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Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer thoughts...

Okay, now that I’ve had a few hours to digest the sheer AWESOMENESS that was the trailer, time to jot down my thoughts, observations, and theories.

First reaction: *incoherent screams* *deep breath* *watches again*

Second reaction: See above.

Third reaction: Same as the first and second, but without watching again.

Yeah, it was that awesome. I’m already itching to go see the movie.

Full breakdown below the break…

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OTRA lack of promo/false advertising

After experiencing the first show of OTRAT in Sydney 7.2.15, a lot of fans are asking themselves if it´s really that what they payed for!

Fans all over the world started to frown as the show went on and the old MM / WWA songs were sang! Why don´t they perform new song of FOUR?

This whole tour wasn´t proper marketed and it seems like everybody who worked on it thought “just give it a go, the last time worked, so why not make it WWA 2.0 and don´t tell anybody about it! Maybe if we paint the stage purple and yellow, use old WWA footage for the promo and the tour screens, sing the same songs, use the same pics on the merch, nobody will notice!”

The lack of proper promotion (and the one that was presented was ridiculous!) honesty makes me angry! They are still promoted to the same fanbase which will buy tickets anyways! Posting repeatedly pictures on Insagram which were all from the same day back in 2014 is not promo (and also not actual rehearsing, but this will be a seperate post!!!! Bc this is something that makes me not only angry but also worried!!!)

The only promo (which wasn´t much for such a great album FOUR is!) was only for FOUR!! They only mentioned their tour OTRA incidental; so of course every fan thought FOUR will be the major product, so it will dominate the tour!

Also lied to at every second when the official Insta posts pics of rehearsals which are from the SAME day but advertised as /new song rehersals, picking tour screen pics, and working hard/! This is hideous!

FOUR is such a great Album and I can hear the boys personalities in there! This Album is for a much bigger audience and they could even reach a status like Coldplay and OneRepublic! One Direction isn´t a /guilty plesure/ anymore!! They have involed and improved so so much and they deserve recognition and older fans have and would welcome them with open arms IF they would the PROPER PROMOTED!!!

Who put just one thought into this? Now while Four is out they make WWA 2.0 and when the fifth (rushed, although the boys said hey want to put more time into it, just saying) album comes out, they will make a tour where they sing FOUR songs? There is absolutely NO LOGIC whatsoever in all of this!!!

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