I didn’t realize how much spongebob I really knew until y'all started posting captioned screenshots and I could fully reconstruct both the visual and auditory situations of each and every goddamn one. Can’t study for History of the English Language but by fuck do I remember what that one voice actor of that one fish from that one episode sounds like to the damn syllable.

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tagged by: @ellie-nors​, hello and thank you!

rules: Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

name/nicknames: Hans is good.  Hansy if you’re feeling friendly.  In real life I answer to my last name a lot, because it’s one syllable that makes for good puns.  My family calls me A, which is the first letter of my name.

gender: cis lady

height: a smol. I’m 5′ 3 1/2″.  Yes, the 1/2″ matters.  Most people think I’m taller than I am.  Good posture? 

hogwarts house: Oh man, Slytherin all the way.  To the fucking core.  I actually picked up my girlfriend by asking her if she (a Gryffindor) was cool with inter-House dating.  Oh god that sentence is so nerdy but it’s true.  Even better, my friend was watching me Tinder and saw me write that, and actually burst into tears because I’m way too nice to be a Slytherin and she’d fight me about it.  True story.

favorite color: Basically anything neon.  I look for the most heinous, eye-searing colors to put on my body.

time: It’s 8:18pm as I’m filling this out.

last things i googled: uh, I’m working on the last few scenes of my Ghost Army AU, so earlier I was looking up Allied troop movements in very late 1944 (spoiler alert, mostly halted by mud and a lack of gasoline), and how to get to the eastern Alps.

fictional character you would like as a sibling: As a sibling???  I don’t know why this totally stumps me, but it does.  

number of blankets i sleep with: One and a half?  I’m living at my sister’s house for the rest of the year, so right now I have a thin comforter and also a San Francisco Giants knit blanket (Go Giants!!).  Normally I sleep with one big comforter, or rather there is one big comforter shoved to one side of my bed because I get overheated immediately. 

favorite bands/artist: Janelle Monae, Modest Mouse, Talking Heads, The Magnetic Fields, Salt-n-Pepa, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Santigold, Cat Stevens, the Avett Brothers, Jean Grae, Kendrick Lamar.  Follow for more soft nihilism with a good beat, I guess?

dream vacation: Give me islands. The Seychelles (we’re talking dream here), Tahiti, things like that.  More realistically, I’m with @ellie-nors​ on the European city tour.  I’ve spent a lot of time in China but very little of it was sightseeing, so it’d be nice to see some of the countryside.  Am big dreaming of going to New Zealand with one of my best friends in the next few years.  Would very much like to do a lot of travel with @morethanfaqs, starting maybe in New Orleans or one of those European cities.

when did i make this blog: uhhhh I think in 2014.  I lurked for a substantial amount of time before I got heavily into MCU and started writing fic again.

how many blogs do i follow: 289, damn!  That’s more than I thought it was.  I had to stop following people back automatically a while back, which really bums me out.  I like getting to know people, but can basically only do it when I get obsessed with a content creator or someone starts talking to me first.

what do i post about: uh, it’s probably about 30% historical meta, 30% social justice, 30% Sam Wilson.

do you get asks on a regular basis: I do, yeah.  Not as many as I used to - I’ve had some enormous upheaval in my life this year with moving across country to help with my sister’s wedding, so I fell behind and accidentally left a bunch unanswered.  I still feel really bad about it, but they were mostly historical/How to Brooklyn type questions, and those posts take a really long time even if it’s something that I’m pretty knowledgeable about already.  The longer HTB posts easily took me 4-5 solid hours to write up, and I just didn’t have the time or the emotional energy to do full posts for the last few months, so I’ve mostly been answering people privately lately.  To anyone who hasn’t gotten a reply back, I am sincerely sorry!  I’m not unfriendly or snobby, I promise.  My real life has just been legit bananas this year.  If you still need help or just want to say hello, feel free to ping me again.

aesthetics: Been getting into fashion minimalism, as I progress relentlessly into my early 30s.  Art and literature, I love the creepy stuff.  Music-wise I’ve got that soft, cheerful nihilism going.  Lots of neons.

Uh let’s see, I’ll tag @waffilicious, @mademoisellemigraine, @werewolfau, @silentwalrus1, @morethanfaqs, @essenceofmeanin, @shamwowxl.

All In A Spin

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by ShippersList

Stiles can’t really talk anymore but with Peter, he realizes he doesn’t have to. Even if their spoken communication consists of one swear word and stuttered syllables, they understand each other. And that’s what counts.

Words: 2124, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 21 of Trope Train

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anonymous asked:

It's because sometimes the first sound in the second part of a compound word is changed to make it roll off the tongue better. Usually unvoiced becomes voiced. (Similar to forget-me-not, as in the flower. Wasurenai = not forget, kusa = plant/grass, wasurenagusa = forget-me-not.) Something analogous also happens to n at the ends of syllables; it can become m or ng if that's easier to say. (So, np becomes mp, as in mampuku.) Though n is still written n, but g-instead-of-k is g.

Interesting, and not actually that complicated, IMO.

railroad-lion replied to your photoset “Posts at 1 am because why not? Some lickilad stuff and also Team…”

How on earth do you come up with these terrific names!?

Aaaaaah its honestly a mixed bag!
Some pokemon I just string syllables and sounds together.

Other times I research for relevant and interesting words. For example, for the unown I tried looking up words that were relevant to eyes and sounded interesting.

Sometimes I take a relevant word and tweak its spelling like Skortch the Solrock.

I also just take a word and build off of it like Grimwhald. I just took the base word Grim and tried to add something to it that would make it sound more like an old fashion name.

Then sometimes I just name my pokemon after characters I like. Like Bogmire the Beeheyeem gets his name from Bogmire in Luigi’s mansion who was one of my favorite bosses. Bombur gets his name from the dwarf in the hobbit, (this has a fun story which I will relay below)

But yea overall its just whatever works at the time, what sounds good and what looks good to write out!

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Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau's UN address was a meaningless speech to a worthless body
The address easily could have been passed off as a high-school valedictorian speech: it was trite, without being testy, and full of false equivalencies.

”Obama favours this meretricious chamber because it allows him to smugly lecture the rest of the world on being on the “right side of history” and the “moral arc” of our times. Meanwhile, the ravages in Syria continue unabated and North Korea, under its sovereign tyrant, Kim Jong-un, continues ramping up its nuclear program. The truly wretched of the Earth grow more wretched and the world, as they say, marches on.

This week, it was our dewy-fresh prime minister’s turn to address this esteemed body and, either out of vanity or innocence, he didn’t turn down the invitation….

This word “diversity” has something of a clamp on Trudeau’s brain. He seems to think that merely to pronounce it out loud is to add to the sum of human insight, that its four flat syllables compress all the wisdom of the Sermon on the Mount, Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address and the best of Norman Vincent Peale into one handy little word. Yet fluffing a pillow in front of the UN delegates would have had more of an impact.”

a poem

Oh moon, though i need to our mane dragged and fill your picture plane.
And i turn to be accepted than left all been given.
The caw of the petty insight and reap in a figure.
You are no happy here.
Which compulsion with the river.
Symmetry described by our destinies.
Another ideal sculpted frame.
Gazing at angels through the petals in the seams that i look into what i chose to mention and i grip sorrow’s edge as i wonder if we borrow, every point on a noble pose, a dying wave on flesh on the rising roof line that lives fade apart to return to braid into stone.
Syllables, images, deny the sweetest fracture from marble, out from these pictures that heart in the last remains of the weft of proof that every pisces craves, just a most sacred choir performs this quilt’s making.
We all hate to welcome comatose, tonight we found all just formal ritual dirge.

random fact ;)

The longest one syllable word in the English language is “screeched”.


External image

With 9 letters, screeched ties with scratched, scrounged, scrunched, stretched, and the plural nouns straights and strengths for longest one-syllable word. There are longer one-syllable words that are not included in the Oxford English Dictionary. Weighing in at 12 letters is “schtroumpfed”. What does it mean? It’s French for “smurfed”. Smurfs tend to say “smurf” and “smurfed” in every sentence. The French Smurfs, “Les Schtroumpfs”, would say words like “schtroumpf” and “schtroumpfed”.