by Anastasia Liolio (Tumblr#1, Tumblr #2)

These photos don’t do this piece any justice. In person, it’s like viewing the aftermath of an organised explosion of paper, shattered into many pieces. As last sentence not make any sense not no, lets just say this atmospheric piece (made entirely out of glass by the way) is mindblowing. I had the honour of photographing this piece for the artist/ye olde school friend, but let me repeat, these photo’s don’t do it any justice and hopefully one day you can see it in person.


My stuffs are at the graduation exhibition at Sydney College of the Arts. So yeah, go see it if you want. 

This is a little vid showing some of the stuff you can see, just the Printmedia guys and some of the Painting ones too. There are heaps more so go see it while it’s around.



Is it just me or does this music sound like Satisfaction? I can’t get no sa-tis-fac-tionnn~

Alice Adamson is a Sydney-based painter studying at Sydney College of the Arts focusing on consumer culture and patterns that arise throughout art history that are reflected in contemporary life through advertising and social interactions. Ben Westover is a photographer from Sydney who focuses on the geometrical world around us. His work is a reflection into the relationships between people and the patterns in which they move, build, and live. The collaborative works comprising STRUCTURE + FLOW explore the progression of photography into the cannon of art history and the perspectives on contemporary life experienced by individuals in a consumerist structure. By recognising and addressing the patterns in urban landscapes and the ways in which people operate within them through the use of acrylic on photographs, they draw modernist conclusions from a contemporary world.

heavenlysennt asked:

Did you go to college? If so, what college and major?

Yes I went to the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. I majored in textiles and design. I grew up in a small town where creativity was frowned upon, so college was a revelation for me. All my life I was told that what I was doing was pointless and then I wandered into a world where creativity was celebrated. It was the first time I felt like I could do something constructive with my life. 


From the 8th until the 18th of October 2013 Sarah and I will be bringing the domestic environment of our homes into our studio workspaces in Rozelle. In other words, we will be living in the studio for 10 days. 

The basis of this project stemmed from our interest in Gaston Bachelards theories surrounding spaces and the home in his book ‘The Poetics of Space’ (1958)

We will be updating our blog daily with our thoughts surrounding the book as well as our discoveries, progress and activities. 

Feel free to ask us questions or leave comments :)