I started a new Let’s Play series today–Guild Wars 2!  I’m having a ton of fun and I hope you guys will check it out. I’m accompanied with my best friend Laurana in game who is awesome and a Guild Wars expert so it’s not even gonna suck. :D Plus, look at my character! He’s a plant and glows orange!!

A Guild Bounty

Sometimes duties for the Vigil are more mundane than fighting dragons. Sometimes we handle small matters of security as well, and when we do, often individual soldiers are chosen based on their personal experiences.

Such it was that I was recently called upon to track a fellow sylvari through the wilderness. There are excellent trackers among both the charr and the norn, and even among the humans, but I take a quiet pride in just how difficult it is to track sylvari. Noses trained for the following of flesh and sweat have trouble detecting the trace of one more plant among the forest. Our light step leaves a subtle print where it leaves a print at all, and our camouflage is uncanny.

I often use these same traits to my advantage in my duties.

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Which Way Outta Wychmire?

Even following Malyck at a run, I soon lost him in the badlands of Wychmire Swamp. A nastier, more pungent pit of eternal stench I have yet to have the displeasure of discovering.

In the midst of this horrible place, I came across the corpse of an ancient mossheart - a creature of unsurpassed tranquility and nobility, brutally savaged and torn apart. With tears misting my vision, I spent a moment in silent contemplation and prayer that Mother would gather the spirit of this gentle creature to her bosom in the dream. Moments later, the mists parted, and I discovered the reason for the oakheart’s death, a huge jungle worm dead from wounds inflicted in self defense from the majestic beast lying dead behind me.

I made my way towards where I thought the edge of this vile swamp was, kicking my way through brambles

and explosive fungi…

As I the ground grew firmer underfoot, a voice hailed me from the undergrowth. Curiosity overwhelming my suspicions, I made my towards the hidden figure and was rewarded with the sight of a prickly looking sylvari who introduced herself as Laewyn. Apparently my journey through the swamp, stomping and kicking everything in sight, had done the wardens in the area a great service.

So a few coins richer, and with a note of thanks quickly scrawled upon an iridescent leaf stuffed into my pocket, I made my (hopefully) to meet with Malyck at Joy’s End…