairs or calling a group meeting only to slam an open palm on the table and demand that everyone calm down for two seconds, well, that’s up to the individual Sylph. The key is that the responsibility will usually fall to them to fix things, at first because they’ll make the executive decision to take the role for themself, and later because their allies have seen positive results in the past, and really, who else wants to have that sort of task? Of course, your average Sylph thrives on responsibility, on being helpful and fixing things. That’s the very sort of thing they live for–as long as they’re properly credited for being an irreplaceable member of the team.

The Sylph of Mind has the incredible ability to keep things stable even in the most chaotic times, and they’ll use any means necessary to do what’s best for their team, even going so far as to literally heal their minds from trauma or strain at particularly high levels. They could do for someone’s mind what Aranea did for Terezi’s eyes, using the same sort of technique. Of course, this brings a lot into question–is it truly morally right to tamper with someone’s mind, even with the best intentions? The Sylph will have to be careful not to start thinking of other people’s minds as inherently broken and in need of fixing. They could easily cross a line, thinking they’re doing the right thing while completely altering someone’s brain. It’s a very tricky balance. Don’t let your Sylph of Mind take a great big plunge off of the deep end.

Got a player on your team who’s riling everyone up and causing drama? Bring in your Sylph of Mind so they can make sure things don’t get out of hand, bringing everyone back to reality. As your team’s resident healer, like any Sylph, they’re going to be working very, very hard taking care of your team. Don’t cross them, because they’re likely to have an incredibly short fuse and will completely shatter their own appearance of lofty intelligence in order to bring some ungrateful wretch down a peg or two. Just because they strive to be logical and not let their emotions and whims get the best of them, that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of an incredible level of anger.

Treat them much like a business executive–respect them and their efforts, and they’ll bend over backwards to keep your Session running smoothly. But turn your back on them, and you can count yourself lucky if you don’t end up with a massive headache from the earful they’re going to give you.

I couldn’t find a quote that summed up a Sylph of Mind quite as well as the “I am the backbone of this household” meme. I am so sorry, but it’s absolutely true. That meme is the Sylph of Mind in a nutshell.

Yay! Another Sylph! What a wonderful surprise! 

A Sylph is supposed to heal their aspect, even invite creation of it. It’s a wonderful ability, especially since Sylphs can become some of the most powerful players in the game. Besides, given their hardy nature and mothering qualities, they tend to survive to the end of the game, taking as many teammates as they can with them. Or just the members they care about it. 

Mind deals with logic, decisions, thoughts, and of course, the mind. A Sylph of Mind would heal thoughts, make a person act more logically, or heal a person’s insanity. However, this can go two ways, as I’ll explain later. A Sylph of Mind would be very much driven by their thoughts, choosing friends logically, and always trying to take care of others- however the Sylph’s mind and rational decisions lead them, of course. 

What can’t a Sylph do? They can, of course, heal their aspect, or rather a lack of it. A Sylph of Mind could heal insanity, could heal a person’s logic, if they were overrun by emotions, or maybe even heal the illogicality or irrationality of someone’s thoughts. But here’s the thing. While Sylphs heal the lack of their aspect, they can also heal what’s too much of their aspect and leave an absence of it. A Sylph of Mind could heal too much logic- which would essentially make someone a robot- and make way for emotion. That could leave enemies a sniveling wreck. They could heal decisions that were tainted or influenced by mind. For example, when Terezi killed Vriska. A Sylph of Mind could heal that moment, changing Terezi’s decisions, and therefore keeping Vriska alive. It’s really a double-edged blade. You never know what a Sylph will do, making some of the most powerful and most dangerous players. 

Mind players use things suited to them. Normally, they’re things tucked out of the way, like Terezi’s canekind. A Sylph would probably use a tactical pen. 

A plausible land for a Sylph of Mind would be the Land of Scrolls and Inspiration. The Sylph would learn about their powers and the powers of other players from the scrolls scattered across their land. The Sylph would complete quests that not only test their knowledge but also help them learn what their job is in the game. The Sylph’s land quest would be to tone down the consorts. The consorts, being a very excitable and happy lot, would be dreamers, never having known logic or reasoning. The Sylph would have to help them understand that not all dreams are achievable, that they have to be within reason. 

I hope this helped!