No Longer Afraid (Autobiography)

I Wrote This When I Was 15. I Had Just Came Back From The Black History Program At School And I Was So Distraught At The Fact That I Wasnt In It I Decided To Express This Vision…

(Audience sits quietly)

(Curtain goes up, i walk on stage)

(my thoughts: lord give me the strength..)

“Everyone has a downfall

Something they ain’t good at

A negative reaction, that burdens their satisfaction

Some give up when they lose

Some are easily confused

Some make bad decisions

So their life ends up bruised

Now i choose to explain a

Story bout a girl that

Was pretty as a pearl, had all the talents in the world

The unique thang, she would choose it

Spalding, she would shoot it

But what she was most interested in was music

She could sing, she could dance

And write songs and poetry

Without help from a guy she could even make the beats

You would think this girl was famous

Hate to rain on your parade

She has some downfalls too

No confidence and she’s afraid

Afraid of silly things like not be accepted

Also critisism and things not goin as expected

So she sits and thinks why shes afraid of simple things

Cause shes gotta live her dream, shes a girl in focus to succeed

So she digs deep inside herself to find personal help

With this problem that she has, hopes she can put it in the past

So she goes up on stage

And yes she does her thang

Everythang done chaged

And things will never be the same

She feels better than before

In fact, just the opposite

She feels happy and fearless

And has so much confidence

When you have a problem, you may think you need some special help

All you gotta do is pray, and believe in yourself

The message aint changed, its the same

Yep, its corny, and its lame

But, its true to your ears

Its elementary my dear

Downfalls are popular

They happen to everyone

Yes, they happen all the time, and you know what?

i just overcame mine”



“You make think im whack, but god thinks im to die for”

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Cheap (Original Script)
" Just look at me. What's on your mind? 
Tell me , and I will memorize every word.
I desire you with every breath in my body. I need you now. Please kiss me.
Act as if my lips are your last resort.
On my neck.
On my chest.
Anywhere you please. How does my heart feel beating on your chest, does it make you anxious to touch me,
I love when you get so impatient.
I want to see it.
I want to feel it.
I want to buy into it
I am so anxious.
So anxious.
So anxious to dream again tonight.
Because nightmares are too cheap for my desires."

- S. Jones , Feb 1 2013.
What Is Independence? (Part One)

Money can’t buy you love.

But being broke won’t help your heart either.

Imagine being both broken inside, and out.

I love myself to the fullest extent.

I am so honored to be as blessed as I am.

I have a pretty strong hustle factor.

I am a strong human being.

I wake myself up on time in the morning.

I make my own breakfast.

I drive my own car.

I make my own mistakes.

I correct them.

People like you ignore me because I’m genuine.

You talk shit, in front of my face, because you know I don’t have the urge to respond back.

You hate me because I’m realistic.

They lie about me because they know I know the truth.

Don’t you think that’s backwards?

I spend time alone.

With or without my consent.

I go to sleep and dream of no one.

I try to create my own characters to dream about but that hasn’t worked out lately.

I can do whatever I want, anytime at my own discretion.

I am more than lonely, I am locked in confusion.

My faith is beyond strong.. strong that it often tries to stop doing itsjob.

I yearn for a friend.


This is not the way you should endure life.

What is independence? Loneliness should not be its synonym. 

S. Jones, Mar 14, 2013.