Ah, those two. In a fight, they’re lethal. Around each other, they melt.


Sydney talking about Rose and Dimitri.

it feels like its been YEARS since i did one of these! i’m so thankful i’ve even made it these far, tbh. i appreciate everyone of you guys and i love sharing my edits with all of you. thanks so much for following me; it means so much <33

(this ff is pretty small since it’s only .5k - the next one will be bigger). 

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Scorose Update #8 - 11/09/2016

Um, so, hi.. GLAD TO SEE YOU AGAIN, scorose shippers!!!! XDD~ It’s been such a long time (I know! 2 months, right? Lol) since I updated my last scorose fic recs in June. Many things happened recently. I’ve become quite busier, and it seems that all of scorose shippers are in “caution” mode and scorose tag in tumblr are mostly filled with “hateful comments” after TCC’s incident. :”(( 

To be honest, I’ve been a scorose shipper since ages ago and I will always be. I don’t care which pair is canon and which pair is not after what had happened in TCC (but I will always treat scorose as my baby). I always think that every people have rights to like something or someone, but they don’t have any rights to hurt another people. So what I want to say is, if you don’t like the ship, at least respect the shippers. I don’t know what’s the point of saying hateful comments about something/ someone. Is it really that necessary? -_-” Anyways, if you’re asking me about my opinion of TCC itself, let say that I will stick to the epilogue of Deathly Hallows, since All was still well in that time. Hahaha. XD~

Oh, I was rambling too much. Let’s focus to the happy thoughts and back to the business again! :D Talking about my scorose update, I just updated:

3 Completed Stories

Disgusting Body and Hormones by alambil felicis (T rating, 2 chapters)

Emergency Chocolate by bacta.junkie (T rating, 6 chapters)

The Life and Times of Scorpius Malfoy by Sergeant Wellington (T rating, 11 chapters) [The Life and Times of Weasley Weddings (Sequel, T rating, chapter 7 & 8 completed – Post-Hogwarts)]

2 WIP Stories 

A Bouquet of Scandals by languidbones (M rating, 4 chapters WIP)

Matched by KTBass (T rating, 7 chapters WIP - Post-Hogwarts)

10 One-Shots 

Oh, Merlin by TheOddGod (K rating, one-shot) ~ Cuteness Overload!

Polyjuice Potion by KitKat-Pyrophobia (T rating, one-shot)

Signs He Likes You by ever afters (T rating, one-shot)

Snapshots by Princess Gillybean (K+ rating, one-shot – Post-Hogwarts)

Sneaks and Schemes by twisted.cucumber (M rating, one-shot)

Stand and Deliver by Ciara in cotton socks (T rating, one-shot)

Things Change by P.o.T.t.Y.F.a.N.x (T rating, one-shot)

To Save Rose by Sergeant Wellington (T rating, one-shot – Post-Hogwarts)

Turning Tables by sydneysages (T rating, one-shot – Post-Hogwarts)

young and foolish by ZeGabz (T rating, one-shot) ~ Cursed Child compliant! How TCC might be look like in Rose’s view.

As usual, if you want to see the completed and the updated fic recs, just go to this link -> HERE. I’m quite proud to see more than 200 fics in the list. Hope that I can add more next time. X3

yay! it’s been a while since my last follow forever so i decided to do one before i finally start college this year. i just wanted to thank everyone that follows me and bring nice things into my dash, you’re all amazing beings! ❤

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Hello everyone and happy new year! I know this is a bit late (fifteen days to be exact) but better late than never, I guess.

Anyways, this ff is special to me because it’s only my second one since I’ve had this account (which is running on almost five years.) I just wanted to say: thank you to everyone who managed to make my 2016 a lot less sucky.

Now, below is a few of my favorite people and I wanted to do something a little different and write them some personal notes to kick off the new year. Also, to show how much I appreciate them. love you!

@encodednotes mary katherine: where do I even begin, honestly? mkay, you are my best friend. you are so beautiful, charming, funny, witty, and incredibly stunning with words and music. you’ve smiled with me, laughed with me, and even cried with me. I thank you for your random messages and for your handwritten pen-pal letters with hand drawn memes. I thank you for being there for me through everything, even though you’re a few thousand miles away. thank you for telling me about your happy days and sad days, your crushes and hardships. thank you for trusting me enough to pour out your very soul. and lastly, thank you for just being my friend through it all. ily — rachel.

@gemffusion fahad: I know we haven’t spoken in awhile and that’s just fine; but I want you to know I think about you a lot. remembering our deep conversations with each other, and then laughing with the “clique” makes me smile. anyways, I hope all is well with you and that you had a lovely new year beginning. your friend, rachel.

@brooklymbaby sofie: I miss our conversations a lot, hun. and though it’s been awhile, I think about you and the “clique” a lot. although, i hope all is well for you and that you’ve been having a wonderful start to the new year. — rachel.

@allfishswim lauren: it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve spoke but I still consider you one of my closest friends. thank you for the long conversations about life and for helping me power through dark times. hope all is well. ily — rachel.


continuing on.
below is a combination of all sorts of lovely blogs I follow: aesthetic, celebrity, book, and even edit blogs. thank you for posting what you do and being all kind people!


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I have finally hit 7k, and what better way to celebrate the fact that i obviously spend way too much time in this hell hole than shaming the people that keep me here. mutuals are bolded. faves are italic. everyone else is slummed in the mix ;) 

p.s dankeshon to all my followers who put up with my crap. I’d put you all on here but i would die from old age before i could finish it. <33

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i can NOT believe there are a thousand of you guys!! just wowowow. i love and appreciate all of you so much and if i left anybody out i’m so sorry, i’m a ~mess~ and need help. hope you’re all having a wonderful summer!! 

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External image

I m not a big fan of this cover. They both look a bit weird. The others were way better.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HAS A TITLE!!!! 




“The Fiery Heart is going to be told from both Sydney and Adrian’s points of view” - Richelle Mead

Ending of the indigo spell! Sydney and Adrian are gonna be together!


Zoe better not get between them or else!

OMG! i bet she gets sent to reeducation! 


Gimme that book!