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You're trash and I hate you -sydney

Uh, I KNOW you are not bringing @hellhole-of-musicals into this. She is too kind and funny and smart to send this hateful anon. She is a wonderful person and she is not this hateful. How DARE you. I hope you find someone that will actually enjoy being around your hateful existence, because I certainly do not. You better not try anything like this ever again. Goodbye.

i’ve seen people complaining about 13rw but i’m glad they made it very raw and real and didn’t sugar coat anything. there are trigger warnings before some of the episodes, i agree there should’ve and could’ve been more, but i’m really proud of how the show turned out. i read the book almost six years ago, and i’d highly recommend reading the book before watching the show (which is a lot more realistic and detailed) so you know what you’re diving into. i don’t know, just my two cents on it. as someone who has a mental illness i didn’t really have a problem with it, and i think these situations need to be talked about more often in this way and not be sugar coated.