sydney sniper

You're Scheming On A Thing; That's Sabotage

Darkness crept round him, the black seeping into the fabric of his suit, inhaling the smoke from his mouth.
 He crushed his cigarette, his pistol clasped between leather clad fingers and palms. Now was not the time to slip, now was not the time to let his fear fray his nerves and make him clumsy.
 They had sent him for obvious reasons. Something was coming, something huge that their boss had told them could finish them all off. Something that made the gangly bushman worry about his paycheck, something that made the Engineer’s face lose it’s readable manner.
 Something huge, something horrifying; and they sent him.

Spy calmed his breath, gave his pistol a trusting glance, pulled his back from the rough barked, ancient tree, and stepped into the clearing, his body quivering and melting away into the scenery. 

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