i was part of a super awesome art telephone with a whole bunch of super awesome people ! i went first which was super scary but everyone else did such a beautiful job !!!! after me was @bootyduke, @jaderosee, @e1wurd, @notedchampagne and last but not least @synodicatalyst !!!!! their pieces are all so gorgeous and i’m soooo happy with how this turned out :D

Sketch commission for SylphCo on dA! These aren’t normally colored; I ended up adding a little bit of my own time to turn it into a flat color sketch for some practice.

Adding flat color takes a bit more time because I need a cleaner sketch to make it look okay, but I think it turned out alright! I’ve had several people
ask if I offer flat color commissions, so this might be a commission option soon. :> Thanks so much for the commission, Sylph!