i’m not even kidding im so pro healthy relationships it hurts like idec when abuse supporters call it “boring” give me all that //boring// shit im so thirsty for healthy, consensual relationships filled with respect and love and friendship ill take that any day over forced gross over dramatic ~~connections~~

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Until now, you have always lived your life alone. Every decision you’ve made has been for you and you alone. Now, and for the rest of your days, your life will be tied to another’s. Every decision you make will be for both of you. What one does affects the other. You are a family, a team … inseparable and unbreakable.


Why would you do that? Why would you do that for me? Because you deserve credit for what you’ve done. Because he needs to realize you aren’t the person he’s always thought you were. He needs to see you for who you really are, not for all the ideas and preconceptions he’s built up around you. It should have been enough for you to tell him who you are - to show him who you are - but he wouldn’t listen.