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Michael/Sara, Glenn/Maggie, Wes/Laurel.... Sis are ur fav ships the one where the dads don't get to meet their babies 😩💔

you just…you don’t even know.

this is a trend for me.  95% of my ships end with one of them dead, and most of the time the other is pregnant when it happens (the other 5% have a random ass kid with an ex and i stop watching).

it’s to the point where it’s revealed my fave is pregnant and i literally just start crying because i know that means the dad will die.  (although sometimes they do come back!)

vaughn and sydney.

jack and kate.

michael and sara.

derek and meredith.

glenn and maggie.

wes and laurel.

haha it’s because i always, always, always like the precious cinnamon rolls, too pure for this world.  and the showrunenrs take that very literally, apparently.  

and as long as i continue to fall for the exact same type of ship (which as you can see, i do, every single time) this same ridiculous, cliche storyline will continue to happen.

but thankfully, i can just write fics in which they’re alive and well and with their babies.  so don’t you worry.