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Shout out to Okay(k) ~ indie artist from the US who I’ve been lucky enough to work with since the start of this year ~ creating his look, EP covers and a simple visual across all tracks. Check out his music on Soundcloud if you get a chance. It’s 👌👌👌 Youforic (ft. Lexie) and (Be)Loved are my fave tracks 💘

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Okay I know you all will make fun of me for asking but I really don't understand, could you all help, since you're so good with films and stuff? What are the stages/eras of Hollywood so far and what are some notable actors/directors from each period? What's the period we're in now called - modern Hollywood?? Can all of the eras besides modern be grouped to one name like "old hollywood" or something?

  • 1900s-1929 - Silent Era (silent films) Some directors: king vidor, fw murnau, charles chaplin, buster keaton, josef von sternberg, fritz lang, erich von stroheim, dw griffith, victor sjostrom, etc.
  • 1929-1934 - Pre-Code Era (introduction to sound before the Hays Code was implemented) during this era many classic hollywood stars were born, and many directors too: ernst lubtisch, john cromwell, tod browning, raoul walsh, rouben mamoulian, william a. seiter, mervyn leroy, victor fleming, harry beaumont, roy del ruth, michael curtiz, busby berkeley, etc.
  • 1934-1966/7 - Classic/Classical Hollywood Era (transition to color, hays code implemented) Some directors, most of these directors influenced many american new wave and contemporary filmmakers: frank capra, nicholas ray, billy wilder, john huston, william wyler, joseph l mankiewicz, elia kazan, alfred hitchcock, michael curtiz, howard hawks, irving rapper, sydney kramer, george cukor, preston sturges, otto preminger, stanley donen, gegory la cava, douglas sirk, john ford, david lean, fred zinnemann, etc.
  • 1967-1980s - American New Wave/New Hollywood (hays code replaced by the mppa ratings, the american new wave died with blockbuster success.) Some directors: bob fosse, francis ford coppola, martin scorsese, dennis hopper, mike nichols, george lucas, terrence malick, roman polanski, sydney pollack, sidney lumet, brian de palma, clint eastwood, john cassavetes, peter bogdanovich, alan pakula, stanley kubrick, norman jewison, woody allen, etc.
  • 1980s- Present - Contemporary cinema Some directors who started working post-american new wave: paul thomas anderson, jim jarmusch, jane champion, christopher nolan, danny boyle david fincher, tim burton, quentin tarantino, wim wenders, etc.

No they can’t ALL be labeled as one because they are VERY different. You’ll see hollywood has changed a lot through history but now a days contemporary cinema is divided in categories, back in the 40s and 50s people were trying to make movies for all audiences, children, men, women, middle aged, elderly, married, unmarried, etc, they tried to get all the demographics in one movie, the death of that concept came with the end of the hays code, filmmakers made edgier films which weren’t all audience friendly, and that marked the appearance of the mppa rating system appeared. Now a days is called contemporary cinema from the 80s to 2010s, and films are categorized in genre and demographics, we have YA adaptations for teens, blockbusters, middle aged people films, etc. There’s a few family friendly films but it isn’t as popular to make family friendly films now a days. In the 90s the Independent Cinema industry started rising so the movies we see now a days don’t exactly FIT in a specific category because they don’t have a quality in common besides release date/year/decade. Movies from the silent era were all silent, pre-codes were edgy and sharp, classic films are movies made with the hays code implemented, the american new wave was fresh, fun, young, vibrant and people loved it. People just refer as movies made after the american new wave as contemporary hollywood or just refer to the decade.

This is hollywood only I am not including ANY foreign movement here.