sydney indesign


August 2013

A fantastic achievement by 3rd year interior design student - Chloe Smyth winning the How we Create/ Palamont Design-A-Cup competition at Sydney InDesign. Chloe’s winning entry, “Glitch”, inspired by 8 Bit Pixel Art was revealed on Friday August 16 and “manufactured on-site” by Palamont. This is a fantastic effort – Well done Chloe

Images sourced from: How We Create Facebook and Twitter Page

Sydney Indesign

Here is a few of our favourite moments from Sydney Indesign. Although it is a predominantly interiors directed trade show, we stumbled upon some great outdoor options, enjoy.

Vertical garden system by Junglefy: They seem to be a trend that is sticking around for longer then most imagined. But all trends aside it is a great option for apartment dwellers who want to bring some life into their otherwise concrete jungle.

We really enjoyed these stackable planters from Tait and can certainly see them being used on a big commercial project. Their furniture range had a distinctive retro vibe, bringing back some classic forms. Particularly loved  the volley chair, I can already see it sitting in a small spanish style courtyard.

These side tables are available for both indoor and outdoor, we absolutely loved the entire range that was on show from Own World. All the furniture on show seemed to sit a bit left of centre, whilst still holding a high end modern feel- perfect combination if you ask me.

We always have a soft spot for awnings, and this one from blind master is particularly good, in fact we are currently using it on a new project!

There was some pretty exciting stuff going on in brickware with PHG masters collections releasing a range of glazed bricks in a wide range of colours. It has certainly inspired us to use them for a feature wall or pathway sometime soon we hope!

Archilux Architectural lighting.

We were devastated to find out that this acoustic wall is for interior only, fortunately Sound Form also had on catalogue some exterior friendly acoustic panelling with some great patterns. Anyone else thinking feature wall?

I could not resist including this Moose head from LightCo and those fabulous umbrellas from Basil Bangs (in the background).

Although not strictly exterior, they where lots of fun.

After Indesign we are absolutely bubbling with fresh ideas and inspiration.

I for one can’t wait to include some of these elements in upcoming projects, stay tuned!

Sydney Indesign, Friday 16th August 2013

Written & photographed by Angela Neylon