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Offstage, Ms. Blanchett, and Mr. Roxburgh don’t fight, but they do have cheerful disagreements — about whether beer is drinkable (him: yes; her: no), about whether Mr. Roxburgh is still handsome (him: no; her: yes), about whether Ms. Blanchett should play King Lear (him: yes; her: no). They couldn’t even agree about the dazzlingly yellow shots of sea buckthorn vodka, the weekly special.

Last weekend the Sydney Sirens became the AWIHL Champions, and I’m still not entirely over it.

The Brisbane Goannas came out strong from the very beginning of the game, but Sirens’ forward Erin Beaver got the team on the board, and then the team rallied and made a comeback in the third to tie the game 3-3 after forward Sharnita Crompton got a pair of goals (one of which was the game-tying goal less than five minutes before end of the period.)

The game went into overtime and ended with no points as both goalies made save after save to keep their teams in the running (and all of us in the audience on the edge of our seats!) Eventually we went to the shootout, and when Erin Beaver scored a goal and Sirens’ goalie Sara Dogramaci stopped all three Brisbane shooters, we lost our collective minds.

It couldn’t have been a more exciting game, and it was very fitting that the Sirens claimed their very first AWIHL championship and the Joan McKowen Memorial Trophy on home ice.

(Also, you know you’ve had a proper hockey-watching experience when you get to hear  teams chirp each other. Being joined in the stands by players calling the occasional “Stab ‘er in the spine!” really made the moment special.)

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what was the exact time/day that dan painted his nails again??

august 22nd 2016 at approximately 5:37 pm sydney time aka the very moment my life, and the course of history, was changed forever


Trick or Treat to @kane-and-griffin who, just like me, can’t resist a good Agatha Christie style murder mystery, and by the most…frankly bizarre coincidence I have ever seen in my life, just a week after I started work on the art for this, posted the first chapter of her amazing fic, Something Wicked This Way Comes

I briefly considered doing something else to make it more of a surprise but…screw it, who doesn’t love a good 1920s murder mystery AU? :P Hope y’all enjoy!


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