I SAW THIS CUTE POST that had a cuuutecute bert grabbing starbucks for his friends and was yelling about shingeki kids drink head canons on twitter today and was so excited that i drew it 

cause idk drawing this shit is fun 

mikasa doesnt really drink coffee/specialty drinks or anything but if she has to she’d probably just get some tea with milk. jean needs his low fat caramel macchiato okay, he tries to drink coffee but it tastes so gross. eren doesnt even like coffee that much but wants the caffeine so he just puts like 8 packets of splenda, its disgusting.

Armin, he just asks bert to get him some juice ^_^ christa likes a tall vanilla latte and bert likes to grab her a cookie as well cause he knows she would like one but is too polite to ask <3 (also bert asks for christas latte to be 140 degrees so she doesnt burn her tongue~ ) ymir literally does not give a shit/has never gone to starbucks and will like stare confusedly at the menu and just end up asking for some water and they give it to her in a clear plastic cup with ice and shes like wtf 

big boy reiner needs his TENTRA ICED PASSION TEA LEMONADE, shit is so good. bert just gets a little espresso or sometthing , annie likes tea!!!!!!! venti green tea. sasha and connie p much always only ever get frappuccinos. they give really stupid names to baristas and even make bert say the names which really stresses him out but he does it anyway. (HUGH JANUS AND SEYMOUR BUTTS) Sasha gets like a breakfast sandwich and sugary pastries. And theres marcos little iced coffee.