Hello guys! Another amazing year ends so here I am again with another follow forever. This one is for three things: 1) the holidays aka end of the year, 2) because you´re all so amazing and 3) because I recently hit 1k+ followers and that it´s so incredible and amazing and I love you all so much. So this FF is for all of you guys, to thank you for being so nice and kind to me and for giving me another perfect year on tumblr. Here´s to another amazing year for all of you! 

P.S. I know I will forget someone so I´ll apologize in advance. I love you all <3 

bold = amazing and perfect darlings and also, my favorite blogs <3


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That´s all!! Like I said, I´m sure I forgot someone and I´m sorry for it but know that I love you all so much. Thank you for an amazing year. With so much love, Itzel <3

syllygirl  asked:

Kristen's not afraid to be herself in a world full of posers. Her smile, her bright green eyes, her style, her humor, her personality, her awkwardness; it all makes her unique and shows many girls like me to stay true to yourself no matter who tries to come in your way and this is why love and admire her. Happy 22nd Birthday baby girl!