Danny Phantom thoughts

Did anyone else notice that Reality Trip was an homage to Guardians of the Galaxy- as in the original comic (movie wasn’t even in production yet)?

some of my Danny Phantom headcanons:

-Sydney’s ‘other dimension’ that is a black and white representation of the school when he was still alive, is a personal hell or purgatory from which he cannot escape.  All of the “homes” the ghosts have in the ghost zone are their personal purgatories, representing what they need to overcome to “move on” as Kujo did when he found his lost toy.  The human ghosts can’t solve their problems so easily, which is why none of them ever move on.

-Penelope Spectra and her assistant Bertrand are the doctors who experimented on Vlad after his accident.  He eventually escaped by killing them.  This explains his lengthy absence before suddenly reappearing as a self-styled billionaire and it also explains Spectra and Bertrand’s unusual knowledge of the ecology of ghosts and their powers and how they can affect the living, beyond the simplistic approaches most ghosts utilize to achieve their goals.

-A ghost portal cannot be opened unless something living enters its event horizon.  Danny and Vlad literally completed their respective portals.  They may also be tied to said portals, meaning that if Danny died his portal would close, and inversely closing the portal would either cure or kill him.

-Vlad doesn’t age, he was to wear makeup to look like he’s 42.  Meaning Danny also doesn’t age, he just doesn’t know it yet.

-Danny’s parents are actually terrible parents.

Things that ruined the series a little for me:

-Vlad’s cat being cute in her first episode and then ugly and evil in her second, after someone decided Vlad should be a two dimensional, stereotypical crap villain with no redeeming qualities for the third season.

-Someone deciding Vlad should be a two dimensional, stereotypical crap villain with no redeeming qualities for the third season.

-Seriously, he was the most interesting character in the entire series and basically what made it worth watching.  Three dimensional characters tend to do that.

-Danielle’s origin story

-Vlad never caring about Danielle or feeling guilty about her treatment at all, even back in season two when he was supposed to still have complex emotions.

-Danielle.  Because as much as I liked her personality and design, I fucking hate genderswap copy characters in superhero stories because it is lazy, sexist writing.  Especially lazy since she is a clone instead of her own character with her own reason for being turned half ghost.

-Making ghosts not ghosts anymore.  Obviously at some point someone at Nickelodeon or Viacom realized this was a show about ghosts (ie people who are dead) and decided that was toooo scaaary.  Then ghosts could suddenly eat, reproduce, and do everything living people could do.  Which meant that they were not ghosts, just people with weird powers who did not age.  Basically removing the entire driving conflict of the story.  We already have a cool story about marginalized mutants, it’s called the X-Men.

-Danny’s parents.  If they are scientific geniuses capable of creating the insane technology that they have created, why are they (especially Jack but Maddie too) total bumbling idiots.  One or the other.  Genius scientists or drooling morons.  Not both.

Danny’s parents. Maddie should have divorced Jack 5,000 years ago.  In which case, Vlad wouldn’t even have been weird for making a pass at her, by the way.

Danny’s parents. Again?  They should not have been so likeable.  They were inattentive assholes who clearly played favorites with Jazz, yet whenever it was important they suddenly were loving and heroic.  They never loved Danny except when they suddenly did.  It made no sense.  Either make them loving AND attentive- that is, able to notice something is wrong with Danny and willing to listen to him when he speaks to them (even if they don’t believe or agree with it) OR make them totally crap parents who ignore their son in favor of the pursuit of science and praise their daughter because she is self sufficient enough to be successful without their help, mentally abusing Danny into fearing for his safety around them.

How is it that within the same episode he can confide to friends that he thinks his parents will “rip him apart molecule by molecule” and then turn around and say that he thinks they would accept him if they knew.  If he thought they would accept him then he would have told them by now.  The fact that they could never decided what kind of parents Danny had is why the show was not as good as it could have been.  My theory is someone, probably the same person who balked at ghosts being actual dead people, rejected the portrayal of parents as villains because they thought actual parents would be angry.

Guess what?  Some people have shitty parents!  People are smart enough to know that crappy parents in a tv show do not indicate that the writers or the network think that all parents are crappy forever.

Also, Danny should have totally thought Vlad was better dad material than Jack.  He could have felt awful and guilty about it, creating a whole other dimension for the show to explore.  Think about it, Vlad takes an interest in Danny’s life- grades, health, relationships-, Vlad leaves his house and pretends to be a normal adult sometimes, Vlad is not an embarrassing slob- in fact he is a popular, well-liked figure in the beginning of the series.  Vlad is a billionaire.  VLAD IS A BILLIONAIRE.  Why would Danny not at least hesitate at Vlad’s offer?  Vlad is the only other half-ghost, the only person who understands the way the accident changed Danny’s biological makeup and the emotions he must be going through.  Seriously I never understood this.

I have a bad habit of ripping apart the fandoms that I love…

EDIT BECAUSE I FORGOT ONE HEADCANON: Vlad doesn’t have ecto acne (seriously, idiotic), he suffered electrical burns to his face.