sydney lumet

Just watched Serpico on never thought anyone could look that good with that intense bear and hair, but I've realized Al Pacino can do anything. He was amazing and soo attractive and WHAT A HIPSTER omg his clothes haha. Anyways it was a great movie directed by Sidney Lumet who also directed dog day afternoon, my favorite Al Pacino movie! Go watch both if you haven't!

Howard Beale: I’m gonna blow my brains out right on the air, right in the middle of the seven o'clock news.

Max Schumacher: Well, you’ll get a hell of a rating, I’ll tell you that. A 50 share, at least.

Network, 1976:  An uncannily prophetical caricature of the moral fall of television, Network’s relevance seems to expand exponentially with the passing of every year and introduction of every bullshit Kardashian type character into the social consciousness.  As much as I would like to expand on a plethora of aspects of this incredible film, I try to keep my reviews in a single paragraph format, so I will attempt to practice a less is more philosophy.  The acting is superb, directing phenomenal, and the script is one of the most profound in film making history.  Peter Finch’s over-the-top portrayal of a news anchor gone mad and then perverted into a media sensation may be the most immediately impactful moment, but Faye Dunaway’s role as programming head Diana Christensen propels the film forward.  She is beautiful, conniving, successful, and completely devoid of any true emotion.  Her life has become one of her television scripts (as William Holden’s Max Schumacher reluctantly concludes over time), completely predictable and vapid.  Network teaches us that television is the great dehumanizer.  This film certainly has more to say about the human element of life, perpetuating lies to ourselves in the name of an invented definition of glory, than any “reality” television show it satirizes.  Of course, true reality would probably get lousy ratings. A+