“i have this recurring nightmare where theres these huge naked giants that like terrorize the world, eating people and shit until the human race is almost extinct" 

"dude thats fucked up" 

"yeah and the most fucked part is that last week i dreamt that a bunch of our friends could turn into them. like reiner bert and annie and even ymir" 

ymir? haha what the fuck" 

“yeah she ate my mom" 

"hahahahaha. Am i a naked giant in your dreams?”

“no but you’re a giant dick" 


i never realized how much i needed high school au fe:A kids until nezzie and i skyped last night and talked about this shit for like an hour 

NERD TABLE nah , yarne, noire and laurent. like to sit and listen to yarne (who apparently looks like tarzan and dresses like a hippie) ’s conspiracy theories and nahs game of thrones rants. noire eats her sandwich and spills crumbs into her cleavage which all the boys (and girls) find very distracting. laurent just straight up reads

then you have popular kids , lucina model student , class rep, captain of the soccer team , plays on every single other school team.  INIGO hes a cool kid but honestly dont let his popularity fool you , hes only cool cause his mom is really hot and okay hes got nice hair and style. Severa and Kjelle …. kjelle is so hot ….. she also plays on like every sports team 

AND THEN THE NEUTRAL KIDS owain and brady best friends. owain plays on a lot of sports teams , INIGO IS HIS RIVAL. brady literally cant play any sports hes awkward as hell, but he plays violin in band. 

“OKAY WHO IS THE STONER?”  "i think morgan has to be the stoner" stoner fem or male morgan who somehow manages to still pull amazing grades out of their ass , theyre like a genius or something. and of course cynthia! although cynthia floats around… shes popular cause shes lucinas sister but she likes hanging out with owain and morgan best. she likes to go sit at the nerd table and be loud WHY DONT YOU GUYS COME SIT WITH US (cool kids) shes literally friends with everyone. 

GEROME gerome is like a transfer student , all the girls are so in love with him and everyone thinks that he must have a lot of cool friends who dont go to their school but he literally just hangs out with his dog