sydney night life

What if one day you woke up, got ready for school, work, a day out, etc. and you decided you wanted a coffee so you stopped into a coffee shop, placed your order and that was it. suddenly you became a hostage. your whole world changed your world was now that coffee shop. as long as you were in there your life was uncertain you weren’t sure if each breath you took would be your last. There is no need to imagine… Today in Sydney Australia an unconfirmed number of people have / are being held hostage In the Lindt chocolate caffe. Just like that multiple innocent people had there world turned upside down. It could of been any of us and could be any of us. So from now on make sure you tell your friends and family you love them, make sure you try your very best in all you do. Aim to please your self and don’t worry about pleasing others. Make sure you are happy. Know that it’s ok to not be perfect because no one is. Make sure you hug a little tighter, love a little harder and cry a little louder. Don’t hold back. If your not happy with your job quit it. You want a better test mark? Study for it. Realise life isn’t all easy but not all hard and sometimes you just complicate things for yourself. So don’t, stop making things more difficult for your self. Have the same love and respect for your self that you have for those who you love and respect most. Treat everyone you meet as an individual not just another person in society. Be kind to your enemy. Live your life so if you walk into a coffee shop and it’s the last thing you do you can be true to yourself and know you lived your life the best you possibly could and that’s what matters. Because to die regretting would be very upsetting.
—  I found a message in the storm so use it for the better. (Late night thoughts by me )