United passenger David Dao is getting an undisclosed settlement after dragging incident

Meanwhile, United Airlines flights are noticeably cheaper now, for some reason

  • According to Scott Keyes, founder of the website Scott’s Cheap Flights, United Airlines is offering flights for much less than their usual value.
  • “Since the incident on United 3411, there’s been a noticeable drop in United’s fares,” Keyes told Travel and Leisure on Wednesday, adding “I’m not privy to United’s internal numbers, but whatever drop in bookings they were seeing must have scared them enough to slash prices.” Read more (4/27/17)

I simultaneously put too much effort into this, and not nearly enough

aka “Wash shipping chart” 


Today we celebrate Rafael Barba and since he’s the character I’ve drawn most, I decided to post my latest collection. As you can see there are not only Barba’s in it, but also some “Raúl’s”. That’s because I made 4 of these collages for a big tweet and had to squeeze the Raúl’s in the SVU part. 😄
The 4th part contains all my drawings of his non-Barba roles and if you’re interested in it, I can post that later.



( week 16: 4/16 - 4/22 )

with work & finals looming in the distance, my week has become rather gray. this week was inspired by the cloudy days i had, plus the sad skies i’ve been seeing around. the little quotes were the little beams of sunshine that peeked through throughout the week.