sydney bdo

Sydney BDO 2012 - for those that said "tell me everything!"

Yes, I took your request quite literally. :’) This is massively massively long. I’m warning you now. I couldn’t help it! There was so much to ramble about, and I tried to keep it short! For ease of reading I have made any text not about the BDO Italic and bolded the first mention of any bands so you can find what you want to read. Oh, and about pictures: I didn’t take many pictures at all during the day of the site or any of the earlier acts as I was saving my battery for Kasabian, Soundgarden and Noel. My phone died on me during Soundgarden so I used my mum’s phone during Noel’s set (I brought her phone as it actually has messaging and calling capabilities.. and filled it with photos instead). Neither her phone nor mine takes good photos, so sorry in advance for the photos I post. Also, I can’t post all of the photos I took because my laptop isn’t picking up mum’s phone’s SD card (I’ve updated the drivers and everything) so I bought a USB cable and am awaiting its arrival. I’ll post them as soon as I can.

Anyway, if you’re really going to read all of this, get yourself a drink or something. xD

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