I know this is really random, but at the bottom of one of my professor’s syllabus it read “Above all BE KIND TO YOURSELF” and idk that really spoke to me.

Thanks professor, you don’t know how much I needed that reminder and also to future students who may need that reminder. 

I guess what i’m trying to say is yes, it’s important to succeed in school and get a degree/certificate, but at the expense of your mental and/or physical health is it really worth it? 

If taking care of yourself means taking a break from school or cutting down your schoolwork then do it. And I know money and scholarships can be a problem, but there is always something you can try to do. You can meet with a counselor and request a leave of absence or a sick leave etc.

Know that there is always time for school.

I know it may feel like it is, but it’s not the end of the world or your career if you take some time off of college. Your physical and mental health is a hell of a lot more important than college. 

Please be kind to yourself. 

6 Things to Do During Syllabus Week

1.  Plan

I have an entire post dedicated to pre-planning with a syllabus, so I won’t go into too much detail, but this is the most important step for me during syllabus week.  Once they hand out the syllabus, I dive right into pre-planning all of my reading and my assignments.  It puts my mind at ease for the upcoming semester. 

2.  Visit your professor’s office hours

This isn’t mandatory,but I think it’s a really good step.  They’ll probably just be sitting there alone for two hours since there aren’t many assignments at the beginning.  Just go in and introduce yourself!  A five minute conversation and introduction could go a long way for the rest of the semester.

3.  Talk to the people next to you

Get their information and agree to share notes if someone is absent.  Making sure to have at least one, hopefully two, phone numbers of people in each of your classes will do wonders when you get the dreaded plague that goes around every year (and you will).

4.  Organize

Make sure you’re all organized and prepared for the semester.  If your system is a mess before you even start, you’ll get off on the wrong foot and never get anything done.  Get your desk, room, and binders/folders in order.  It’ll help you out.

5.  Plan your meals

No, I don’t mean every single meal.  Just figure out when in your schedule each day you’ll be able to grab some food.  Whether you have a two hour lunch break or a 20 minute lunch break, if you make your plans to get food ahead of time, you’ll know how quickly you have to rush.

6.  Get ahead

Think about it.  You’re in the school-mode, but you don’t have a lot of work. You just received a syllabus with all of the work you’ll have to do for the semester.  Take this time to get ahead on your reading.  If you start this week, you’ll constantly be a week ahead and stress less throughout the entire semester.  One week of solid productivity can de-stress you for an entire semester.

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Happy syllabus week, everyone!  Have a great semester!


Binder Organization!

1. I keep my schedule right at the beginning of my binder, so I have easy access to it

2. I like to print out calendars to plan out my study in - in monthly view -, it really helps to see how much time you have left until the test/exam, and it’s easy to plan out what you’ll do each day. I also color code my classes, so it’s easy to pick up the things I need for studying for the classes if I go to the library, for example

3. The first thing you’ll see behind each divider is the class syllabus. It’s important to keep it, especially if it has the test dates on it. Can’t afford to forget when tests are!!

4. For my Human Language class, our teacher made guides, and she would use them to teach the topics, and elaborate on each one

5. Rewritten class notes

6. Actual class notes

7 & 8. Before the tests, I would type everything out on the computer, and then print it out and use it as another way to study

9. Our final literature test

10. The resolution of said test, in which I actually got an A, I’m so proud!

8.27.15 // I am *finally* making an original post! I’ve been so swamped already with readings (welcome to upper division classes, Brooke!) and have had little to no time to blog or answer the 30+ asks I have. I shall try to get to it later tonight. I promise I’m not abandoning you! Currently: taking my highlighted and annotated syllabi and putting important readings and dates into my bullet journal. I highly recommend everyone do this if you haven’t already! It will save you a lot of time going back and forth trying to find what’s due next class. Hope you’re having a wonderful first week! ✨