Cuddling Tom

“Tom Stop,” you groan as you hear your boyfriend, Tom, yelling for you to come to him. 

You felt like your head was gonna burst and you couldn’t do too much about it at this point. As you walked to Tom, with the lights making you want to cry, he then starts screaming again. He was hyper and always loud, but today you were having those shitty migraines. You couldn’t see correctly and your head felt like it was going to split.
“Tom, stop screaming,” you whisper. 

You couldn’t really do much about it at this moment but hope he stopped. He immediately saw what was wrong and started apologizing once he saw you squinting at the light. 

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I should have noticed you weren’t feeling well,” he said kindly.

 He picked you up and carried you to the bedroom, where the light was still peaking through the room. Tom knew that the lights weren’t helping so he grabbed a blanket and threw it over the shades.

Tom had done this a few times before, you had been getting headaches a lot and you have been feeling bad. As you laid on the bed and curled into the sheets, Tom made sure there wasn’t any light sources coming through. He then continued by closing the bathroom door and the door to your shared room.

 Finally, Tom came and laid next to you. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest and holding you there so you could stay hidden. He knew you had felt bad but was trying to do everything he could to make you happy.

 “After this do you want some soup, I’ll make it for you,” he whispered softly. 

You nodded, hoping you didn’t have to speak anymore than you had to. He kissed your head and started playing with your hair. He wasn’t one to be all touchy feely, but it was something special to see him so calm and silent. 

After a good 30 minutes, you heard the door open and close. Tucker. Since he did live with Tom, he also knew that when it was dark and you and Tom weren’t yelling and having a party, to not bother. As Tucker opened the door, you and Tom looked up and him. 

“Hey, how are you feeling,” Tucker asked.

Tucker was like your brother, protecting you and be a sweetheart. You and Sonja had been able to gossip a lot about the boys when she decided to visit. You had always been thankful when she did. It was hard living with two boys 

“Awful… Did you bring any medicine,” You asked quietly.
“Yeah. It’s on the table. I’ll leave you to it. Get better, Sonja sends her love,” 

Tucker than closed the door quietly and his footsteps finally disappeared, letting you snuggle once again into Tom.

“Me and Tucker have to start streaming soon,” he said softly in your ear. 

You whined. It hurt but you didn’t want him leaving the bed. He sighed softly and kissed your head.

“Don’t go,” you mutter. 

Though it seemed like that had made you a lot more sleepy. You had finally found yourself at peace with your migraine and started falling in a deep sleep.

“Get your rest, love,” he muttered as he kissed your temple, letting you fall into a deep slumber.

{Requested By: Anon}

Okay, but imagine...

Jacob losing control of his child (Jack).
Jacob slowly losing control of his Rooks.
Jacob not wanting to tell Evie that he’s losing control of London.
Jack killing Jacob’s lieutenants and leaving them on his stoop.
Jack poisoning and killing wayward Rooks.
Jacob’s Rooks starting to believe he’s the Ripper.
Jacob’s remaining loyal Rooks questioning his disappearance.
Jacob’s remaining Rooks questioning if Jacob is dead???
Evie showing up, being greeted by the Met instead of a couple of the lads.
Or her brother.
Evie not believing Freddy that Jacob is missing.
Evie believing that Jacob is playing a game— he’s just hiding, right?…
Evie slowly losing faith in London.
Evie slowly going mad, believing her brother is actually dead, not finding him in any of the prison ships…
Jack delivering dead Rooks to Evie’s doorstep to welcome her.
Evie having to kill former Rooks she appreciated.
Evie realizing her nephew is the Ripper.