Wow, where to begin if I wanted to list out why I love Hammie… She has a lovely eye smile and she is so adorable, I just want to keep her in my pocket haha. Let’s not forget her underrated dancing skills. I mean watch Again & Again, Heartbeat, and U-Go-Girl performances. You’ll see why she was scouted for her dancing skills by Lee Hyori’s manager. 

What she has done for KARA is amazing. She would change her introverted personality traits  to more bubbly, aegyo-ful personality on tv shows so that she would get more chances to be on variety shows. That way she got to promote KARA more. And during KARA 4 days and Rock You days, Seungyeon would work and work and work. Even if tv show producers would jokingly insult her about her group being not popular or maker her perform kara songs that hasn’t even been released yet, she would just smile (despite her pride and the insults) because she knew that that way she got to promote and expose Kara more.

She came such a long way. When KARA became quite popular, Seungyeon said she told her company it was time for other members to appear on more shows instead of her. She knew not to be selfish ^^ Also, back in kara 4 days, she used to be the weakest vocalist. But now, she is the main vocalist. Her recent solo GUILTY, proves she can sing! 

She is the most precious dork♥ She used to be a fanfic-writing fan (of G O D) and even went to Dream Concert. She says she loves to watch anime. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here for now :) Han Seungyeon, stay strong and happy baby♥