sydney corcoran

Today is one year since the boston bombing..

That’s just wow. This day last year was just such a huge shocker.

First hearing about the bombs and panicking because my sister was there.

Then going home from my friends and having my mom tell me that my uncles sister in law and nice were in the bombing.

The fact that they both got injured. One almost dying from getting struck with shrapnel on her femoral artery. The other having both of her legs amputated.

I’ve only met them a few times in my life, but the fact that it was partly family just made it all the worse. It was a bunch of mixed emotions.

One year later all their struggles, they seem to be doing a lot better. They are a lot stronger. They actually inspire me with the strength they have. They are truly Boston Strong. I’m glad to know them.

The whole state of Massachusetts. Better yet Boston is boston strong. Nobody can stop this city and they never will. I love my city