There sure are a lot of debut album announcements lately, and another one to join the growing list is House, from Mississippi five piece band Young Buffalo. House will be out March 3 via Votiv. For a luscious taste of the band’s dazzling, glistening indie rock, stream warm, saccharine My Place. It’s a heart warming yet bittersweet number brimming with nostalgia. Another terrific tune from Young Buffalo is Sykia, a much more rollicking and rambunctious indie rock jam. Like My Place, there’s plenty of melodic guitars and ardent vocals.

After reaching the top of the hills near Sartí and Sykia, I start riding downhill. With my gear in the backpack I didn’t want to risk too much speed. Because of the
gravel and sand piste with its tide turns and high slope I feared a crash badly. The day before we rode a similar track down and got to speeds of 35 mph and above. That day I was alone, no help for several miles within reach. So I used to make more stops. At a plateau I could look down onto the village of Sykia.

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Young Buffalo // Sykia

This building is the Sykia Hellenic Association of Canada. It is a community center for people from Sykia, the region in Greece where my mother’s parents are from. A few blocks down and we see as similar community center, but for another region. Creating centers based on region became very popular when Greek people immigrated to Montreal. It was a place to go when you first moved, somewhere to feel accepted. In here I learned Greek folk dance, celebrated Easter, and met Santa Claus for the first time. Establishments like this one help keep Greek heritage strong in Montreal.

During a trip along the coast southwards, I saw some horses on the road. They weren’t accompanied by anyone, but all were heading in my direction. To take this photo I passed the group and waited for them in a left turn.

Part 2 - stay toned for more photos from my trip to Greece -
#Vacation in #Greece #Sykia #horse #Canon #latergram