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Instead of watching the whitewashed pile of dogcrap that is “Pan”, consider watching or rewatching the 2011 Syfy Mini-Series / Film “Neverland”

Neverland, like Pan, is a prequel which presents a different interpretation to the origins of Neverland and of Peter Pan

Neverland, unlike Pan,

  • Actually has Native Americans and people of color playing the tribes of Neverland
  • A badass female pirate captain played by Anna Friel
  • A heartfelt and absolutely beautiful relationship between James Hook and Peter Pan
  • Is an actually good film, which, according to critics, Pan was not

It also has an amazing cast including Keira Knightley, Rhys Ifans, Charles Dance, and others

So you just watched Syfy's Alice

Congratulations! Would you like to check out the deleted scenes?

enamoratrix posted them in three parts: I, II and III

insanixtea did the math on how much time passes here vs. Wonderland

You might wonder how Hatter knew Mad March… a cut scene hints that they were brothers.

And you probably want to know what was up with his right hand?

Maybe you’d like to know why’d he mention pizza

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I made a lot of posts about how small and inactive the 2001 fanbase was back in the day even though I stumbled across new content like every day back then because I was spoiled by coming into this out of UT and HS. Now I have to get my degree in 2001 paleontology and just dig old posts out of the ground to look at anything because posts is extinct now. 


(*Character Adaptations: Alice Liddell (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Alice Liddell-  Alice in Wonderland (1931)

Alice-  Disney (1951)

Alice-  Alice in Wonderland (1985)

Alice- Disneyworld

Alice Liddell-American Mcgee’s Alice/Alice Madness Returns (2000-)

Alice-  Syfy Miniseries: Alice (2009)

Alice- Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Alyssa Gardner-  Splintered *Book series (2013)

Alice-Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013)

Other Characters:

(Cinderella) (Snow White) (Queen of Hearts) (Evil Queen) (Snow Queen)

Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic inspired countless imitators but none more pale and weak than the adaptations which bear the name. The Syfy channel miniseries came close, but only because it felt more like Dune than, say, American Pie: Band Camp felt like Dune. But the film that people remember most is the 1984 David Lynch film, which the director took after turning down the Return Of The Jedi job. Lynch wanted something that reflected his vision, but as we saw in Dune, apparently his vision was “Let’s make the viewer wonder where reality ends and this movie begins.”

In the early 80s, Dune seemed to have everything going for it: auteur director, star-studded cast, designs by H.R. Giger, score by 80s sensation Toto, and the musician Sting? OK, Sting, I guess. In a Speedo. Well, maybe we’ll just have to see how it all plays out, right? I mean, even the singer of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” in some sci-fi swimwear can be magical if the script is good. Right?

Executive meddling tore into Lynch’s script and edited the film so far, far down from its original run time that it felt less like a movie and more like an odd collection of scenes that someone had spilled on a haywire sewing machine. Lynch hated it so much that his director credit read Alan Smithee, the go-to for directors who don’t want to be associated with a movie. Additionally, in the sickest burn since Pompeii, some versions of the film have changed his writing credit to Judas Booth, as in Judas “30 pieces of silver” Iscariot and John Wilkes Booth, because Lynch felt that the executives had betrayed him and assassinated his movie. That’s a pretty elaborate way to tell someone to go fuck himself.

7 Awful Movie Versions Of Books That Deserve A Second Try


Character Adaptations - The Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts- Classic Playing Card

Queen of Hearts- Disney (1951)

Queen of Hearts- Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Part 1 (1985)

Queen of Hearts- Kathy Bates Syfy miniseries “Alice” (2009)

Queen of Hearts- Once upon a Time/Once upon a time in Wonderland (2011)

Unmasked Queen/Cora- Once upon a Time/Once upon a time in Wonderland (2011)

Queen of Hearts- Alice Madness Returns (2011)

Lizzie Hearts- (Daughter of the Queen of Hearts) Ever after High (2013

An Emphasis on Hands

Forgive me if this has been talked about already. I have only been on here sporadically so may have missed some discussion, but wanted to add some observations. Firstly, I was just wondering: having of my fellow shipmates seen the SyFy miniseries Tin Man with Zooey Deschanel? Well if you haven’t I highly recommend it, but if you don’t want to be spoiled I suggest not reading any further. With the emphasis on hands on OUAT this season I re-watched a few scenes from Tin Man that dealt with something similar. The two magical sisters DG and Azkadelia were always safe from danger and strong as long as they held hands and NEVER let go. But the one time DG got frightened and did let go, Az became possessed by an evil witch. In the end, DG is able to reach her sister by offering her hand once again and not letting go this time. The witch was then defeated. Their magic was strong when they held onto each other, which is really beautiful.

Now think about how much hands have been emphasized this season. We’ve seen it a great deal with Emma and Killian, most recently seeing a parallel where they feared their hands.

But beyond that, the emphasis has been strong not only for Captain Swan, but also the Frozen characters. Think about how many close ups and specific shots we’ve see of characters holding hands. These shots have been in a lot of the episodes.

In all of these instances the characters feel safe or comforted. There is a sense that they they are united and strong as long as they are together. For the 3 sisters however, notice how only Helga was holding Ingrid’s hand in the first shot, foreshadowing that Gerda would be fearful of her. And in the scenes where they meet Rumple their united front is broken when Ingrid doesn’t have enough faith in their love and sisterly bond and gives up their yellow ribbons.

Now consider the times we have seen outstretched hands, someone reaching out for the other, but they don’t reach them.

Belle reaches for Anna but not in time so she falls and is captured, Ingrid reaches out to her sister who instead traps her in the urn, and Killian reaches out for Emma who out of fear runs away.

The way OUAT is dealing with this concept of holding hands really feels similar to way Tin Man handled it. Be brave, have no fear, and hold on tightly. Together you are strong and safe and loved and nothing can harm you. But if you are afraid, or lose faith and do not accept that outstretched hand, tragic things can happen.

In the promo for 4x8 there looks to be another close up shot of Emma and Elsa reaching for each other (sorry I do not have a sceenshot of that). Perhaps together they can create very powerful magic.

There is also this post  here which brilliantly theorizes that Killian may be cuffed to something just as he was in Tallahassee after he offered his hand to Emma.

I just have a feeling that this apparent theme will continue not only in this upcoming episode but for the rest of this arc. I cannot wait to see how things play out!!


  • syfy miniseries
  • has professional cutie Andrew Lee Potts as the best hatter to ever don the hat (sorry sebby ALP has my heart)
  • Charlie is an adorable idiot as the white knight
  • I hear that actor is pretty darn creepy in Orphan Black so if you want to see him being a hilarious moron then you just hit the jackpot
  • it’s only about 3 hours long
  • it will soothe your aching CS feels and also fill you with hope for our bbys
  • seriously it involves a walls-up independent woman who is also vulnerable and has abandonment issues
  • and a cocky bad boy with a heart of gold who struggles with which side he wants to be on
Alice SyFy is a must watch for fairytale lovers!

I watched Alice SyFy miniseries today. I must say: i regret not having seen it before.

It was so good! If you like fairytales or OUAT (and captain swan-kind of ship) believe me, you should totally check out this 3 hours long miniseries, it’s wonderful and so worth watching, totally adorable. I’M IN LOVE WITH HATTER AND I SHIP HIM WITH ALICE SO HARD, LOOK AT THEM.

I also watched the fairytale movie “The Secret of Moonacre”and i liked the costumes and the plot in general, but the story went way too slow for me and i got really bored in the middle of the movie.But i liked Maria/Robin tho.