NO ONE will ever understand the love I have for this kid. After all the shit I’ve been through with him, after this past year. All the girls he screwed me over for.. I still love him. I know I deserve so much better than this, than him. But the truth is, I know he can change. I know he can. If it means I can’t handle his shit anymore, and I don’t talk to him for a while, I know the longest I could ever possibly go would be a week. And that week, will be HELL. I love him, honestly, truly. I do. And nothing could change that.. <3 Not even him destroying me over and over again. I’m such a stupid girl.


I’ve come to terms with that I’m literally probably going to be alone for the rest of my life. But that’s somewhat okay with me, because I will no longer be disappointed, or cheated on, or lied too, or hurt to the point of no return, ever again. I have to be super ugly, or something, for that shit to happen to me EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to like someone, or even fall in love. Love doesn’t exist for me, and I am somewhat okay with that.

NOW. MOVING ON. Anyone wanna talk? I need some friends up in my life. :)

kik: syerinn

DO NOT: Send me dick pics, ask me to sext, or anything of that sort. I will not respond, and you will be blocked. THANK YOU.