Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared from tumblr for a few days last week.  If anyone was wondering, this is why - I made a baby!

In this pic, Edna Medora is modeling the latest in Sherlockian fashion – a gorgeous Zoffany Navarre wallpaper bib made by @tiltedsyllogism.  Thank you, Syll!

(Underneath she’s wearing a jackolantern sleepsuit, as she is also in the Halloween fandom…)

Tippi’s Secret

In Season 6, Episode 5 “She’s No Angel” Emily and Sara recruit the help of Caleb and successfully get Sara emancipated. To celebrate Sara’s newfound freedom, her and Emily visit the tattoo parlor across the street where Sara gets a tattoo of a bird being freed from it’s cage. Her choice of tattoo is very important and a HUGE clue to her real identity. I believe Sara Harvey is Bethany Young and here’s why.

As I was re watching this episode, I started wondering what the name Tippi meant. Sure, it’s a cute nickname of sorts, but where did it originate from?

A quick google search turned this up:

[ syll. tip-pi, ti-ppi ] The baby girl name Tippi is pronounced TIHP-iy †. Tippi has its origins in the Old Greek language and it is used largely in Greek. In addition, Tippi is a Greek pet form of Xanthippe (Greek, English, and German). Variation transcriptions of Tippi include Tippee, Tippey, Tippie, and Tippy

But that still didn’t tell me what the name actually meant, so I dug a little deeper and googled the name meaning of Xanthippe, and what I saw next had me sh*tting bricks:

Xanthippe means “yellow horse”, from the Greek ξανθός xanthos (blonde) and ἵππος hippos (horse). Hers is one of many Greek personal names with a horse theme (cf. Philippos “friend of horses”, Hippocrates “horse tamer” etc.). The hippos in an ancient Greek name often suggested aristocratic heritage.

Bethany Young’s horse is named Custard. Custard is yellow in color. Therefore, Custard is her “yellow horse”.

Other clues on the show point to the possibility of Sara Harvey being Bethany Young, such as the picture she was drawing on the wall inside the Doll House, but I think this clue may be the biggest breakthrough regarding her true identity.

Also, it’s very interesting that the name Tippi has its origins in the Greek, English and German languages. Don’t you agree? :)

anonymous asked:

Sylar. You seemed to really care for Elle. Why did you kill her?

I cared for my mother but I killed her too. Funny how me killing someone only matters if I have fucked them.

I killed her because she not only used me once when I was Gabriel but she lied to me. She used me as her little toy again. She led me to continue to think the Petrelli’s were my family, letting me play the good son as I worked for her and Arthur. The moment I found I she had to go. I despise being used and I despised being lied to even more. It’s once of the many reasons I instantly went after the lie detector ability after killing and burning her body. Yes, it was one of the more painful kills I had to make, but Elle had to go. She made me lose focus and become a tool instead of the unstoppable force I truly am. I gave her a second chance to redeem herself and she proved herself unworthy of my company.